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Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetics)

Bichectomy is a surgical operation performed for a more rounded and emphasized cheek shape, also known as Hollywood cheek or cheek aesthetics.

The cheekbones come to the fore, the lower part becomes more accentuated, and the face looks leaner, elegant and elongated. The operation is very popular among both men and women today, and there is no difference for both sexes in terms of the way it is applied.

What is Bichectomy (Cheek Aesthetics)?

What is bichectomy; It is a surgical operation performed to remove the fat tissue in the cheek area and to make the face thinner so that the facial features can have a sharp, accentuated and more aesthetic appearance. Generally, it is a short-term procedure that does not require general anesthesia and is relatively short compared to other aesthetic operations.

When we look at Hollywood cheek, it is seen that bichectomy is also called Hollywood cheek among the people, since it is an operation frequently preferred by Hollywood stars.

It is a procedure preferred by individuals who have a square and V-shaped face or who want to achieve such an appearance.

How Is Bichectomy (Hollywood Cheek) Performed?

When the bichectomy operation will be performed alone, local anesthesia is the most preferred type of anesthesia. When it is done together with different procedures, general anesthesia procedure can be applied.

After local anesthesia is applied, it is waited for a few minutes for the area to become numb. Then, a 1 cm incision is made on the inside of the cheek. The bichat (fat tissue on the cheek) is removed from this incision and the incision is closed by suturing. The same process is repeated on the other cheek.

If the cheeks need to be emphasized a little more, some filler can be added to the part of the cheekbones.

After the whole process is completed, bandage is applied to keep the tissues stable (to facilitate healing).

The individual is discharged when he/she feels ready. There is no need for hospital care and hospitalization after local anesthesia.

Preparation Process Before Bichectomy Surgery

It is recommended that individuals have detailed oral and dental hygiene before the bichectomy operation. Since the incisions will be made inside the cheek, this is important in order to minimize the possibility of infection in the area.

The individual should not smoke at least 24 hours before and stop alcohol consumption at least 10 days before. Otherwise, some complications may develop during the procedure or during the healing process.

Before the application, it is recommended to come to the procedure on a full stomach in order to increase the effectiveness of local anesthesia.

If there is a drug used by the individual, he or she should inform both the plastic surgeon and the doctor following the drug 1-2 weeks before the procedure, and the dose should be adjusted for issues such as discontinuing the drug and starting again.

What Should Be Considered After Bichectomy Surgery?

The recovery period after the bichectomy operation generally takes 2 weeks. This period may be longer or shorter, depending on the individual’s structure and the care he gives to the elements that need attention.

In the first days, foods that do not require chewing and are not hard should be consumed. In addition, the possibility of bleeding can be reduced by choosing cold drinks in the first days. Hot food and beverages should be avoided.

Oral hygiene should be very careful in this process. While brushing the teeth, the cheeks should not be strained and should be moved slowly and lightly.

During the healing process, direct contact with sunlight should be avoided. If you had an operation during the summer months, it would be beneficial to use a sunscreen product recommended by your doctor.

After the operation, there may be swelling and edema in the cheek area. In addition, bruising may be seen around the incision area on the inside. These are normal symptoms. As long as they are not very serious, there is no need to worry. It will heal spontaneously in 7-10 days.

For the first three or four days, a cold compress can be applied to the cheeks with the recommendation of the doctor. In this way, the swelling can disappear faster and the amount of pain can be reduced.

It is normal to have pain in the first days and the pain will be controlled with the drugs prescribed by your doctor. However, you should be careful not to go out of these drugs; You should consult your doctor when you want to use any other medicine.

In the first week after the operation, individuals should stay away from strenuous physical activities and rest.

Who Gets Bichectomy?

In general, it is a procedure chosen by individuals with a U or V-shaped face type or who receive assistance from aesthetic surgery techniques to achieve this face type. It can also be preferred in cases where the face is round or the cheeks cause the person to be perceived as fatter despite being in normal weight.

Before the application, necessary examinations will be made and the surgeon will evaluate whether the individual has suitable health conditions for the procedure.

How Long Does Bichectomy Surgery Take?

When the bichectomy operation is performed alone, it is an operation that usually takes 35-40 minutes. However, if filling is to be applied, this time will increase even more.

Is There Any Scar After Bichectomy Surgery?

In the bichectomy procedure, the surgical incision is located on the inside of the cheek. These incisions, which are as small as 1 cm, will become indistinct over time and from the first day, the scars are not visible when viewed from the outside. Traces from the outside are not obvious.

Where is Bichectomy Surgery Performed?

Bichectomy surgery is an operation performed by Yoo Retouch clinic in Istanbul.

Is bichectomy permanent?

When we look at whether bichectomy is permanent, it should be known that it is a lifelong procedure. The weight gain and loss of the person after this application does not affect the result of the procedure. Because fat tissue is removed during the procedure. Therefore, it does not need to be repeated.

Is Bichectomy Surgery Harmful?

Bichectomy surgery is not harmful when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. However, the person has responsibilities in the healing process. If adequate hygiene is not provided in the mouth, there is a risk of infection.

Inflammation is generally seen in the lower jaw. Inflammation usually goes away within 3 to 6 months. It is very important for individuals with inflammation to pay more attention to themselves and to choose their food choices at the right temperature and at the right softness.

As long as you pay due attention to the conditions specified by your doctor, you can have a more comfortable and faster recovery process.

What are the Advantages of Bichectomy Surgery?

Since the application is performed with local anesthesia, individuals can return to their normal lives much faster and there is no need for hospitalization.

Application time is short.

The face gets a thinner, more weakened appearance.

Since the fat tissue in the area is removed after weight gain, the process is not affected by this situation.

Since there is no scar directly on the face after the procedure, it is not noticed by other individuals.

Bichectomy Surgery Price

The bichectomy price information does not represent an exact number as the procedure is planned specifically for the individual and may vary. For this reason, individuals who want to learn price information can get free consultancy services through the information in the Contact category on the clinic’s website.

The most accurate price information can be given after your doctor examines you and determines the necessary procedures and operation to achieve the appearance you want. However, you can get information about general prices from the consultant of the clinic and you can learn the answers to other questions you are curious about.

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