Can I Have Aesthetic Surgery During Menstrual Period?

Is Surgery Risky During Menstrual Period?

One of the most curious questions of our patients who plan their aesthetic operations with Yoo Retouch is can the aesthetic operation be performed during the menstrual period (menstrual period) This question is on the minds of many of our female patients.

If the date of surgery coincides with the menstrual cycle and this situation does not pose a problem for the patient, and most importantly, if the patient does not have any coagulation problems, there is no difficulty or problem for the plastic surgeon or hospital service. What is important here is which plastic surgery the patient will undergo. If the patient’s plastic surgery is on the genital area, the procedure should be performed after the menstrual cycle.

Gynecological diseases are the only group of diseases that women should not undergo surgery during their menstrual cycle. It should only be used for gynecological procedures during non-menstrual periods. This process can be difficult and dangerous, as there is a monthly cycle in the area where the surgical sites are placed. As a result, even if you have menstrual periods other than gynecological difficulties, you can have an operation in a very pleasant way. Normal surgery, plastic surgery, or a similar surgical procedure can be performed while you are sick. However, when there is a direct gynecological problem, it would be better to postpone it until after the disease period.

In addition, uterine fibroids, polyps, curtains or adhesions, of course, should be done in a period without menstruation. Hysteroscopy surgery is usually performed on the days following the end of the menstrual period. Yive vaginal operations can be performed at any time after the end of menstruation. Laparoscopic surgery can also be done during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Apart from this, it is not possible for the doctor to delay the operation due to the menstrual cycle.

Some Genital Aesthetic Procedures


Vaginoplasty procedure; It is the process of narrowing the vagina due to factors such as aging of the vagina elasticity, stretching and tearing during normal birth, trauma and vaginal injury, and the fact that the vagina is not narrow due to hereditary reasons.


It is a surgical procedure used in the treatment of problems such as sagging, discoloration and elongation of the vaginal inner lips. It is usually caused by genetics. It can cause problems for women and their spouses from time to time during sexual intercourse. It can produce a vaginal sound. Especially women who wear bikini swimwear may face difficulties. In such cases, it is possible to develop frequent vaginal infections.

Is Surgery Dangerous During the Menstrual Cycle?

Apart from the genital procedures listed above, there is no risk of having aesthetic surgery during menstruation. As a result, individuals with coagulation problems should avoid plastic surgery during their menstrual cycle. In this case, you should inform your institution and your doctor. In this scenario, your doctor may recommend that you postpone your surgery until your period is over.

Patients who will undergo liposuction, tummy tuck, bbl or combination procedures during their menstrual cycle should still have blood tests for hemoglobin and bleeding clotting time (Pt-Aptt) to be cautious. The patient who will undergo surgery may not be aware of the coagulation problem yet. For this reason, all precautions are taken, tests are carried out and your surgery process is planned in that way.