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What is Computerized Skin Analysis?

Knowing the skin type of the person makes the skin care procedures more permanent and healthy. Failure to take care of the skin type can cause both poor care and damage to the skin. Until technology came into our lives, skin analysis was done with classical methods. Because these methods were done manually, they often did not give accurate results. Smart devices that come into our lives with technology enable us to reach more precise results in the field of skin, just as in other areas.

Every person has different characteristics. Of course, this also applies to our skin. Some of us have oilier skin, some of us have drier skin. Here is the computerized skin analysis process we are talking about, a technology that tells us the type of our skin. Thanks to this technology, we can have information about the moisture rate, dryness rate, pores and collagen status of the skin. This is a guide for experts and they can perform operations more comfortably and safely.

What Does Computerized Skin Analysis Do?

So what does this process do, why is it so important for skin care? As you know, there are many skin care procedures to rejuvenate and beautify our skin. This analysis, made with the help of technology, shows us which of these skin care types we should apply, or which care products. In addition, these procedures are also a guide for specialist physicians. In other words, the specialist recognizes the patient’s skin as a result of this analysis and performs the procedures accordingly.

In addition to the ones listed above, there is another feature of this process, which is perhaps the most valuable aspect. This analysis gives results in a very short time. In other words, it can be performed just before the skin care procedures and switched to skin care. According to the results of the analysis, the practitioner uses care products such as serum if necessary and gel if necessary. The analysis shows us which steps are necessary and which are unnecessary for skin care. In this way, we tire the skin less because we do not waste time on unnecessary procedures.

How is Computerized Skin Analysis Performed?

Among the questions asked by those who want to know their skin and learn about their skin type, “How is skin analysis done?” the question is leading. Under this heading, we will explain how the analysis is done and what stages it goes through. The process is actually completed in a very short time. First of all, the device used during this process is called a skin analyzer. Thanks to this device, the problems under the skin of the patient can be observed. Which treatment will be applied to the patient is determined with the help of this device. The device shows all the details on the patient’s skin.

Multiple photographs of the patient are taken by the device. Here, the patient inserts his head into the area of ​​the device designed for the patient’s face. Thanks to this area, the photos can be taken correctly. The photos show the type of spots on the lower part of the skin. In addition, the following features of the skin are scanned with the help of this device:

  • pore problems,
  • tonal differences,
  • acne and acne scars,
  • burns and scars,
  • spots,
  • capillary status,
  • oiliness problems,
  • wrinkles and lines.

In addition to being a guide for care, another feature of this analysis is that it shows the problems that may occur on the skin in the future. This is also important in terms of guiding maintenance.

What are skin types?

Throughout our article, “What is skin analysis?” While answering the question, we talked about skin types. Under this title, we will talk about what skin types we talk about all the time and what features they have.

Dry skin: Oiliness is not seen in this skin type. This may sound like a good thing, but besides, these skins are very low in moisture. For this reason, conditions such as drying and shedding are observed in these skins.

Sensitive skin: It is a skin type that needs to be treated more delicately and properly cared for than other skin types. It is quite prone to redness, itching and other deformations. For this, these skins should be treated much more sensitively than others. It is usually thin.

Oily skin: the ideal skin type is skin that has the right amount of moisture. However, since the moisture content is very high in this skin, oiliness is observed. This triggers the formation of acne and pimples very quickly.

Combination skin: The most important feature of this skin type is the observation of dryness from top to bottom. In other words, when the T-zone is brighter and oilier, when you go down, that is, towards the cheeks and chin, a dry texture on the skin stands out.

Normal skin: This skin is the most ideal skin type. Because in this skin type, neither excessive oiliness nor excessive drying is observed. Everything has its own value and is normal. For this reason, it prevents other skin types. In other words, it offers a much healthier appearance than other skin types.

To Whom Is Computerized Skin Analysis Performed?

This analysis does not harm the skin and does not tire the skin. For this reason, this analysis method can be applied to both men and women. It should be known that computerized facial analysis is only used as an aid in determining skin type and observing skin problems. In other words, no treatment is applied to the skin during this analysis. If skin care is to be done, it helps to determine the route of skin care. Thanks to the analysis, the specialist observes the patient’s skin in all its details. What problems are there with the skin or what are the good features of the skin? In addition, these devices also give an idea about the situations that may occur in the future. Thus, the patient himself learns how to take care of his skin and is enlightened about what procedures he should have.

Where is Computerized Skin Analysis Performed?

Yoo Retouch clinic, where you can perform your skin care procedures with peace of mind and comfort, is also the right address to analyze your skin. It is very easy to recognize your face with the latest technology analyzer. If you want to have your skin analyzed and then get to know your skin and take good care of it, you can contact our clinic. After our specialist has completed the analysis of your skin, he will give you detailed information and inform you about which procedures should be applied. All these procedures are carried out in a very short time in our clinic, where hospital comfort is provided. After you leave our clinic, you will make peace with your skin and realize what you need to do for it.

Computerized Skin Analysis Prices

You can contact our clinic for the price policy of analyzes that will help you get to know your skin and take good care of it. Our consultants will give you the clearest information about the skin analysis price you are wondering about. You can easily reach our clinic through our contact channels and make an appointment for your analysis. You will have your skin analyzed in a short time, in a time that is convenient for you, and you will be introduced to your skin.

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