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In case of donor area insufficiency, one of the guidance techniques we use in the FUE procedure is hair transplantation from body hair. What is body hair transplantation? It refers to the transfer of sufficient body hair to the balding area. (BHT is another name for hair transplantation.) Baldness causes psychological suffering, especially in men. The importance of chest hair has increased significantly in androgenic hair loss types where neck hair is insufficient. Exceeding the donor capacity in FUE hair transplantation causes the integrity of the nape region to deteriorate.

How is Hair Transplant from Body Hair Performed?

It is not appropriate to take excessive nape hair. Due to the donor capacity problem, those who have hair transplantation from body hair apply to this treatment. Then chest, beard and other body hair come to the fore as a solution. Hair transplantation from chest hair is the third potential procedure after hair and beard transplantation. The advancement of FUE technology in recent years has brought chest hair transplantation to the fore. When it comes to removing chest hair with the FUE procedure, the rigidity of the rib cage provides an advantage over other body hairs. So how to transplant hair from body hair? We are proud to be one of the few hair transplant centers that can perform this surgery effectively. Chest hair is used in about 3-5 percent of hair transplant procedures.

Which Body Hair Can Be Used in Hair Transplantation?

When we talk about body hair, it’s natural to think of all body hair. So which one is suitable for hair transplantation? The area traditionally used for hair transplant surgery is the nape area. This is known as the main donor area. This area was chosen because it has almost the same qualities as the hair in the front. The following features make the hair in this area valuable:

  • This hair is genetically programmed not to fall out. The hormones that cause shedding have no effect on them.
  • In terms of growth pattern, this hair is the same as normal hair.
  • Hair that looks more natural because it is equally affected by the effects of other hairs in the hairy area. It consists of multiple grafts that are very similar to natural hair. In other words, a root can have a little more than two hairs on average. In some root specimens, there may be two, three, four or more hairs or they may be single. These features indicate that these feathers are excellent.
  • Also, these scars can be easily closed by transplanting chest or beard hair to the FUT or scar.

When hair grafts are insufficient to correct a failed hair transplant, there is an alternative method. Thinner body hair can help hide the appearance of imperfect hair transplants. Hair on the chest, abdomen, legs, and back grows at a more oblique angle than hair on the scalp. The doctor who will remove these hairs should be knowledgeable in this area. Hair follicles can be taken from several places in the transplanted area to be used outside the nape area. These are listed in order of increasing importance:

  • Chest area
  • Beard area
  • Other parts of the body (back, legs, etc.)

What are the Characteristics of Body Hair?

Hairs of different shapes and textures can be found in many parts of our body. They vary greatly in shape and length, as well as in the number of hair follicles in their roots. Except for hair that curls to varying degrees depending on where it is located. The hairs closest to the hair are found in the beard and although they have a single root structure, they can grow as fast and fast as the hair. As a result, the hair obtained from the beard is the best choice for body hair transplantation and effective results can be obtained with adequate preparation. Other hairs are usually finer, grow more slowly and do not grow as long as a hair or beard.

Who Is Suitable For Body Hair Transplant?

Thanks to today’s developing technology, hair transplantation has become a much easier and alternative treatment. We can say yes without thinking to the question Is it possible to have hair transplant from body hair? Surgeons consider the following factors when deciding whether to transplant with body hair:

  • If the back of the head is insufficient as a donor area for hair transplantation and it is believed that sufficient density can be achieved with hair taken from other parts of the body, hair transplantation can be performed with the Body Hair technique.
  • The doctor examines where grafts are considered to assess the person’s suitability for body hair and hair transplantation.
  • The surgeon may allow body hair transplantation if the hair density in certain areas is acceptable and the tissue is close to or good. If these two features do not come together, hair transplantation cannot be performed from body hair.

How to Perform Body Hair Transplantation?

Body hair transplant is the same as traditional Fue hair transplant. Local anesthesia is given to the place where the sample will be taken. Due to the effect of the drugs, the person may feel some discomfort during local anesthesia, which normally lasts for 12 seconds. Following this, no discomfort should be felt throughout the FUE removal technique. Extraction from the typical donor location takes less time. It is critical that the Micro Fue technique distributes the grafts taken from the body among the grafts taken from the donor location throughout the transplantation process. If body grafts are placed in a certain area, the area will not look different and natural. This is an important detail to pay attention to.

What Should Be Considered Before Body Hair Transplant?

As there are things to be done after body hair transplantation, there are also things to be done before body hair transplantation. For example, people who do sports frequently should take a break for a week before having a hair transplant. Since sports activities thin the blood and accelerate it, it increases the risk of bleeding during hair transplantation. As a result, the patient should be informed before hair transplantation and it should be recommended to avoid doing sports. Likewise, sexual intercourse should be prohibited for the same reasons when sports are interrupted. One week before hair transplantation, activities that cause shortness of breath should be avoided. In addition, if blood thinners are used, it should be interrupted. Quitting smoking and alcohol 4 to 5 days before hair transplantation will also significantly affect the success rate of the operation. The examinations that should be done before hair transplantation should not be overlooked. The blood tests your doctor will order are also critical for the feasibility of the operation. The results of these tests will show whether this procedure is safe for your health.

What Should Be Considered After Body Hair Transplantation?

It takes between one and ten days for the small crusts remaining on the hair follicles collected from all over the body to disappear completely. It takes a few months for body hair to become completely homogeneous after hair transplantation. If a second operation is needed from the areas where the hair follicles were taken, it can be transplanted again after 6 months, since these areas are completely healed. Two years later, the transplanted hair follicles begin to resemble the hair character of the transplanted area. In other words, if the hair follicles taken from the nape are planted in the eyebrow area, they may develop more slowly over time.

When does the hair start to grow after the hair is transplanted from the body?

Hair transplanted with body hair transplant begins to grow within the first three weeks, just like hair transplanted after Fue hair transplant. Shock shedding occurs 3 to 4 weeks after hair transplantation and more than 90% of the transplanted hair falls out. In the sixth month, the new hair that comes out after the procedure starts to grow again. At the end of the first year, 70 80% of the results are visible. It may take 1.5 to 2 years for the full effect to appear.

Where is Body Hair Transplantation Performed?

If you have decided to have a hair transplant operation, your first check should be whether the facility to be transplanted from body hair has the features approved by the Ministry of Health. Although many find it difficult to choose a hair transplant facility, it will be easy to determine the most suitable spot with sound research. It is very important that the hair transplant clinic where the procedure will be performed has a clean and equipped operating room. At the same time, the availability of specialized personnel and emergency equipment should be guaranteed in the event of an emergency. The characteristics of the hair transplant specialist are as important as the features of the hair transplant clinic. It is very important to know how many years of experience the person who has had hair transplantation has, how long he has been actively doing this job and how long he has been working with his team. Hair transplantation performed by a team working in harmony in our Yoo Retouch private health clinic for years has always ensured that you achieve results that you are happy with. Theoretical knowledge for hair transplantation is insufficient; Experience is required to develop hand habits and abilities. So instead of being a test board in the hands of a novice, you should try to have great hair in the hands of an expert.

How Much Are Body Hair Transplant Prices?

Our clinic aims to present realistic results to patients. Patients are not misled about the amount of grafts required or the expected outcome. Since the number of grafts to be applied will be effective over the body hair hair transplant price, our experts plan ahead of the hair transplant procedure. Although this is an aesthetic procedure and what you want is very important, it is useful to accept your doctor’s advice.

One of the most important aspects of the planning phase is the planning of the hair transplant, which is extracted by evaluating the nape, head, face and forehead of the patient and examining the hair follicles, and explaining all possible results clearly. Since the patient knows all the situations he may encounter, he can have a realistic expectation. Otherwise, individuals feel deceived and uncomfortable. To avoid this, it is always recommended to seek expert help from clinics you know you can trust. Before deciding on body hair transplantation, hair transplant doctors in our clinic determine the amount of graft taken from the normal donor area and guide the whole process according to the needs of the patient.

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