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One of the body parts that are affected by weight changes and whose aesthetic structure deteriorates is the ankles. Some individuals may be more prone to fat storage in this region genetically. In this case, liposuction can be performed with the application of ankle thinning aesthetics, and the operation can be performed with the ankles and, if necessary, the calf area. These two operations are often applied together.

The liposuction procedure, which is often referred to as a regional slimming technique in the world of aesthetic surgery, is a reliable procedure only when applied by plastic surgeons to provide a thinner, emphasized and aesthetically rearranged version of a region.

What is Ankle Thinning?

When the human body carries certain proportions, it gains an eye-pleasing appearance. In different parts of different individuals, there may be unaesthetic appearances that disrupt this ratio and disturb them. One of these areas is the ankles. Especially women want their ankles to look thinner and more delicate. Open shoes and clothes worn mostly in the summer season can disturb women with thick ankles.

When we look at what is ankle thinning, this process can be defined as regional thinning performed by the lipsuction procedure applied to the thick ankle.

How Is Ankle Thinning Performed?

Local anesthesia is generally preferred for this operation because the operation area is small. However, if the area to be treated covers the calf and the entire leg, general anesthesia or sedation technique can also be selected.

First, local anesthesia is applied to the individual. Then a special liquid is given to the body. This liquid facilitates the removal of the subcutaneous fat tissue from the body by providing a consistency like a slurry.

Fluid delivery is the initial stage applied in the classical liposuction application. If vaser liposuction is to be applied, a special device is kept on the skin tissue for an appropriate period of time and the ultrasonic sound waves emitted from this device are expected to ensure that the subcutaneous fat tissue becomes slurry.

After the adipose tissue is ready, several very small incisions are made on the skin. Micro cannulas are placed in these incisions and the fat tissue in liquid form is taken out of the body by vacuuming.

Then, by applying J plasma treatment to the individual, it can be ensured that the area reaches the tightened skin structure. While determining the ankle thinning methods, if the individual’s problem is only a very slight skin sagging, direct J plasma application can be performed without the need for liposuction.

Ankle Thinning Methods

There is no special diet or exercise process to thin the ankles. For this, the person can diet and exercise to reduce his overall weight. However, if the individual is of normal weight or if the ankles are thick even though they are thin, then they should seek help from a specialist to thin the ankles.

Preparation Process Before Ankle Thinning

If individuals are going to undergo a surgical operation on thick ankle thinning, there are some conditions that should be considered before the procedure.

If the individual has a chronic disease, the drugs he has to use, a nutritional supplement he uses regularly, vitamin supplements or nutrients such as food and beverage, the surgeon should be informed about these in the pre-procedure period.

If the application will be performed under local anesthesia, it is necessary to come to the procedure on a full stomach; If it will be performed under general anesthesia, it is necessary to come with a 12-hour fasting. In this process, the intake of solid and liquid foods should be stopped.

3-4 hours before the operation, the individual should come to the hospital and undergo hospitalization procedures.

You should not smoke at least 24 hours before the surgery. In addition, alcohol consumption should be stopped at least 7-10 days before the procedure. Otherwise, some complications may develop in the application area during or after the surgery.

What Should Be Considered After Ankle Thinning?

After the application, the individual has a medical corset on their wrists. The purpose of this wrap is to enable the tissues to hold together more comfortably after the ankle thinning procedure and to facilitate the healing process. The use of the corset should be continued for a few weeks.

Alcohol should not be consumed during the healing process. Smoking should not be smoked for the first 24 hours and then smoking should be restricted as much as possible during the recovery period.

In the first days, symptoms such as bruising, redness, swelling and edema can be seen on and around the wrists and these are considered normal. In a few days, all these symptoms will get better on their own. However, if they show worsening rather than improvement, or if it is noticed that they are more serious than they should be, it is necessary to have the area examined by the surgeon without wasting time.

Activities such as swimming, sauna, solarium and sunbathing should be avoided for a few weeks.

The surgeon should be consulted when to take a bath for the first time after the operation. In the first days after the application, the contact of the area with hot water or water vapor may be harmful.

Pain is expected in the first days after the procedure. This situation is controlled by the surgeon with painkillers given in appropriate doses to the person. In this process, the individual should consult his doctor about all the drugs, nutritional and vitamin supplements he wants to use after discharge.

It may take several weeks for the individual to return to their exercise routine. During this period, it is recommended to avoid lifting heavy loads and intense physical activities. Especially in the first days, individuals should rest as much as possible.

In this process, healthy meals should be consumed in order to support the recovery of tissues, and salt and packaged foods with high sodium content should be avoided, considering that they may increase edema in the region. Plenty of water should be drunk.

Who Can Have Ankle Thinning?

All individuals who think that the ankle is thick for any reason and have complaints such as sagging skin tissue in this area can have ankle thinning operation. Before the application, the individual’s plastic surgeon will check whether the health conditions of the individual are suitable for the procedure with the necessary examinations.

Is There Any Pain After Ankle Thinning?

In the first days after the procedure, there is pain that can be tolerated with painkillers. In this process, the medicine prescribed by the doctor should not be exceeded. If the individual wants to use the pain reliever he normally uses, he should consult his doctor beforehand.

Is Ankle Thinning Permanent?

This is a permanent operation. However, with aging and weight changes, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure. In this case, there will be no problem in repeating it.

Is There Any Scar After Ankle Thinning?

Very small incisions are used during the operation. The scars will continue to heal up to 12 months and will become indistinct. In this procedure, there is no surgical scar that can be noticed by everyone on a very serious scale.

Where Is Ankle Thinning Performed?

Ankle thinning operation performed in Yoo Retouch clinic is a liposuction procedure. Procedures such as classical or vaser liposuction can be applied to individuals. At the same time, J plasma therapy is also applied in the clinic. Depending on the individual’s needs and the severity of the problem, the doctor decides what course to follow.

Ankle Slimming Price

Individuals related to the application may have different issues that they are curious about. Free consultancy service can be obtained on all these issues (for example, ankle thinning price information, etc.) by using the contact information on the clinic’s website.

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