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Arm thinning aesthetics; It is the name given to the procedure in which regional thinning is achieved by applying liposuction techniques in order to eliminate the problem of lubrication in the part of the arms between the shoulder and the elbow.

In addition, if there is excess skin, it can be performed together with surgical and non-surgical applications applied to eliminate it and obtain a thin, tightened and aesthetic appearance. These two processes are often applied together.

Aesthetic surgery techniques are a branch of medicine that treats situations that the individual does not like in his body, that makes him feel uncomfortable especially in the society, that he is exposed to some situations such as mockery and that harms the self-confidence of the individual by planning in line with his own demand.

Before these applications, all health checks of the individual are made, and whether the individual has the appropriate health conditions for the operation is checked in the light of all necessary examinations. As much as possible, the operation is performed in a way that other people do not understand that the operation is performed.

Arms are among the body parts of interest of plastic surgery. One of the places where fat is stored in the body is the upper arm area. At the same time; Excess skin in the arm region of the individual may occur after situations such as loss of elasticity of the skin due to advanced age, sudden weight change, pregnancy, use of certain drugs, psychological factors, genetic predisposition, and severe weight loss after bariatric surgery. The treatment of these two problems is planned after the examination of the person and treated by the aesthetic surgeon.

What is Arm Thinning?

What is arm thinning; The applications in which the treatment of all problems that disrupt the aesthetics in the upper arm area are planned and the treatment applied by an aesthetic surgery operator in the clinical environment is achieved by providing the person with the aesthetic appearance requested permanently, is called arm thinning.

How to Make Arm Slimming?

For arm thinning aesthetics, the problem experienced by the individual is determined by the plastic surgeon during the first examination and an operation plan is drawn up accordingly. Liposuction and arm lift surgeries are the methods that can be preferred in terms of providing sufficient thinness and aesthetic appearance in the individual.

Arm Thinning with Liposuction

Arm thinning with liposuction is a procedure that is applied only to individuals who do not have excess skin and have regional lubrication problems in the arm region.

For this, small incisions of 0.5 cm are made in the upper arm region of the individual (the part between the shoulder and elbow), and the adipose tissue stored under the skin is removed with the help of micro cannulas.

It is a procedure that takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and no surgical incision is made during the procedure. Therefore, it is an application that leaves no trace. It is a procedure that can be performed with general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia technique.

No resistance is attached to the individual. The healing process is more comfortable and faster than surgical techniques.

Arm Thinning Surgery

If there is excess skin in the upper arm area of ​​the individual during the examination, arm thinning surgery is required in order to obtain a thin appearance by removing the skin.

In general, liposuction is applied to the individual first and the fat level in the area is reduced to the required level. However, if the person has this procedure after weight loss and there is no serious fat in the arm area, it can be done without liposuction.

Apart from this, if the individual wishes, he/she may request that the fat tissue obtained after liposuction be used as a filling material in a different part of the body (fat transfer technique).

This operation, which is performed under general anesthesia, generally takes 1-2 hours.

During the operation, a vertical incision is made in the armpit area and on the inside of the arm. Excess skin is stretched and cut and stitched again. The arm is given a tight, thin and aesthetic appearance.

Resist the individual and the medical corset is worn at the end of the operation. After the person is awakened, he stays in the hospital for 24 hours for follow-up.

Preparation Period Before Arm Thinning

In the arm thinning pre period, any food intake should be restricted 12 hours before the general anesthesia will be applied to the individual.

If you have a chronic illness and you are taking medication, you may need to cooperate with your doctor following your medication. For this, you should get information from your doctor about the dose of your medicine 2 weeks before the operation, how to prepare for the operation, and when and at what doses you can start your medicine again. In addition, you should inform your plastic surgeon about this situation 2 weeks in advance and consult about issues such as whether there is an obstacle to your surgery.

Stop smoking at least 24 hours before the operation; You should stop drinking alcohol at least 1 week before. Alcohol and smoking can cause various problems during and after the operation.

It is important to be admitted to the hospital at least 3-4 hours before the operation. In this process, your preparation for the operation will be completed by monitoring the blood pressure and general condition.

Healing Period After Arm Thinning

During the recovery period after arm thinning , individuals should take care not to lift heavy loads and stay away from activities that require effort. Plenty of rest is recommended.In this process, you can help the tissues to recover by consuming healthy and balanced meals and drinking plenty of water.Consult your doctor to find out when you can take your first bath.If your doctor prescribes pain medication, etc. If prescribed, you should definitely not go out of these drugs. If you want to use any other medicine, you should definitely consult your doctor. The reason for this is that the side effects of some drugs carry risks such as causing problems such as bleeding, infection and edema in the operation area and delaying healing.

Who Should Have Arm Thinning Surgery?

The operation can be performed if the individual has a problem of loosening of the skin, sagging, thickening and lubrication in the upper arm region, between the elbow and the shoulder, and if he is seriously disturbed by this situation.However, in the pre-operative period, the necessary examinations of the individual are made and it is evaluated whether the health status is suitable for surgery. In this way, the risk of possible complications is minimized.

Is Anesthesia Necessary in Arm Thinning Surgery?

First of all, arm thinning surgery should definitely be performed by a plastic surgery operator under operating room conditions where sterilization is important.For individuals, this procedure can be performed with local anesthesia. However, physicians generally prefer sedation or general anesthesia in order to ensure that the doctor is not psychologically affected, although there is no pain or pain during the operation in the arm region of the individual.

Is There Any Scar After Arm Lift Surgery?

In arm lift surgery, if the problem of the individual is severe, incisions are made in two separate places. One of them is the armpit and the other is the inner surface of the arm. In individuals with a problem only in a smaller area on the upper arm, an incision is made only under the armpit. After these procedures, the operation scars will decrease up to 12 months and become indistinct.If only the arm thinning procedure will be performed on the individual and there is no excess skin, liposuction will be performed with only 0.5 cm mini incisions without any surgical incisions. In this case, the incisions will heal within a few days and will not leave any scars.

Is There Any Pain After Arm Lift Surgery?

After all surgical operations, it is normal for the individual to have some pain in the first days after the effect of anesthesia wears off. However, in order to treat this condition, the individual is given an appropriate dose of painkillers at regular intervals. In this way, the complaint of pain is brought under control.

Is the Result of Arm Lifting and Arm Thinning Operations Permanent?

Arm augmentation and arm thinning operation is a permanent procedure for many years; however, the permanence situation depends on the individual himself and his age. For this, the person should pay attention to his normal weight and should not be fed in a way that will store fat in the arm area. In addition, sagging may occur over time as the skin loses its elastic structure due to advanced age.

How to Perform Non-Surgical Arm Lift?

Arm lift operation can be performed without surgery with liposuction only in people who have problems such as some thickening and slight sagging in the upper part of the arm due to regional lubrication problems. However, if the arm hangs down significantly in individuals with excess skin, it is unfortunately not possible to solve this problem without surgery. Again, the individual can be thinned by liposuction; however, arm lift surgery will be required for the skin to recover and the excess part to be removed.

Where Do You Perform Arm Thinning and Arm Lift Surgery?

Procedures such as arm thinning operation and arm lift surgery are a process organized by Yoo Retouch clinic in Istanbul. All necessary procedures, from the purchase of your flight ticket to the date of your operation, to your accommodation and to your pick-up from the airport with a private vehicle, are arranged by the specialists in the clinic for you. All you have to do is to come to Istanbul with yourself or a relative and be treated. Processes that would tire you out and stress, such as finding a place and trying to determine the address, are eliminated.The place where the operations and post-operative follow-up services are carried out are carried out in hospitals where the clinic is contracted, such as Acıbadem, which is the most equipped in Turkey. Operations are performed in operating room conditions by the most famous and successful aesthetic surgeons of the country, using the latest technological tools.

How Much Does Arm Slimming Cost?

The price of arm thinning varies according to the procedure that should be applied to the individual first. In addition to this, when calculating the prices; A price is determined by taking into account many factors such as accommodation, food and beverage, hospital care services, drugs, medical corset, drugs, translator and VIP vehicle transfer.You can call the clinic and talk to the consultant at any time, completely free of charge, to get price information for yourself. You can also get answers to all your questions in this way.

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