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Breast augmentation surgery is the operation performed to achieve the aesthetic and fuller breast appearance of individuals who find the volume of the chest area insufficient. Different types and shapes of breast silicones are selected according to the demands and needs of the person, together with the doctor, and are used during the operation, allowing people to gain the look they dream of.

About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is the operation performed to increase the size of the breast in individuals who complain that the chest area is not full enough. Special planning is made according to the wishes of each individual.

The operation time generally takes about 2-3 hours. If the individual needs breast lift in addition to the operation, breast operation may take longer time.

The surgery is performed with general anesthesia or sedation technique. In this way, there is no pain or feeling of pain during the procedure. After the operation is completed, a chest corset is put on by the person’s surgeon and taken to the ward to be kept under observation for 24-48 hours.

After the surgery, pain that can be tolerated with painkillers can be seen. Symptoms such as bruising, redness, edema and swelling in the procedure area are expected and seen as normal. There is no need to worry about these symptoms. These symptoms are expected to resolve spontaneously within a few days.

After the final checks are completed, the individual’s doctor can start pain reliever and, if necessary, antibiotic drug treatment. It is very important for individuals to consult their doctor beforehand if they are going to use any other drug other than these drugs. Otherwise, the use of other drugs may lead to the risk of developing complications.

After the final checks are completed, people can return to their countries at the end of a period of approximately 5-6 days.

Breast Augmentation Fat Injection

The breast enlargement fat injection technique is also a method that can be chosen as an alternative to the implant. In this technique, fat tissue is taken from the person’s own body with the liposuction technique, and after special processes are injected into the chest area as filling material.

However, it is an operation that is not preferred in people who do not have enough adipose tissue and who cannot maintain their weight. It is a permanent procedure for individuals who can maintain their weight.

After the operation, some fat tissue is melted by the body. After about 6 months, the last remaining part is permanent for life.

Since there is no surgical incision, there is no scarring in the person. In addition, since the adipose tissue that can be added is limited to a few liters, implant treatment is considered necessary for individuals who want to undergo a major change. In smaller operations, breast enlargement fat injection is more advantageous.

Who Is Performed Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Each individual’s body structure may not be suitable for breast augmentation Turkey. For this, some controls such as necessary examinations, taking anamnesis, drugs used due to chronic diseases of the person and blood tests should be done before the surgery. After these controls, individuals who meet all criteria can be operated.

The operation process is completely planned by the surgeon according to the problems experienced by the person. From now on, the process will be shaped according to his own demands and the problem he is experiencing.

Breast surgery is an operation requested by women who complain that their breasts are generally small compared to their body, that the volume of the breasts decreases significantly after weight loss, that the breast volume decreases after birth or that they are asymmetrical.

Types of Breast Silicones

Breast silicone types can be in different types, sizes and structures according to the needs and wishes of people. Each of them should be examined before the operation and the person should inform his doctor after making his choice. In fact, this decision is a decision that will be made together after your doctor has made the necessary explanations about the advantages and disadvantages of breast silicone types.

  • Smooth and rough in terms of surface
  • Drop (anatomical) and round in shape
  • There are breast silicone varieties containing saline or silicone gel in terms of content.

How Many CCs Are Breast Silicone Sizes?

Breast silicone is in different cc capacity in terms of dimensions. You can decide how much these will be with your doctor before the operation. Just in case, some plastic surgeons go into the operation with different silicones that are close to each other and try them and use the one that gives the most desired look to the patient and completes the operation in this way.

Generally speaking, the silicone implants used during breast surgery vary between 200 – 800 cc. According to the wishes of the person and the proportion of his body, the most suitable one is decided before the operation. Often preferred are the prosthesis sizes, which look more natural in the range of 250 – 450 cc.

How to Choose a Silicone Implant?

There are different types of silicone implants that differ in appearance and feel when touched. The demands of the individual are evaluated and the most suitable model is decided accordingly. Some of the generally evaluated points;

·        Thickness of chest skin and muscles

·        Individual’s favorite breast shape

·        Distance between shoulder and nipples

·        Whether there is a sagging chest

·        Whether a breast implant has been placed before.< /p>

How is Breast Prosthesis Placed?

Breast prostheses used during breast surgery can be placed from different points. These;

·        Armpit

·        Colored nipple portion called areola</p >

·        The lower part of the breasts.</p > In order not to damage the milk ducts, the lower part of the breast is preferred in individuals who have not given birth more or who are considering becoming a mother again in the future. In older individuals who are no longer planning to become mothers, nipples can be preferred in order to leave less scars.

Silicone prostheses can be placed on the lower or upper part of the chest muscles. It is a situation that is decided by the plastic surgeon according to the condition of the patient in which department it will be placed.

Healing Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After the breast augmentation surgery is completed, the individual is taken to the service for follow-up. In this process, the individual’s use of a medical chest corset is dressed by his doctor in order to help the tissues recover. The corset should stay for a few days and then its regular use should continue.

A urinary catheter is first inserted into the individual who comes out of the operation. The probe is removed when the individual starts walking again after a few hours. It is important to walk slowly in the hospital corridor, accompanied by a nurse, 2-3 hours after the operation.

After the surgery, serum application and pain relief medication are given at intervals of a few hours. It is normal for the person to have a complaint of pain for a few days, and this situation is controlled with drugs.

After breast surgery, swelling, edema, redness and bruises in the chest are considered normal. People need not worry about such symptoms. These symptoms will disappear spontaneously in a few days. However, there are some points to be considered in order to speed up the recovery.

You should not go back to your exercise routine for several months after you leave the hospital. You and your doctor should decide when you can start doing sports again.

In the first days, you should consume plenty of fluids, take care of a healthy diet, do not lift heavy loads and do not exercise, even if lightly.

You should completely eliminate alcohol consumption for the first 1 week after the surgery and for a little longer if possible. Again, you should not consume cigarettes for the first 24 hours and limit cigarette consumption afterward as much as possible. Smoking can slow down the healing rate of tissues. Alcohol can cause infection, bleeding and very serious edema complaints.

You can take a shower when you complete the 3-4 day period after the surgery.

In order to preserve the shape of the chest area, it is recommended to use a sports bra for the first months after the operation.

In the first months, you should stay away from places with hot water vapor such as Turkish bath, sauna, and activities such as swimming and sunbathing.

How Much Is the Price of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey?

Your breast augmentation surgery Turkey procedures are organized by the Yoo Retouch clinic. Accommodation, VIP vehicle transfer service, hospital care expenses, translator, medical corset, drugs, operations performed by Turkey’s most successful and famous plastic surgeons in a contracted hospital such as A-class and full-fledged Acıbadem are included in this organization process.

You can get free consultancy service via the Contact category on the clinic’s website to get more detailed information about Silicone breast prices and how much you should pay during the entire operation process. Unfortunately, it is not possible to clearly state the price here, as the prices vary from person to person according to needs and demands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Questions are included in this section in order to give general answers to frequently asked questions from patients about breast augmentation surgery. If you have different questions in your mind and the answers are insufficient for you, you can call the clinic and benefit from free consultancy service.

How Long Is the Life of Breast Silicone?

Breast silicones are prostheses with a lifespan of up to 15-20 years. Although this period was shorter in the past, they are now produced using longer-lasting and durable materials. However, factors such as advanced age, sudden weight loss after the operation, weight gain and birth may require the operation to be repeated.

Does Breast Silicone Prevent Breastfeeding?

For patients who are considering becoming a mother, if they state this situation, the operation incision is made from the under-breast area that does not cause any damage to the milk ducts. In this case, breast augmentation surgery does not interfere with breastfeeding.

However, milk ducts may be damaged in procedures performed from the teat. For this reason, such incisions are mostly preferred by people who are at an advanced age or who do not plan to become a mother again.

I Have Sagging Breasts. Is It Enough to Just Put on Silicone?

The complaint of sagging breasts cannot be solved with silicone alone. However, both silicone treatment and sagging problem can be treated in the same surgery.

Can I Have Breast Augmentation Surgery Before Pregnancy?

You can have breast augmentation surgery 1 year before pregnancy. Post-operative tissues heal completely after 1 year and it is possible to get pregnant in this process.

Breast augmentation surgery does not cause any harm to conditions such as breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Is Breast Silicone Surgery Understandable?

The operation incision is made under your underwear. No one can understand that you had an operation unless you state it.

Does Silicone Explode?

In breast silicones, it is almost impossible for them to burst, except in cases such as a very serious blow to the chest or a blow with a cutting tool. Compared to silicones with physiological saline structure, this risk is less in gel form. Most tearing occurs in gel-formed silicones and the silicone material does not come out. Making such evaluations together with your doctor will lead you to the right choice.

Can I Remove Silicone When I Want?

Which Brand of Silicone Do You Wear?

Silicone prostheses approved by the FDA are preferred in our clinic.

What Do You Do With Breasts Of Different Sizes?

According to the desired breast size, different techniques such as liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction can be used.

Where Do You Perform Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Prices vary depending on many different factors. You can use your free consultation right for the most accurate price information. The surgeries are performed in our own clinic or in the most equipped hospitals of Istanbul, depending on the size of the operation.

How Many Days Should I Stay in Turkey for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

It will be enough for you to stay in Turkey for 5-6 days for the operation.

Is There Any Scars in Breast Augmentation Surgery?

There will be a clear scar at the incision site in the first days after the operation. Up to 12 months, this scar gradually heals until it becomes indistinct.

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