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What is Arm Stretch Aesthetics (Brachioplasty)?

Arm stretch aesthetic; They are surgical techniques that treat the problem of skin sagging and sagging in the arms of the individual due to conditions such as advanced age, sudden weight changes, after the bariatric surgery treatment process.

If the problem experienced by the individual has not reached a very serious level, there is a treatment option with the non-surgical arm stretching technique. Since the problem is not very advanced in younger individuals, the non-surgical arm stretching technique is recommended because it leaves no scars and is a practical solution. These techniques are; They are procedures such as Ultrashape, Thermage, and Vellashape. During these procedures, a special device can be used to tighten the individual without creating an incision.

Arm Stretch Surgery

According to the region of the excess skin problem experienced by the patient in arm lift surgery;

  • Mini arm stretch surgery
  • It is divided into two as arm stretch surgery.

If the area to be treated only concerns the lower part of the armpit, it is called mini arm stretching; If there is a problem that has spread to the elbow, it is called full arm stretch.

In individuals with a small amount of skin abundance in the armpit area, arm stretching can be done with a short procedure without the need for surgery. However, in case of excessive skin stretching up to the elbow, there is no longer a solution to the problem other than arm stretching.

This operation can be performed with local anesthesia or general anesthesia for approximately 1.5 – 2 hours with the decision of the plastic surgeon. Individuals for whom general anesthesia is preferred can be discharged after 24 hours of follow-up. In the operation performed with local anesthesia, the individual is discharged when he feels ready.

Painkillers to be used by the individual during discharge procedures and, if necessary, antibiotics can be prescribed by the doctor. It is important not to go out of these medicines and if another medicine is to be used, it is important to consult your doctor before using it.

Why is Arm Stretch Aesthetics Performed?

The reason for the arm stretching operation is to enable the individual to reach a younger and firmer arm structure. When individuals experience such a problem, they may have problems wearing short-sleeved clothes, especially at a young age.

After bariatric surgery, serious sagging may occur in different parts of the body. The underarm area may also be affected by this condition. Such procedures can be performed to make the individual feel more aesthetic and more self-confident.

The operation is generally applied more in women and individuals over the age of 30.

Why Do Arms Sagging?

With advanced age, the protein called collagen, which gives skin elasticity, begins to decrease in the body. As this substance decreases, skin thickening can be seen in different parts of the body. One of these areas (between the shoulder and the elbow) is the upper arm.

In young individuals, individuals may store fat in the upper arm region due to reasons such as birth, psychological factors, genetic predisposition. As the adipose tissue increases here, the skin grows by stretching itself. When there is weight loss, the skin cannot recover sufficiently and there is only a small amount of recovery. The remaining excess skin reveals the problem of sagging. The faster the weight change or the more weight the person loses, the more severe the problem will appear.

Things to Do Before Arm Stretch Surgery

Before the non-surgical arm lift operation, it is sufficient that the arm area of ​​the individual is clean and dry and that no product has been used on the skin.

Before arm lift surgery, the individual should be hungry for 12 hours before general anesthesia, have a good sleep, and be admitted to the hospital at least 3-4 hours before the surgery.

If there is a habit of smoking, the individual should not smoke for at least 24 hours. Alcohol should not be consumed for at least 1 week before the operation.

If there are drugs that are used continuously, such as antibiotics and blood thinners, the doctor should be informed before the operation. In cases such as adjusting the dose of these drugs and releasing them before the operation, the person should inform the doctor following the drug at least 2 weeks before and dose planning should be done.

Things to Consider Before Arm Stretch Surgery

Your doctor will inform you about the things to be considered before arm stretch surgery. It is of great importance that you follow these warnings as they should be in order for the process to run smoothly.

In this way, the recovery period and the surgical process will proceed smoothly and risk factors will be minimized. There are some conditions that should be considered in the post-operative period in order to accelerate the healing and recovery of the tissues.

How is Arm Stretch Surgery Performed?

Arm lift surgery is performed using general anesthesia or local anesthesia technique. This technique is determined together with the surgeon according to the problem and demand of the person. General anesthesia is generally preferred in patients with severe sagging complaints.

If there is excess fat tissue, liposuction is performed and the fat tissue is first removed from the area. Then, the operation is started with a small incision on the inside of the elbow. The skin is stretched and the excess part is removed, and then it is stitched again to create a taut look. A self-melting suture is placed on the incision area. If the problem is not very severe, the incision area can also be made under the armpit. In this way, the trace of the operation is hidden.

After Arm Stretch Surgery

In the first 24 hours after arm lift surgery, the individual is followed up in the hospital service. When it first arrives, a urinary catheter is inserted until the individual walks. After the walk, the probe is removed. Slow, intermittent walks are recommended along the corridor.

It is recommended that the person use a medical corset for at least 21 days. In this way, the tissues will cling to each other more easily.

After the operation, hospital visits may be necessary for the first 2-3 days for the dressing of the surgical incision.

The individual should avoid any action that may force your arms for a few months during the recovery period. Otherwise, various problems may develop in the operation incision.

In order not to regress the healing, smoking should be completely avoided for the first 24 hours. In addition, in the future, the person should try not to smoke whenever possible. Otherwise, the recovery of tissues may be delayed.

Similarly, alcohol consumption should be avoided for at least 1 week, as it thins the blood, worsens edema, causes water loss in the body, and poses risks such as infection and bleeding.

If the operation was performed under local anesthesia, the individual can be followed for 1 day with the recommendation of the doctor, or if he feels ready, he can be discharged after a few hours of follow-up.

In the first days after the operation, the use of elastic bands on the arms of the individual can provide comfort by providing support.

After the first 2 days, a shower can be taken as the dressing process is completed in general. However, it may be necessary to wait a few more days for actions such as lifting the arms up and washing the hair. Get information from your doctor for the most appropriate timing.

In the first months after the operation, sports and heavy lifting should be avoided.

If the person has been sutured with self-dissolving sutures, there is no need for suture removal.

Where is Arm Stretch Aesthetics Performed?

Arm stretch aesthetic is organized by Yoo Retouch clinic located in Istanbul. The surgeries and patient care processes are carried out in the most famous and prestigious hospitals of Turkey, such as A class, full-fledged Acıbadem. Operations are performed by the most successful and well-known plastic surgery operators in the country.

Is There Any Scar After Arm Stretch Surgery?

After arm stretching, two different surgical incisions are made to the individual, transversely and longitudinally. The transverse incision will decrease and become indistinct in the first 12 months after the procedure. However, in the longitudinal incisions, some operation scars of the individual are evident. For this reason, the incision area is selected from an area that will not be seen as much as possible under the armpit.

In the non-surgical arm stretching technique, there is no scar in the individual. However, this procedure is suitable for individuals whose problems are still in the beginning stage and who experience slight weight changes.

Does Arm Stretch Surgery Need to be Repeated?

If the individual can maintain their current weight and there are no situations such as weight gain or loss again, the result of the procedure will be permanent. However, in the future, sagging may occur again due to the loss of elasticity of the skin due to age.

There is no harm in performing the operation again.

Is Arm Stretch Aesthetics Permanent?

Arm lift aesthetics is an operation that can be permanent for many years. However, since the permanence situation is related to the individual’s maintaining his or her current weight, it is a situation that is in his own hands. Correct eating habits and regular exercise after the completion of the healing process are very important factors for the process to be permanent.

Does Arm Stretch Carry Risks?

Many individuals may wonder if arm stretch surgery carries risks in the pre-operative period. Before arm lift surgery, all necessary radiological examinations, general examination and blood tests are performed by the individual’s surgeon. According to these findings, people who do not have any health disability are taken into surgery. Apart from this, it is recommended that the individual also have a pregnancy test, just in case, and extra protection against pregnancy during the first 1 year.

Thanks to these examinations, risk factors are minimized. However, there are some risks associated with every surgical operation. Your doctor will inform you about these rare situations in advance. In general, if you follow your doctor’s instructions completely, the process is completed without any problems.

Arm Stretch Surgery Price

Many different elements are included in the arm stretch price topic. Since hospital care procedures, procedures in the surgical process, medications, hospital procedures such as medical corsets, accommodation, transfer service by VIP vehicle, translator, flight tickets, food and beverage expenses of the hotel are organized by the clinic, the prices are calculated to cover such procedures.

The operation process of each individual and can be performed differently from each other. For this reason, you can get free consultancy service by using the information in the category named Contact on the website of the clinic to get price information specific to you. In the meantime, you can also get help with questions you are curious about besides price information.

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