About Yoo Retouch

About Us

“YOO RETOUCH” embodied by Aksin Health; the most advanced derma cosmetic medical aesthetic in Europe is a medical institution that provides services with hospital infrastructure in the field of hair transplantation and plastic surgery.

We make small touches in aesthetics so that your lasting beauty is permanent and preserved. In addition, we serve you by blending our vast experience that we have accumulated over the years with humanity, which is our motto, and the excitement of ‘that first day’ that we live every day. Our motto is to love…

Cost-Free Consultation Service
Our professional team is ready to consult you for 24 hours.

We need to see some pictures of your hair loss to help you in details. We are happy to help you with a cost-free online consultation service. Our prices are fixed and there are no hidden costs. You can reach us on +90(532)-290-7869 or simply fill out the consultation request form.

We touch humans, we love humans, we know that a job in wellness and health is not done without love.
Located in Nisantasi, Istanbul, the metropolis of Turkey, one of the most exclusive districts of Istanbul.

Yoo Retouch is a health complex designed with a fully equipped intelligent hospital infrastructure in a detached building interbedded with world brands and equipped with high technology.

Yoo Retouch offers the comfort of the upper segment as standard, offering smart building technology and infrastructure in keeping with the international health and quality standards within the medical and aesthetic plastic surgery and hair transplantation services.

Yoo Retouch

Yoo Retouch Is a well-equipped health institution which serves over 2000sqm hospital infrastructure.

Available in all our rooms as a standard;

  • Unlimited internet
  • Surgical lighting
  • Hepa filter
  • Heating and cooling air-conditioning
  • TV (Netflix) streaming
  • Hot & Cold water
  • ”UV” light sterilization

Yoo Retouch Autoclave offers a fully equipped service with study and ethylene oxide sterilization units without compromising high standards in hygiene.

The “Cafe” relaxation area is established for the comfort of our guests and in accord with our corporate identity and standards.

Guest Service Journey;

Our guests who arrive for their procedure are greeted by a personal assistant, the whole operation process is explained in great detail and any concerns are addressed by the specialist medical personnel and doctors.

The guest process commences with signing a consent form, available in all languages.

After a blood examination and physical examination with the medical staff, the guests operation is planned.

Our expert administrative staff focuses on guest satisfaction; meet & greet at the airport, hotel accommodation check-in, transportation to our health institution and carrying out initial examinations, processing of health information obtained in the consultation and preparing special meal menus for the personal comfort of our guests. The treatment process is planned in-house and outside the institution after the treatment continues for the first year in order to ensure guest satisfaction.

If a patient is here for a hair transplantation treatment, our health institution offers high technology as standard to our patients.

Laser hairline determination, techniques such as Fue, DHI, Saphire, Choi, painless anesthesia and “LLLT”; “FDA” approved LED therapy and hair graft vaccination method known as laser light therapy after a hair transplantation is applied.

In addition to hair treatments, we offer a 6-month special “FDA” approved post-transplant hair treatment and care package.

In plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, “BBL” Brazilian butt lift and liposuction are frequent operations.

In dermocosmetics and medical applications, the world’s latest trending device applications include “baby face laser”, “hi-fu” non-surgical face lift and golden needle laser as well as we also frequently perform advanced technical applications such as face lift, filling, botox, anti&aging, mesotherapy, and face lift with rope strap.

Follow up on your hair transplant results

Your hair transplant experience will not end after you leave Turkey. For 12 months,we will monitor your progression.You can contact us anytime if you have concerns about the procedure.Hair transplant specialists will follow up your progression by photos or video calls in the comfort of your home.

That is what makes;

Yoo Retouch the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

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