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    Diana’s Rhinoplasty
    Malmö, Sweden 

    Nose Operation History in Turkey: 2022

    Pre-operative consideration: The tip of the nose is low, the back of the nose is slightly curved to the left and slightly arched. Active female patient with thick nose and left-sided deviation.

    Operation Technique: Open Rhinoplasty

    Operation Diagnosis:Septorhinoplasty

    Result: By eliminating the shortness of breath in the septum without damaging the tissue, the shape of the nose was brought to the most ideal appearance and a more natural appearance was obtained.

    Zeliha’s Mesotherapy
    İstanbul, Turkiye

    Mesotherapy History: 2022

    Pre-Process consideration: Collagen, vitamins and moisture in the skin are deficient. A female patient with a dull appearance, mild scarring and medium thickness skin type.

    Process Name: Mesotherapy

    Processing Technique: Mesotherapy Multivitamin Cocktail

    Result: Thanks to the intense moisture and vitamin cocktail, the lifeless appearance and loss of elasticity of the skin were minimized, and collagen and elastin proteins were increased.

    Christine’s Liposuction Procedure
    Chelmsford, England

    Date of Liposuction Surgery in Turkey: 2022

    Pre-operative evaluation: A female patient with regional body fat (upper abdomen, lower abdomen, sides of the abdomen, waist and back) due to wrong eating habits and sedentary lifestyle.

    Surgery Technique: Vaser Technique

    Result: With the tissue selective feature of the vaser technique, which we apply by targeting only the fat tissues, we have drawn 6000 cc of fat and made the body contours clearer.

    Dzhamaldin’s Blepharoplasty Procedure
    Turkmenistan, Ashgabat

    Blepharoplasty Surgery Date in Turkey: 2022

    Preoperative evaluation: Male patient with excess tissue in the upper eyelid, sagging and bagging.

    Operation technique: Minor surgical procedure with local anesthesia.

    Result: We achieved a more vigorous, youthful and healthy appearance by intervening in excess tissue with eyelid aesthetics.

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    Yoo Retouch provides services in the departments of plastic surgery, hair transplantation and smile aesthetics by incorporating international health and quality standards with its smart building technology and infrastructure, offering high segment comfort to its patients as a standard.

    Yoo Retouch is a health institution that aims to be the best in its field with international quality certificates such as JCI, ISAPS, ASPS.

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