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What is Clitoral Hudoplasty?

The clitoral region is a very important region in terms of both aesthetic appearance and sexual pleasure. In this region, deformities, lubrication, sagging and wrinkles can be observed, just as in the inner lips, outer lips and vagina. In addition, due to genetic reasons, the clitoral shadow may be larger than it should be. To normalize these negative situations, women ask “What is Clitoral Hudoplasty?” dealing with the question. This process fully meets the removal or tightening of the excess tissues on the clitoris. With the tissues taken from here, this area gets the appearance it should be. In this way, the person achieves both aesthetic appearance and balance in his sexual life.

Who Should Have Clitoris Aesthetics?

clitoral aesthetics, which is a considerable proportion among the aesthetic operations desired to be performed, can be applied to every woman who complains of conditions such as sagging and wrinkles in this area. Every woman who wants to have an aesthetic appearance in the vulva region can request this procedure. Of course, with the preconditions of having healthy reasons and not having any health problems that prevent the process. This procedure is also applied to women who have completed the age of eighteen, as in other aesthetic operations. There are many reasons presented for having this procedure done. The most common reasons among these are that this area does not have the desired appearance, and that the desired pleasure cannot be reached during sexual intercourse. Again, there is one more piece of information that needs to be added here. The fact that the clitoral region has a sagging structure also affects genital health. Women who are worried about the danger of their genital health can also request this procedure. Aesthetics can be performed in women who do not have any obstacle to the process.

Does Clitoris Aesthetic Harm Virginity?

One of the misunderstood information among the public is the judgments that the aesthetic operations applied in the clitoral region damage the area called the hymen or the chastity membrane. The answer to this is actually very simple. The clitoral region has nothing to do with the hymen or the hymen. This membrane, which ensures virginity, is located inside the vagina. For this reason, operations performed in the vulva region do not affect this area. In summary, we can say that the Hudoplasty aesthetic procedure can be safely applied to women who have never had sexual intercourse before. It creates no problem for celibacy.

Does Clitoris Aesthetics Prevent Birth?

It is one of the questions asked by women who have not given birth before and women who are planning to give birth. Aesthetic operations applied in this region do not pose any risk factor for giving birth. However, the point that should be noted here is that conditions such as childbirth can increase the wrinkles in this area again. As a result, it can also affect the permanence of the aesthetic process. As we know, the last stage of the birth takes place in the vaginal area, that is, in an area that has nothing to do with the clitoral area. The vagina region is more interior than the region we mentioned. In this way, the clitoral region does not create a factor that will force birth. For this, those who want to give birth after the procedure can also be comfortable. Because these operations are not an obstacle for childbirth.

Is There Any Scar After Clitoris Region Surgery?

Many aesthetic operations are avoided for fear of leaving scars. However, the probability of leaving scars in aesthetic operations performed in the hands of specialists is very, very low. It should be noted that it is possible to say with peace of mind that there will be no scars for the clitoris hudoplasty procedure. Because the tissues in this area renew themselves very quickly and show healing. For this, there is no need to think about the possibility of scarring in this area after the healing process is completed. Of course, at this point, a number of factors come into play. If the person follows the doctor’s recommendations and takes good care of himself during the healing process, there will be no scarring after the operation.

Does Clitoris Aesthetics Affect Sexual Pleasure Badly?

On the contrary, it is necessary to answer this question as it affects positively. Because, on the contrary, deformities such as sagging and wrinkles in the clitoris prevent reaching pleasure. During sexual intercourse, the partner cannot find the area where the woman will enjoy because of deformities. For this reason, the woman’s sexual pleasure is either delayed or not realized. It should also be noted that deformities in this area cause women to not be comfortable during sexual intercourse and to engage in self-confident behaviors. It will also be easier to reach sexual satisfaction for the woman who gets the shape she wants after the aesthetic operation. In this way, both parties will reach pleasure more easily during sexual intercourse and healthier relationships will be possible.

What Should Be Considered After Clitoral Hudoplasty?

As with every operation, there are points to be considered in the process after the clitoral hudoplasty operation. Our doctor will specify the rules you will pay attention to after the operation. Here, let’s outline what you should pay attention to in the process after this operation. First of all, what you need to do is to keep this area clean in order not to face an infection situation. If necessary, making your dressings also creates good effects in the healing process. Resting at home for three days after the operation is essential for the recovery process. In addition to these, it is also necessary not to take a shower for the first three days. After three days, you can take a standing shower. It is also recommended not to swim in the pool or the sea for about a month and a half, and not to use the public areas. Another thing is about your sex life. It is recommended not to have sexual intercourse for four weeks after the operation. If all these rules are followed, recovery is achieved very quickly.

Where is Clitoral Hudoplasty Performed?

Since these procedures are directly related to health, they should be carried out in places where the hospital environment is provided. It is important in providing this environment that the necessary tools are state-of-the-art and that the physician who will perform the operation is an expert in his field. As Yoo Retouch, all the necessary conditions have been provided in the operations performed in our clinic. For this, you can apply to our clinic for all our aesthetic operations that you want to be performed. You can contact our full-fledged clinic to achieve healthy results and achieve the look you dream of. Our consultants, physicians and all other staff will be with you to ensure that you have a healthy and comfortable process. Our clinic is the right address for aesthetic operations applied to the clitoral region.

Clitoral Hudoplasty Aesthetics Prices

The situation that applies to every aesthetic operation is also valid for Clitoral Hudoplasty price options. Which methods will be applied in the aesthetics to be realized, how much area

It is important in determining the prices to be worked on. You can contact our clinic to get the most accurate information about prices. Our consultants price options

will share the correct information about you.

Bonus: What is the Clitoris?

It is necessary for every woman to know what the clitoris is and what its structure is. Knowing this area will enable the woman to feel more pleasure in her sexual life. First of all, it is the name given to the protrusion located at the junction of the inner lips in the clitoris vulva region. It is the most important part of the sexual organ. The clitoris, which provides pleasure during sexual intercourse, is different in every woman. These differences are usually due to genetic reasons.

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