360 Degree Body Lift

360 Body Lift

360 degree body lift is an operation that is performed by removing the fat tissue from areas such as the mid-lower abdomen, hips, outer thighs, coccyx region, and by cutting the excess skin, especially in individuals who have completed bariatric surgery or lost a very serious amount of weight. . Since some individuals complain of intense skin excess in the abdomen, this procedure can also be called as 360 tummy tuck.

This procedure should not be seen as an obesity surgery application. It is not made for weight loss purposes. Many individuals think that this application is one of the methods of rapid weight loss, since liposuction is performed beforehand. However, in order to perform this procedure, the person must first lose weight and be able to maintain his form from now on.

What is 360 Degree Body Lift?

When we look at What is 360 degree body lift; This procedure, called girdle lift, Belt lipectomy or 360 degree body lift, is a complicated skin lift treatment applied to individuals with a body mass index of 30 or less. This calculation is made as the ratio of body weight to height. Individuals can calculate their own BMI (body mass index) through online calculation platforms.

Since this operation generally includes many regions, it is not applied together with other aesthetic operations. Only if the individual needs it, liposuction can be performed first and then 360 body stretching to provide a little more thinning and to better reveal the contours of the body.

To Whom Is 360 Degree Body Lift Applied?

It is applied for the parts of the body where the body generally stores regional fat in individuals who have undergone obesity surgery treatment, have lost a very serious amount of weight, and have a very serious skin sagging problem due to advanced age. However, the important thing here is that the individual has lost weight and his form has reached the normal range (30 and below) according to his BMI value.

If the individual is still in the weight loss process, this operation is not recommended. Because if weight loss continues after the operation, excess skin and sagging problems may occur in the individual.

How is 360 Degree Body Lift Performed?

The 360 body lift operation is performed under general anesthesia. In this operation, liposuction will be applied to the individual first, if necessary. For this, a liquid is first sent to the body or ultrasonic sound waves are sent over the skin with the vaser liposuction device, so that the subcutaneous adipose tissue gets the consistency of slurry.

After the fats are broken down and transformed into liquid form, small incisions of half a centimeter are made on the treatment areas, and the adipose tissue is pulled out by vacuuming with the help of micro cannulas. After a sufficient amount of treatment, excess skin and deformed muscle tissues are recovered.

For this, muscle tissues are attached to each other by sewing. Then the skin is stretched and the excess part is cut off and the operation is terminated with a re-suture. One of the procedures performed before this is that the navel is deformed, so the surgeon will reshape the navel and correct it. It will also attach it to the muscle tissue.

In the last step, a medical corset is attached to the treated tissues. Usually, more than one resistance probe is also attached. After the person wakes up, he is taken to the service to be followed.

360 Degree Body Lift Surgery Preparation Stages

Since the operation will be performed under general anesthesia, it is recommended for the individual to fast for 12 hours and have a good night’s sleep of 8 hours before the procedure.

Smoking should be stopped at least 24 hours before the procedure. In addition, alcohol consumption should be stopped at least 1 week in advance. Otherwise, some complications may develop during the operation and post-operative recovery period.

In the pre-operative period, you should not forget to inform your doctor and plastic surgeon if there is a medication you are using. It is important to consult about this issue at least 2 weeks in advance so that the appropriate dose can be adjusted day by day. Likewise, you should get information about the dose at which you can start your medication again in the post-operative period.

What is done after Belt Lipectomy Surgery?

When you come out of the operation, you may need to be under observation in the hospital for a few days. A urinary catheter will be inserted until walking for the first hours and will be removed when walking.

It may be necessary to wait 2-3 days for the removal of the resistors. Your doctor will remove the drains himself.

It is recommended to use a medical corset for the first 3-4 weeks after the operation. In this way, the tissues are supported by holding on to each other more easily.

One of the factors that affect the healing of tissues is a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water and help the body recover by making balanced meals.

It is important to rest in the first days. During the healing process, it is necessary to avoid any physical activity that requires effort such as lifting heavy loads, doing sports, and tiring the operation area.

Is 360 degree Body Lift Aesthetics Harmful?

As long as this application is carried out under the control of a plastic surgeon, it is a completely safe procedure.

Does 360 Degree Body Lift Surgery Have Risks?

Before the 360 degree body lift aesthetics, all the health values ​​of the individual are controlled by the examinations. In this way, risk factors are minimized. However, since this procedure is a surgical operation, it carries risks like any other operation.

About Belt Lipectomy Surgery

Belt lipectomy is a surgical operation that is frequently applied together with liposuction to remove excess skin in the body areas where the most sagging complaints are encountered and to remove some fat tissue.

The operation process is a procedure organized in the Yoo Retouch clinic in Istanbul. The operation and post-operative care process is carried out in the most prestigious hospitals of Turkey, such as Acıbadem, which are full-fledged and A-class. The operations are performed by the most successful, experienced and famous surgeons of the country.

360 Body Lift Prices

The price of 360 degree body stretching is calculated specifically for the person’s own procedure, taking into account many situations. Therefore, it has a structure that varies from person to person.

While calculating the price; for our visitors coming from abroad; An amount is included in the price, including translator, transfer service by VIP vehicle, all procedures in the hospital treatment process, medicines, medical corset, hotel to be accommodated, food and beverage expenses at the hotel and flight ticket.

For our domestic patients, you can get free consultancy service by using the contact information on the website of the clinic to get information about how much the price information is and all the details you wonder about your procedure, and you can also set your appointment whenever you want.

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