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What is Breast Lift Operation (Surgery)?

Breast lift surgery, is an aesthetic surgery operation performed on individuals who have sagging problems in the chest area.

Sagging problem in the chest area may occur in women due to many reasons such as birth, sudden weight change, post-bariatric surgery, advanced age, not paying attention to the use of the right bra. With breast surgery in Turkey, this problem can be expertly solved by plastic surgery operators in full-fledged hospitals with breast lift surgery.

What Exactly is a Breast Lift?

When we look at the question What is a breast lift, which is one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer is curious, when we look at the problems that occur with the sagging of the chest area, it is evaluated according to the severity of the problem experienced by the patient, and surgically corrected and straight, voluminous and These are operations such as suspending the breast, which are performed to ensure that the individual has breasts that have gained a more correct posture.

Breast lift surgery you can do a self-test at home to see if you need it. The brown tip of the breasts, called the areola, should be right in front of you at a right angle to the ground. If these areas are in a lowered shape, there may be a problem of sagging in the breasts. You can notice this by taking a brief look at yourself in the mirror.

Another common marker among the people is the technique of placing a pen on the lower part of the chest. If your chest is holding the pen when you put the pen right under your breasts, there is a problem of sagging. If the pen falls to the ground, there is no problem.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is also called mastopexy in medicine and is a different operation from breast reduction or augmentation. However, if the person needs it, in addition to this operation, it can be combined with breast augmentation operation.

In individuals who have sagging breasts, the operation is planned according to the severity of the sagging and the volume lost by the breasts.

How is Breast Lift Operation Performed?

Breast lift surgery is an operation that is generally performed with general anesthesia or sedation technique. During the operation, necessary measurements are made and the position is calculated in accordance with the body of the person with the help of a marker pen. The breast tissue is shaped to give the correct position. Then, individuals with severe problems and reduced chest volume are placed in their own breast size or a smaller / larger volume implant according to the patient’s own request.

If the individual has excess skin, this part is stretched and the excess part is removed and sutured again. If the areola area (colored nipple part) of the person is very enlarged, this part is also cut and reduced to a more aesthetic appearance.

The operation usually takes 2 – 4 hours, although it varies from person to person. After the operation process is completed, the individual is awakened and taken to the service for general follow-up for 1-2 days.

Preparation Process Before Breast Lift Surgery

It is very important to inform about the diseases before the breast lift operation, genetic disorders in the family, and any medications that require continuous use by the person. The person should discuss with his doctor at least 2 weeks in advance what kind of dose adjustment should be made before the operation regarding his medication.

In the first examination period for the operation, the person should fully mention their demands to the doctor. Many issues should be mentioned, such as how the procedure will be, the choice of implant, the change in the amount of volume, whether it is desired to reduce the areola section.

After the surgery date is determined, care should be taken not to consume alcohol for at least 1 week. Likewise, smoking should be stopped at least 24 hours before the operation.

It is very important to fast for at least 12 hours in individuals who will undergo general anesthesia. This point should be paid attention to in order for the operation process to be more comfortable.

It is necessary to enter the hospital 2 – 3 hours before the surgery and wait in the hospital for the rest. Service nurses will help people in this process.

Who is suitable for breast lift operation?

Due to various reasons, people may complain of sagging in the chest area. Only people who are slightly above their normal weight due to the excess of adipose tissue and whose skin part has not yet become abundant can reach their breasts in an upright form by doing sports and paying attention to their nutrition.

However, people who have excess skin, have a very serious sagging problem, have sagging due to the emptying of the milk channels after birth, and have complaints of sagging in their breasts for a long time cannot restore their breasts to their former form by doing sports. Although a very small amount of change can be observed, it is not possible for the breasts to take an upright position, except for the surgical technique, especially in people with abundant breast skin.

After these issues are evaluated, some radiological tests and blood tests are performed to the person who applied to the doctor for breast lift operation. Also, any cancer and pregnancy risks should be tested beforehand. It is recommended that individuals over the age of 40 have mammography (breast cancer screening) before surgery.

According to the results of all tests performed, breast lift surgery is applied to people who do not have any discomfort. In this way, possible risks are minimized.

Breast Suspension Method

Breast lift method is one of the frequently preferred techniques in the process of breast lift surgery. In this type of operation, the breast tissue is pushed inwards and upwards, and the chest area is lifted upwards. As the chest is compressed by folding on itself, it takes an upright position by supporting itself. Just like in the implant placement process, the person is brought to the voluminous and demanded appearance.

Since the incision created for the operation is smaller than other techniques, the rate of scarring is also lower. However, while this procedure gives better results in individuals with less severe sagging problems, it may not be suitable for individuals with larger sagging problems. For this reason, after the examination, your doctor will inform you about which technique will bring the chest area to the desired height.

What are the Advantages of Breast Lift?

After breast lift surgery, the breasts get a more voluminous, aesthetic, upright and natural appearance. In addition, the risks such as pain and hunching experienced in very large breasts are reduced by reducing the volume of the chest during the operation and removing the excess skin, thereby reducing the burden on the spine.People are more comfortable in choosing a bra. They can make a choice that fits their breasts perfectly, and problems such as stinging of the bra handles and pain in the drooping breasts are eliminated.The chest areas overflowing from the right and left parts of the bra due to sagging can become evident in the clothes and cause a bad and self-confident appearance. By eliminating this appearance problem, the quality of life of the person is increased.Apart from these, when the breast lift operation is performed with the right physician selection, all health conditions of the individual will be evaluated during the pre-examination, and the operation will only be applied to people with favorable health conditions. In this case, risk factors are minimized, except for some risks that only exist in general anesthesia and surgical procedures.In the post-operative period, if people follow the recommendations of their doctors, they will have an aesthetic breast structure within a few weeks without any problems.

Is There Any Scars After Breast Lift Surgery?

After the breast lift operation, the scar will be in the first days of the operation. However, within 1 year, the scars gradually decrease and become indistinct.Since the incision areas will be chosen to remain inside the person’s underwear, it is not possible for other individuals to understand that you have had an operation unless you tell them.There are also some issues that you need to be careful about so that the scars heal properly and do not spread. These are some simple but important situations such as avoiding movements that may put a load on the area after the operation, not lifting heavy loads, not exercising and resting. As long as you act in accordance with your doctor’s instructions, it is very unlikely that you will have a problem.

Breast Lift Surgery Recovery Process

Your doctor will inform you of some situations that you need to be careful during the recovery process of breast lift surgery. Some of those;
  • After you come out of the surgery, you will first be given a urinary catheter. After a few hours, when you start walking, the probe will be removed. These applications are the duty of the service nurse. You should move around the hospital corridor with slow, short and frequent walks without tiring yourself.
  • In this process, you should consume plenty of water and support the healing of your tissues by taking care of a healthy diet.
  • You should continue using the corset in accordance with your doctor’s instructions. The corset makes it easier for the tissues to cling to each other.
  • You should make regular hospital visits for your dressings and see your doctor to remove your drain.
  • In the first days, you should rest a lot, do not lift heavy loads, try to get up on a stool and pick up any object, even light, from a high place, and you should not tire your arms and upper body too much.
  • Similarly, you should not engage in any physical activity that requires exertion. In this case, your heartbeat may accelerate and some risks may arise, such as bleeding in the form of leakage in your wound areas.
  • You should avoid alcohol consumption for the first 7 – 10 days. Alcohol may have an effect that thins the blood and increases edema, and may cause risks such as infection and bleeding in your operation area.
  • No cigarettes should be consumed for the first 24 hours after the operation. If possible, this period should be extended up to 2 weeks. Smoking can delay the healing of scar tissue.
  • Your dressings may be an obstacle for bathing in the first days. Your doctor will tell you the best time to take a shower.
You should definitely learn from your doctor before the operation at what dose and when you should start your medications again. After the operation, you should pay attention to these warnings and return to your medications.

Breast Lift Turkey

RecentlyBreast surgery in Turkeyis an operation performed frequently by many domestic and foreign patients. The procedures performed in the Yoo Retouch clinic are performed by the most prestigious aesthetic surgery operators of the country in hospitals such as Acıbadem, which is fully equipped in Istanbul, providing class A quality service. Post-operative patient follow-up is also carried out in one of these hospitals.You will need to stay in Turkey for about 1 week for the operation. Within the scope of the organization organized by the clinic, your hotel room will be arranged, you will be picked up from the airport by a VIP vehicle, an interpreter will be assigned to you and your procedures will be handled by our country’s most famous and successful aesthetic surgeons. Each device used after the operation is of the latest technology and high quality.

Breast Lift Prices

When considering the breast lift price, the severity of the problem experienced by the person while determining the prices is an important point as it will cause changes in the operation process. Apart from this, other issues such as the hotel you will stay in, VIP vehicle transfer service, hospital care costs, food and beverage, and translator rental are also included in the prices.

For this reason, unfortunately, it is not possible to talk about a clear figure, as prices vary from person to person. You can get free consultancy service by talking about your complaints and requests to get price information specific to you, and you can learn the prices in a way that suits you.

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