Causes of eyebrow loss and eyebrow transplantation

What is Eyebrow Loss, What is the Treatment Process?

The main task of our eyebrows is to protect the eye against harmful effects by surrounding the eye. In addition to protecting it, eyebrows play an important role in the symmetry of the face. It has important role in the formation of characteristic appearance and facial expressions. The shedding or dilution of the eyebrows affects social life immensely and causes serious aesthetic concerns.

After the loss of eyebrows, the person usually tries to camouflage it and applies to procedures such as eyebrow pencils and permanent make-up applications.

The main reasons for the loss of eyebrows are;

Physical trauma wounds, accidents, surgery scars, etc.

Systemic diseases, hypothyroidism etc.

Surgical and medical treatments, radiotherapy, chemotherapy,

Or inheritance is a gene attraction that comes from the family.

In such cases, the person applies for eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation is taken from the back of the head, hair follicles from the area between the ears do not shed, and these roots are placed under the skin of the area where you want to thicken your eyebrows.

The transplanted eyebrows do not shed, the results are permanent. Eyebrow transplantation is done with the FUE method just like hair transplantation. In the interview held before the operation, the shape of the eyebrow to be formed is decided with the person to be transplanted. Eyebrow transplant is done under local anesthesia. Pre-procedure preparations are completed and local anesthesia is applied to the area where the eyebrows will be removed and the area to be transplanted. The person is awake and does not feel pain during the procedure.The average eyebrow transplant takes 3 hours and the person is then discharged. On the 2nd day after the eyebrow transplant, the person should come to our institution for the first wash.The first wash is done by experts, and the person should wash once a day for 10 days in the same way.On the 10th day of eyebrow transplantation, after applying plenty of lotion on the eyebrows and waiting for 1 hour to soften the scabs.After this, it is quite normal to have spills on the transplanted eyebrows for the first 3 months and will continue to grow after 3 months. 60% of the transplanted eyebrows appear in the first 6 and are completed within 1 year.

What Should Be Considered In Fue Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrows are different from hair in many ways. Eyebrow hairs grow at a much more oblique angle to the skin than the hair, and their direction is more horizontal towards the end and vertical in the inner parts. In addition, eyebrows usually consist of single-stranded roots. Eyebrow transplantation was a procedure that requires much more care and attention than hair transplantation, and this procedure should be in a fully equipped medical center to be applied by experienced doctors.In eyebrow transplantation, especially single stranded hair follicles should be selected. This is possible with FUE eyebrow transplant. Single-stranded hair follicles are placed in micro channels that are meticulously opened on the skin so that there are no scars. While the channels are opened, the previously determined eyebrow shape is adhered to. Particular attention should be paid to the directions of the existing eyebrows and the angles of exit from the skin.After the eyebrow transplant, the person feels more positive in social and physical activities.