Breast Augmentation and Fat Injection

Breast Augmentation with Fat Injection

Breast Augmentation surgery; It is one of the most important operations for women with small and problematic breasts. The breast is the most important organ for women; is a female figure. Therefore, women who had breast augmentation surgery; they feel very good mentally and physically.

Breast augmentation surgery; It is made by placing silicone materials called implants above or below the chest muscle. Breast augmentation surgery is mainly performed with the sub-muscular technique. There are two types of implants, round and drop. Breast enlargement surgery details are determined in line with the examination of your doctor and the patient’s wishes. It is performed under general anesthesia in the operating rooms.

Fat Injection

Advancing age; Gaps and depressions occur in certain parts of our body due to certain reasons such as gravity or weight gain and loss. With the Fat Injection method, it is possible to eliminate these depressions and gaps and to have a natural appearance.

Fat injection; It is the process of transferring the fat taken from certain parts of the body to the desired parts of the body by injection. Another name is fat transfer.

Fat injection permanence; It is always a curious subject. To explain;

Fat injection permanence; the skill of the person performing the application; techniques and tools made; It may differ from body to body. It has an average permanence of 1 year. Permanence becomes less in moving areas. In order to increase the permanence of the fat injection, support should be provided with the PRP method and should be repeated if necessary. It has been determined that the applications show its effect for an average of 2 years.

It should be done by local anesthesia method but under absolute hygienic conditions, that is, in the operating environment. It is among the one of the most frequently performed operations.