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What is Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging is a term that is frequently heard and known in the cosmetics industry. It can be said that the question “What is anti-aging” refers to the methods used to reverse and slow down the aging process. In this article, we will examine what delaying aging is, why it is important and which products should be used. First of all, it is necessary to understand what this concept means. So what exactly does the term anti-aging mean? The purpose of preventing aging is to renew the skin, balance hormones and reduce aging-related disorders. Skin aging can be caused by various factors. Anti-aging products are preferred to eliminate these problems. Free radicals, sun exposure, declining hormones, stress, unhealthy diet, smoking and sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of premature aging. For anti-aging methods for daily life;

  • Balanced, natural and consistent nutrition
  • Excessive water consumption
  • Getting enough and quality sleep every day.
  • Natural environmental conditions
  • A stress-free existence
  • Body mobility and self-discipline (sports, exercise, etc.) should be in our lives.

What are the Anti-aging Methods?

Anti-aging methods are becoming more and more popular and can be tailored to the area we want to protect. However, the most important factor that you should pay attention to before consulting your doctor about having these methods is the anti-aging effect of the relevant method. The impact and results of the practice of medical aesthetic doctors can have a long-term impact. For example, in skin tightening methods, you may need to give your skin time to renew itself and increase its collagen between and after applications. Gravity, free radical effects, predispositions arising from the effects of decreasing hormones, negative effects of external factors, excessive use of mimics, stress and unhealthy lifestyles are the main causes of aging and are the main causes of skin aging. Inevitably, the skin ages over time.

Anti-aging procedure can be used in conjunction with other applications. Thus, it is possible to get more positive results. Some of the anti-aging applications that can be made are as follows;

  • Anti-aging creams: Anti-aging creams can be used to regulate the structure of the skin. The person should regularly use creams suitable for the skin type.
  • Stem cell: Stem cell applications have become increasingly popular in recent years. Stem cells can repair tissues and organs. As we age, the number of stem cells in our body decreases. It can be used externally in anti-aging applications. It has the ability to reverse the effects of aging.
  • Filling is the process of injecting products into the skin to increase the volume of the tissue. It would be appropriate to have this process done by experts in the subject. Fat tissue and hyaluronic acid are among the products used. During this process, volume is given to the sunken areas. The deterioration of the hand surface was intervened.
  • Laser applications: Among the most popular methods are laser and anti-aging treatments. Collagen production is stimulated by the application of laser beams to the skin. The skin comes alive. Laser can also be used in the treatment of sun and age spots.
  • Anti-aging nutrition: A healthy diet is necessary for anti-aging treatment. It is important to avoid sugary foods and consume foods rich in fiber. In addition, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits should be given priority. Getting the vitamins and minerals the body needs will help keep the skin healthy. You should also drink plenty of water.

When to Start Anti-aging Procedures?

Making anti-aging nutrition a priority from a young age is essential for healthier skin. As a result, the effects of aging will be seen less frequently and later. Some anti-aging applications should not be started early at a young age. After the age of 25, the skin may begin to show signs of aging. Anti-aging applications should only be used after consulting a specialist physician. To get information about the process, you can get information from our clients free of charge and contact us by phone.

How Is Skin Rejuvenation With Anti-aging?

You should use sunscreen cream every day. With a sunscreen cream with a protection factor of at least 15, you can protect your skin and moisturize it at the same time. With this simple application, it is possible to minimize the risk of premature aging and skin cancer. Many surgical and non-surgical medical aesthetic application methods can be used for skin rejuvenation. Among these applied methods; methods such as basic and medical skin care methods, chemical, mechanical, herbal peeling methods, laser treatments, mesotherapy application, radio frequency application, electro therapy method, AWT, botox application and filling treatment can be counted. Skin Rejuvenation applications consist of;

  • Since the skin structure and skin elasticity is lost, the skin is tightened.
  • Various methods are used to fill the wrinkled areas.
  • Non-surgical face lift method is used to lift drooping eyebrows.
  • The entire chin area, lip lines and nose lines are visibly highlighted with contours.
  • Volume is added to areas that lost volume.
  • Color structures and formed stains are balanced and removed if necessary.
  • Excess skin appearance and sagging are removed by using appropriate methods.
  • Excess fat is burned and the appearance of cellulite is reduced.

What Kind of Treatment Is Anti-aging?

It can be considered as a kind of preventive medicine in terms of anti-aging application principles. All measures that can be used to prevent aging and its effects are included in anti-aging application and treatment. The main applications in terms of anti-aging treatment principles are as follows;

  • Detection of hormones and determination of appropriate treatment,
  • Making appropriate nutritional adjustments,
  • Genetic risk formation diagnosis and counseling,
  • Increased body strength,
  • Stress management apps can help you relax,
  • It consists of medical cosmetic applications for rejuvenation.

How to Create an Anti_aging Skin Care Routine?

Whatever the case, it is your primary responsibility to thoroughly clean and moisturize your skin. If you’re 30 or older, you’ve probably seen your first fine lines and wrinkles in the mirror. To rejuvenate with anti-aging, you can now start to include anti-aging creams and serums in your skin care routine. To summarize, cleansing your skin, applying tonic, serum, antioxidant, moisturizer and facial massage are anti-aging skin care steps that you can include in your routine.

  • Cleansing the Skin: Whether you are on an anti-aging treatment or not, you should always clean your skin thoroughly. It is completely wrong to believe that you do not need to clean your skin on days when you are not wearing makeup. You should definitely clean the dirt and excess oil accumulated on your skin so that it does not return to you in the form of blackheads, discoloration and acne. Remember that cleaning is the first step to having a healthy, fresh and well-groomed skin.
  • Balancing the Skin with Tonic: In order to delay aging, the skin’s moisture and sebum levels must be balanced. You can use a special tonic for your pores that cannot be completely cleaned with facial cleansers alone. Pores that are not completely cleaned enlarge and cause your skin to look rough. As a result, after cleaning your face with gel, you can be sure that it is completely clean by cleaning it with tonic and cotton.
  • Using Antioxidants Routinely: Antioxidants have a tremendous impact on anti-aging care. We stated that the effects of aging are only due to age and environmental factors. UV rays, environmental pollution, irregular diet, insomnia and stress produce free radicals that accelerate the signs of aging on the skin. Antioxidants must be included in your anti-aging care routine to minimize the damage caused by these free radicals. So which antioxidant should you use to delay aging? Since the anti-aging effect of vitamin C has been proven, you can start using antioxidants containing vitamin C.
  • Using Retinol: Retinol is one of the best ingredients you can use to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your skin, as it has visible effects in anti-aging care. You can make your skin look younger and smoother by using retinol serums.
  • Anti-Aging Anti-aging Creams: If you say you don’t believe in anti-aging creams until you see the results, there are many well-equipped products where you will see results quickly. If you think it’s time to start using anti-aging creams especially for wrinkles and fine lines, you can apply moisturizing creams with ingredients for these problems. For example, one of the most important causes of signs of aging is the reduction of components naturally found in the skin. When these ingredients are reduced, signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity appear. As a result, anti-aging creams containing these ingredients can give positive results.
  • Anti-Aging Facial Massage: Practices such as facial massage and face yoga can also be beneficial in anti-aging care. After applying your daily serum and moisturizer, you will increase the blood flow to your face by massaging your face. As a result, the products you apply will be better absorbed by your skin, the ingredients will become more active, and the massage will help your skin recover.
  • Using Sunscreen Regularly: Another important aspect of anti-aging skin care is to use sunscreen. You are aware that the sun’s rays, especially UV rays, have a great effect on skin aging. As a result, you should constantly apply sunscreen during both summer and winter months. There is a wide range of sunscreen options that you can use every day, that do not leave an oily feeling on your skin, that disperse easily and that you can apply even under make-up.

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