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Breast reduction surgery is an operation performed on individuals who experience back and neck pain due to the size of their breasts, who face the risk of waist and neck hernia, and who complain that their breasts are more prominent than their bodies.

The fact that the breasts are larger than the body can cause various risks such as pain, humpback and hernia formation. In addition, large breasts can cause sagging problems. Individuals with sagging problems may experience problems such as color change in the under-breast area, bad odor problem and diaper rash. Some individuals also report experiencing pain and numbness during the day due to the pressure of their bras on their nerves.

Such problems can be performed to reduce the size of the breast in proportion to the person’s body, and to eliminate the symptoms caused by the breasts being larger than necessary, with a more aesthetic appearance.

What is Breast Reduction, How is the Surgery Performed?

When we look at what is breast reduction, it is the operation of removing excess fat tissue from the breasts and reshaping by removing excess skin. It is performed under general anesthesia or sedation technique in operating room conditions. In general, it is a process that takes 2-3 hours. After the operation is completed, the person is awakened by wearing a bra-shaped corset and is taken to the ward to be kept under surveillance for 24 hours. After the operation, problems such as bruising, redness, swelling, numbness and edema of the nipples may occur in the breasts and nearby tissues. These are natural conditions arising from the surgical process and will resolve spontaneously over time. In general, individuals can return to their normal lives within 1 week after breast reduction surgery. In this process, people should pay attention to a healthy diet, consume plenty of water, and should not use any drugs other than those prescribed by the plastic surgeon. If you want to use another pain reliever, you should consult your doctor before using it. Any action that may put a load on the chest area, such as exercising, lifting heavy loads, or trying to get things from a high cabinet, should be avoided.

Why Do Breasts Sagging?

One of the frequently heard questions in procedures such as breast augmentation and breast reduction in Turkey is why breasts sag. Almost every part of our body can store fat, and as all of our skin stores fat and grows and develops, the skin tissue grows at the same rate and increases its mass. As the skin and breast tissue increase, downward sagging occurs with the effect of gravity. A similar situation occurs in breastfeeding mothers. As the breast area is filled with milk, its mass increases with weight gain. Since the milk secretion stops when the breastfeeding period is completed, the inside of the breasts empties a little and the skin becomes loose and the breasts can hang down. In general, this situation may occur more frequently in the second and third pregnancies, not in the first pregnancies, as the age progresses and the skin loses its elasticity.

The Differences Between Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In the breast lift operation, procedures such as removing the excess skin by lifting the breasts of the individual with sagging problems are discussed. If the breasts are not full and voluminous enough, the implant can be used. Breast augmentation is performed directly to increase the volume of the breast. Although the main purpose of both operations is different, these two operations are often performed within the same operation.

Breast Reduction Surgery Price in Turkey

Breast reduction surgery in Turkey is performed in the city of Istanbul with the organization of Yoo Retouch clinic. Turkey’s most famous and successful plastic surgery operators manage the surgeries performed in successful hospitals such as Acıbadem, which is full-fledged with A-class quality.

Breast reduction prices include a number of factors that vary from person to person. Prices are determined according to these criteria. As an example of these criteria;

VIP transfer service, interpreter support, accommodation, food and beverage, operation process, pre- and post-operative care services, medical chest corset, medicines are included in the prices.

In order to get more detailed information and to get special price information for yourself, you can get free consultancy service via the phone number on the website of the clinic.

What Do You Do With Breasts Of Different Sizes?

In some individuals, conditions such as congenital asymmetric breasts or removal of all or part of a single breast due to a history of cancer called mastectomy can be seen. In this case, there are two different options for arranging the unsuitable chest structure.

In order to equalize the breasts of the person, the large breast can be equalized with the other with breast reduction operation. Or, by performing implant treatment, the small breast can be supported by breast augmentation operation and can be reached to an equal position and volume with the other.

For smaller problems, fat transfer or liposuction technique may also be considered appropriate.

After the examination, which procedure will be applied in what order and how, the person’s aesthetic surgeon is decided and explained to him, and an operation is planned together.

Where Do You Perform Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is performed in Istanbul, one of the most famous cities in Turkey. Contracted full-fledged hospitals such as the world-famous Acıbadem Hospitals here are preferred. Fully equipped, experienced and famous plastic surgeons and health teams take part in the operations. The entire follow-up and treatment process is best planned step by step. For more detailed information, you can get free consultancy service.

How Many Days Should I Stay in Turkey for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Generally, it is sufficient to stay in Turkey for 4-5 days for breast reduction operation. However, the main process will be planned for the person himself, in a way that may be a little more than this time.

Is There Any Scars in Breast Reduction Surgery?

During the operation, the surgical incision is generally chosen from places that will stay inside the underwear, such as under the breasts and armpits. Therefore, the operation scar is not noticed by other people.

Within 1 year, the incision will heal and become vague.

About Breast Reduction

The chest area is a very important area for women and men in matters such as posture and self-confidence. Breast reduction operations are often recommended as a solution to the gynecomastia problem experienced in men.

In women, this operation can be recommended to solve the problem in cases such as pain, humpback, hernia risk, or in individuals who have problems in choosing clothes, whose breasts are too prominent, and whose breasts are uncomfortable in proportion to their body.</p >

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Although the operation can be performed on individuals older than 18 years of age, it is considered more appropriate to perform the operation between the ages of 21 and 22 in order to physically complete the body development and puberty process.

The individual is put to sleep during the operation using general anesthesia or sedation technique. It is an operation that takes approximately 2 – 4 hours.

The place of the incision will be chosen from the parts of the body that will remain hidden according to the body structure of the person and the procedure to be applied. Generally, two different aesthetic surgical incision techniques are used in these operations. These are;

  • Lollipop cut
  • It is called an inverted T incision.

The nipple of the person is cut in the form of a lollipop incision and the procedure is done here, and the nipple is sutured again. However, in the meantime, although the surgeon is careful, it is a preferred incision for women who do not plan to have children anymore, since there is a possibility of damage to the mammary glands.

In the reverse T-shaped incision, an incision is made under the breast of the person. There is a possibility of leaving more scars with this technique. For this reason, the type of incision is left to the individual’s own decision regarding pregnancy status.

Excess breast tissue is removed, and if there is excess skin on the chest, this part is also treated and sutured again and the operation is completed. Implant treatment can also be preferred for a more emphasized appearance if the physician deems it necessary.

Breast Reduction Methods

The technique to be used during breast reduction surgery is a situation that the person and his doctor decide together.

Operational course is determined according to the wishes, needs and problems of the person.

Among the techniques used; There are methods such as implant use and liposuction.

Before Breast Reduction

Before breast reduction, the person is first evaluated comprehensively with radiological examinations and blood tests. At this stage, it is investigated whether the individual has any health barriers for the operation.

The operation process is then planned by the person himself together with the plastic surgeon.

What are the Risks of Breast Reduction?

Is breast reduction harmful and questions such as whether there are still opportunities to become a mother and breastfeed after this operation are frequently asked.

First of all, as in every surgical procedure, there are some risks in this operation as well. However, being a mother is an operation that does not prevent situations such as breastfeeding your baby.

Is There Any Scars After Breast Reduction?

After breast reduction surgery, the operation scar will be visible up to 12 months. It is expected that this will gradually decrease from month to month and become vague.

Inverted T-shaped operation incision has more scars, while lollipop incisions leave less scars. According to their pregnancy status, the type of incision in the form of a lollipop is mostly decided in the candidates who do not plan to become a mother.

After Breast Reduction

After breast reduction it is very important for the individual to rest in the first week. After the procedure, conditions such as bruising, redness, swelling, edema and tenderness in the chest area and nearby tissues are considered normal. There is no need to worry about these symptoms and they will disappear on their own within a few days.

There may be a complaint of pain in the first days following the operation. Pain medication can be used for this. Absolutely no medication, including painkillers, should be used in this process, except for the recommendation of your doctor. If necessary, it is recommended to consult your doctor before use.

It is recommended to wait until 5-6 hours to return to your exercise routine after breast reduction surgery.

It is very important to avoid any physical activity that will tire or force the chest area for 5-6 months.

Is There Any Pain After Breast Reduction?

After the breast reduction operation, pain may occur at the site of the incision for up to 1 year from time to time. It is very normal to have pain in the first days. This level of pain is a pain that can be tolerated with drugs.

Although the complaint of pain in the incision area is rare, it will no longer occur after 12 months.

Does Breast Reduction Cause Cancer?

Breast reduction operation is not an operation that triggers cancer. However, it is not appropriate to perform the operation in individuals with cancerous tissue before the operation.

Therefore, if the person is at risk of cancer or is over 40 years old, necessary tests are recommended for the presence of cancerous tissue in order to be cautious before the operation.

Apart from these, it is known that breast reduction surgery reduces the risk of developing breast cancer in healthy individuals by 50 – 70%.

What Should Be Considered After Breast Reduction?

After the operation, you should pay attention to all the issues your doctor recommends. In this way, the risks that may arise from the operation will be minimized.

It is important to take the pain complaint and the use of antibiotics, if necessary, in the specified order. People should not go out of the drugs recommended by their doctor without consulting their doctor.

In order to support the healing process of tissues, a healthy diet should be adopted and daily water should be consumed in proportion to body weight.

The use of a medical bra with corset feature is important for the first 30-40 days after the operation. Cotton, breathable, sports bra can also be used.

Regular visits to the hospital should be made for post-operative dressings.

Heavy lifting, heavy physical activity and even any physical activity in the first days should be avoided. It is recommended that the person rest a lot.

Breast Reduction Prices

Breast reduction prices are examined, including many factors such as accommodation, translator, procedures to be applied during the operation, food and beverage, VIP vehicle transfer service and hospital care services. is determined. In order to get more detailed information on this subject, it is very important to get free consultancy service and to provide information about the person’s own health status.

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