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What is Baby Face Beauty?

Translated into Turkish as baby facial care, which can be done by men and women of all ages, this procedure is the key to having a tighter and more vibrant skin. The process, which is the latest technology in the field of skin beautification, allows many people to have a magnificent skin structure. What is the process that gives so many benefits, how it is applied and what stages are passed during the process are the topics that we will discuss throughout our article. First of all, “What is Baby Face Beauty?” Let’s start with answering the question. This process is a method used to beautify facial conditions that look tired, worn, wrinkled and feel the effect of aging.

This process is actually a laser-assisted skin care process. It is used for blemishes, acne and acne scars and anti-aging effect. This painless and comfortable procedure is applied within minutes. Forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, upper lip and nose area are ideal for this procedure. Thus, the entire area of ​​the face is illuminated and has a fresh appearance. Achieving a tight, glowing and vibrant skin is very easy with this care. This process is also a method used for narrowing the pores. The narrowing of the pores gives the skin a brand new and lively look.

How to Make Baby Face Beauty?

This process, which is a unique type of skin care, creates magnificent results with its anti-aging effect and its power in removing blemishes. The reason for this is the type of laser used during the procedure and the serums. First of all, “What is Baby Face Laser?” should answer the question. The latest technology laser called Thulium is used during this process. This type of laser helps to open micro channels in the patient’s skin. Thanks to the micro channels, it is reached under the skin and serums are applied. These serums make the skin renewal process more permanent.

The depth of the channels opened in the skin may vary according to the skin structure of the person. Although these channels are deeper, on the contrary, channels closer to the surface can be opened if necessary. Preferred serums also depend on the nature of the person’s skin. If the treatment is done for spots, serums containing Vitamin C can be used, and if the treatment is done for conditions such as wrinkles and/or sagging, anti-aging serums can be used. In the meantime, it should be noted that this is a type of transaction that takes a very short time. While the laser process takes fifteen minutes, the waiting time for the serums to be absorbed is about ten minutes.

Things to Know About Baby Face Beauty

This process is actually a skin care method, and more importantly, it is the most up-to-date skin care process. For this, it contains the latest technological features. This procedure, which takes a very short time, allows the person to regain their new skin after a comfortable operation. It does not involve any surgical intervention. For this, the person returns to his normal life within the same day after the procedure. This procedure, which has been preferred by many women and men in recent years, is the most effective way to achieve a bright skin.

It is used to eliminate tone differences, scars and the effects of aging on the skin. With the process, the dead epithelium on the face is removed and the new and fresh skin is created by itself. Natural serums have a great effect on these benefits. In fact, these serums are the reason why this process is more successful than other procedures. Baby Face Beauty does not harm the skin. On the contrary, it provides a clear, young and beautiful appearance by providing blood and revitalization of the skin.

Who Can Have Baby Face Procedure?

Anyone who suffers from skin problems can have the procedure done. This procedure, which can be easily applied to both women and men, can also be applied to those who are at a very young age and are disturbed by the spots on their skin. In addition, it is performed for those who observe the effect of aging on their skin, and those who suffer from problems such as wrinkles and sagging.

What is important here is the situation that the person is complaining about. The specialist physician determines the intensity of the laser according to the problem and uses serums for treatment. In other words, a different serum can be used for those who want to get rid of the stains on their skin, and a different serum can be used to get rid of the effects of aging and fatigue. In addition, there are serums available for those who suffer from both conditions. No matter how old the person is, he observes the improvement in his skin after the first session. Of course, the point that should not be forgotten at this point is that the person should not have any discomfort that will prevent the implementation of the procedure.

Situations Requiring Baby Face Procedure

Those who want to have this procedure can complain about many situations. Under this heading, we wanted to indicate the areas complained of, the effects of Baby Face Beauty and the situations where the results can be observed. These situations can be listed as follows:

  • darkening of the skin,
  • spots caused by acne and pimples,
  • tired skin appearance,
  • large pores,
  • wrinkle and deformation,
  • observed cracks in the skin,
  • The need for sebum equalization,
  • sunspots,
  • color unevenness on the skin…

This process can be applied to get rid of many more negative results. After the procedure, which eliminates the conditions listed above, the skin regains a single tone and vivacious appearance. Apart from the face, this procedure can be easily performed on the decollete area, hands and feet. In this way, the process, which is not limited to facial beauty, helps the person to feel better and to provide beauty as a whole.

How Many Sessions Does Baby Face Beauty Take?

How many sessions of the procedure will be applied, of course, depends on the skin structure and problems of the person. These sessions can be repeated three times or five or six times. If the scars of the person are deep, the wrinkles are advanced and the spots are stubborn, the sessions can increase. Physicians in our clinic will give you the most accurate answer to this question. Before the procedure, the problematic areas on your face will be determined, and the procedure will be started after you have decided on the rate of the laser and your serum type.

If more than one session is decided, the procedure will be repeated at intervals of one week or two. However, as many experts say, you will start to notice the results from the very first day, so it is likely that you will continue with the other sessions with the same enthusiasm. Thanks to this technology, you will have a bright and eye-catching face in a few sessions. You will enjoy a young, glowing and beautiful skin even after the first session.

Where is Baby Face Beauty done?

This process, which provides the facial beauty perfectly and provides a tight and lively appearance to the skin, is performed by medical aesthetic specialists. The best step to take to have the procedure is to choose the right clinic. Our clinic, Yoo Retouch, offers you the opportunity to safely perform your aesthetic procedures with its expert physician staff and state-of-the-art hospital environment. You can contact our clinic to get a glowing skin, benefit from the latest technology beautification process and have the look you dream of.

You can complete the process easily and comfortably under the guidance of our experienced team for your Baby Face Beauty procedure, where you can return to your normal life on the same day. We are waiting for you in our clinic to experience the comfort of our clinic and to be beautiful in safe hands. With the help of our doctors and other employees, you will see that your procedures are completed in a short time and you get the results quickly. As in all other aesthetic procedures, our clinic is equipped with the right address for Baby Face Beauty procedure.

Are Baby Face Beauty Results Permanent?

The permanence of this process, which revitalizes the skin and removes it from its tired and pale appearance, also varies according to the skin structure. This process is permanent in some skin structures in the medium term and in some skin structures in the short term. If necessary, the process can be applied again after a while. But the point that should not be forgotten here is that this process is a skin care. This skin care is already far ahead of the others due to its technological features.

We have already mentioned that this process takes an extremely short time and is a comfortable one. Thanks to these features, even if the process requires reapplication after a while, it does not create a situation that may force the person. The person can easily apply this process even during the lunch break. After the painless and painless procedure, he returns to his work life or daily routine.

Baby Face Beauty Prices

One of the most curious about this process is Baby Face Beauty prices. As with all aesthetic procedures, the prices of this procedure vary according to the procedure to be applied, the area of ​​​​the procedure to be applied and the characteristics of the person. You can get the most accurate information about prices by contacting our clinic. You can contact our consultants to get information about prices and have a detailed idea about the process, and you can take the first and most correct step for your facial beauty.

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