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Cosmelan is a type of peeling that is very effective in the treatment of blemishes thanks to its peeling and suppressive enzymatic components. It consists of cosmetic and care products consisting of masks, follow-up creams and moisturizers.” What is the Cosmelan spot treatment?” Cosmelan is a topical treatment provided by dermatologists. This procedure is used to treat hyperpigmentation and other skin scars. Cosmelan is mostly used on hands, face, neck and décolleté, arms and legs and belly. Cosmelan uses two forms of action to reduce hyperpigmentation. It evens out skin tone and inhibits melanin synthesis.

Cosmelan reduces the amount of melanin in the skin and prevents the formation of spots. It is a type of enzyme that is especially useful in the treatment of melasma and sunspots. Age spots and blackheads are other names for dark spots on the skin. These are red, brown or gray-looking spots that can be found on the face, neck and décolleté, arms and legs, or belly. These spots occur as a result of overproduction of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color. Although these spots differ in color and size, they always have one thing in common: They cause aesthetic distress to people.

Although make-up and concealers are used to cover imperfections, they cannot replace permanent treatments. Cosmelan can help reduce and even remove skin imperfections. Cosmelan provides stain removal with peeling, as in the chemical peeling process. Cosmelan is an effective treatment for skin pigmentation. It is unclear what causes skin pigmentation. UV rays from the sun Even very strong direct rays from light bulbs can trigger pigment-producing cells in the skin known as melanocytes. Dark-skinned melanocytes are more active than light-skinned ones. These melanocytes produce a lot of pigment under normal conditions. However, this production increases when desired with the increase in the amount of reproductive hormone or the effect of light.

Cosmelan is one of the most successful techniques in the treatment of pregnancy spots, age spots, sun spots on sensitive skin and other types of spots. Cosmelan primarily works by inhibiting an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is involved in the process that causes the skin to darken in certain areas. Reducing this enzyme reduces the formation of melanin in the skin, lightens the darkened areas of the skin and provides effective treatment of the spots that follow. Cosmelan can be used on any skin type and at any time of the year. It does not cause wounds on the skin and there is no healing process.

What are the Types of Stains for which the Cosmelan Process is Effective?

  • Melasma (chloasma, pregnancy mask): Melasma can be caused by the use of birth control pills (OCS) or hormonal changes during pregnancy. As a result, spots of various sizes may occur on the forehead, nose, cheeks, upper lip and chin.
  • Photo-allergic reactions: Some drugs and cosmetics taken orally or used topically can increase the UV sensitivity of melanin and cause staining.
  • Sun and solarium: When exposed to sunlight or tanning beds, the skin thickens and produces more melanin to protect itself. The most basic example is tanning. However, as mentioned earlier, more delicate discoloration may develop due to genetic predisposition or medications used at the time.
  • Freckles: Congenital blemishes that can be light or dark brown in color and are most typically found on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Although most visible in the summer, one of its distinguishing features is that it fades during the winter when light has less effect.
  • Solar lentigo (age spots): They appear in advanced ages as a result of the long-term (accumulation of years) effect of the sun. However, it can occur at an early age in fair-skinned people who are exposed to direct sunlight. They occur in various sizes, colors ranging from light brown to black, and in diameters and forms.
  • Wound-burn-pimple healing or post-inflammatory skin spots: Wounds may leave dark spots on the skin while healing. Those with darker skin tones are more sensitive.

In which parts of the body is the Cosmelan procedure applied?

This treatment is usually applied to the face. However, it is also effective in certain parts of the body. Cosmelan;

  • In spots on the neck, décolleté area and the whole face,
  • In the stains on the hands,
  • All legs and limbs up to the navel,
  • It can be used in the genital area.

What are the Benefits of the Cosmelan Process?

  • After the trentmant, there is no trace on the skin. All skin types, except very sensitive ones, are suitable for Cosmelan application.
  • Redness and edema may occur 2-3 days after the application.
  • One month after the application, your skin begins to soften and become spotless.
  • There is no danger of negative results.
  • It does not contain chemicals harmful to the skin.
  • Brightens the skin tone.
  • Good at removing stubborn stains.
  • It gives you a tight, healthy and bright skin appearance.
  • The skin is deeply rejuvenated.
  • TCA or other peeling acids are not used in the process.
  • It is suitable for all seasons.

How is the Cosmelan Process Applied?

Cosmelan – Dermamelan spot treatment is used in a single session. After the skin analysis performed under the control of a specialist, it is determined which kit to use. Each kit is unique and individually tailored and personalized. The “Cosmelan spot treatment” procedure is applied in two stages. The first stage is the mask, the second is the aftercare cream. Since the person who will perform the procedure is important, a professional physician should apply the mask. The mask should be applied at once and completely. The mask is worn for an average of 8 to 12 hours, depending on the skin type. Our specialist doctors determine the duration of the mask according to your skin type and the depth of the stain. After the specified time has passed, the skin should be cleaned at home with warm water. The second stage, the care program, starts after the mask is washed. Within the framework of this program, the user should regularly apply the follow-up cream to the treatment area. In order for the stain treatment to be successful, it must be applied regularly.

When Does the Cosmelan Process Take Effect?

The duration of the “Cosmelan treatment” may vary from person to person. The deeper the skin tone, the longer it will take for skin blemishes to go away completely. Changes are usually noticed a week after starting treatment. The skin becomes significantly brighter and healthier after 2 to 3 weeks. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for the black areas to disappear.

After the use of Cosmelan, the person is warned that sensations such as swelling, redness and burning are normal for 24 to 48 hours. The skin is slightly red and looks sunburned. Those with extremely sensitive skin may notice itching within 48 hours of treatment. As part of the healing process, redness, dryness, peeling, burning and feeling tightness of the skin are typical symptoms. (This may occur depending on the sensitivity of the skin) In order to counteract the skin reactions after the application of the mask, the skin is loosened for 24-48 hours or as long as the specialist doctor deems appropriate.

A week later, another evaluation is planned for the patients to whom we applied Cosmelan. The skin is evaluated and a follow-up lotion is applied. Melan healing and Melan 130+ pigment control sunscreen are applied during the skin rest period. Follow-up creams are started not with Cosmelan2, but under the supervision of our professional doctors. The reactions of the chemical acid active ingredients of the mask disappear after a week and the skin returns to its original healthy appearance. If the application is made in two sessions, the patient is called again after 15 days for the second session. In addition, we see that the spots on the skin of our patients treated with Cosmelan are reduced and the skin structure is renewed. This effect extends to the lower layers of the skin and we see that it also stimulates collagen.

After the treatment, we saw that the stain in the lower layers of the skin disappeared and melanocyte activity was inhibited with the OBSERV device. There is no other way to completely stop the function of our stain-causing cells. We can remove and reduce the appearance of blemishes, but we need your help to ensure that your cells are not stimulated again.

What Are the Changes in the Skin After the Cosmelan Procedure?

  • Some skin redness may develop immediately after the application.
  • If you have really sensitive skin, your skin may itch for up to 24 hours.
  • In rare cases, some skin burning may occur.
  • A feeling of tightness may develop.
  • All symptoms resolve spontaneously without any intervention after an average of 48 to 72 hours. After the “Cosmelan treatment”, the skin regains its normal and healthy appearance.

What should be considered before and after the application?

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the Cosmelan-Dermamelan mask, various points should be considered before and after the application. The use of “pre-Cosmelan treatment” irritants should be stopped one week before application. Male patients should shave a maximum of two days before the application. After removing the mask, the skin should be soothed with emollients and sunscreens, and the doctor’s instructions should be followed meticulously.

Redness, mild edema and burning sensation are common in the first 5 days after treatment. These issues are usually resolved within a week. It is important to avoid procedures such as solarium, other peeling treatments or lasers, epilation on the application area for a certain period of time after the procedure. The use of sunscreen lotions is very important in spot therapy; These creams should be applied thickly and reapplied every 3 to 4 hours if going out in the sun.

Who Can Have Cosmelan Spot Treatment?

Stains can appear on anyone for a variety of reasons. Cosmelan stain treatment is effective in the following stain groups:

  • Acne-related patches, pimples and black spots, sunspots,
  • Dense spots that appear as we age,
  • Stains due to injury caused by accident,
  • Stains that appear after pregnancy.

If you have one of the stains described above, it is not appropriate to apply directly to another Cosmelan treatment. You should have such applications after a skin examination and approval by Yoo Retouch doctors.

Who Is The Cosmelan Procedure Not Suitable For?

  • Those with open skin wounds,
  • Those with chronic skin conditions, pregnant women and nursing mothers,
  • Those who are allergic to the active substance of the drug or have an active skin reaction at the application site should avoid the operation.

What is the Content of the Cosmelan Mask?

  • Lactic acid
  • Acid kojic
  • Phytic acid azelaic acid
  • Acid salicylic

What Are the Side Effects of the Cosmelan Procedure?

The drug Cosmelan has no documented adverse effects. It can be applied simply. However, some people may be allergic to the ingredients in the cosmetics used or their skin may be extremely sensitive. As a result, treatments should be performed by specialists with medical knowledge. In case of negative symptoms, you can get the support of our experts.

What is the Current Price of Cosmelan Spot Treatment in 2022?

Ministry of Health approved facilities are not allowed to publish prices on the website. Cosmelan spot treatment prices may vary depending on the procedure applied. You can contact us using the information on our contact page to get more information about the Cosmelan facial treatment application applied by our professional doctors and to make an appointment quickly. After making an appointment, the team and professionals of our clinic will answer all your questions about Cosmelan spot treatment. We are with you with our aesthetic professionals in every sector so that you have a more beautiful, attractive and healthy appearance and feel more confident. You can visit our Yoo Retouch clinic for Cosmelan spot treatment.

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