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Dermamelan treatment, which is a must for spot treatment and preferred by individuals who want to have a smooth and healthy skin structure, is performed in a safe, fast and hygienic way in Yoo Retouch clinic. With this excellent treatment procedure, you can have a smooth skin structure. For the question of What is Dermamelan; By definition, it can be defined as a type of peeling that is effective in the treatment of blemishes, especially since the peeling and suppressive enzymatic elements in its composition penetrate the skin. Dermamelan is a dermatologist-recommended approach used as part of topical therapy. The treatment is ideal for removing stains on the arms and legs, especially on the hands, face, neck and décolleté.Dermamelan treatment helps the skin return to its natural skin tone and suppresses the formation of melanin. As a result, this special treatment minimizes the amount of melanin in the skin and prevents the formation of blemishes. It is very good for treating spots caused by amelasma or sun exposure.

What Is Dermamelen Treatment Used For?

Dermamelan treatment is used to remove dark spots on the skin. Dark spots on the skin generally consist of age marks or blackheads. These spots can be found on the face, neck, décolleté, arms, legs and belly. They appear not only in black, but also in shades of red, brown and gray. These spots form as a result of overproduction of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. Although these spots vary in tone and size, they all have one thing in common: They create visual distress and create a bad impression. Although these types of stains are generally tried to be wiped with methods such as make-up, it is undisputed that Dermamelan treatment will be incredibly useful, considering that these methods are not permanent and the damage that make-up components can cause to the skin. Cosmelan, which is used in the same spot treatment, is used for superficial spots, while Dermamelan is used for deeper, more serious spots.

How Successful Is Dermamelan Treatment?

The Dermamelan treatment is really effective. It is possible to reduce or even eliminate skin defects, to achieve a healthier skin appearance, with the applications of our experts. Dermamelan treatment removes blemishes through peeling, similar to chemical peeling for skin blemishes. Stains caused by prolonged exposure to the sun may appear on the skin. Dermamelan treatment is an extremely effective approach to removing such spots.

Why Do Dark Spots Occur on the Skin?

There are several reasons for the formation of blackheads on the skin, and everyone has it. The specific causes of skin blemishes are unknown. In addition to harmful UV rays from the sun, even intense rays from products such as light bulbs activate pigment-producing cells or melanists in the skin. Dark-skinned people have a more active melanocyst structure than light-skinned people. These melanocytes produce pigment at a rapid rate under normal conditions. However, its synthesis is further enhanced by an increase in hormone levels or the influence of light.

Dermamelan treatment is especially effective in removing such spots that can be seen at any age and in everyone. It provides effective results for spots caused by harmful rays, pregnancy spots, age spots, spots caused by skin sensitivity and other causes. The primary effect of Dermamelan treatment is to inactivate the enzyme tyrosinase, which is involved in the process that causes the skin to turn dark, especially in certain areas. As a result of the deactivation of this enzyme, the synthesis of melanin in the skin decreases and the color of the darker areas of the skin becomes lighter. As a result, effective spot treatment is possible.

For Which Skin Types Is Dermamelan Treatment Suitable?

Since Dermamelan can be easily applied to all skin types, you can achieve a healthy, vibrant and clean skin appearance in a short time with our hygienic and healthy application. Since it can be used in all seasons, there is no need to notice seasonal differences. At the same time, the treatment procedure, which does not create wounds on the skin, eliminates the disruption of your daily operations and allows you to continue your daily life. As a result, you will not fall behind at school or work. The types of spots that Dermamelan treatment will eliminate are:

  • Age-related stains,
  • Melasma spots,
  • Dark skin spots,
  • Acne zones

Dermamelan treatment is also preferred to remove the spots caused by the sun and other harmful radiation.

In Which Areas Is Dermamelan Treatment Applied?

The places where Dermamelan treatment is used vary. You may prefer Dermamelan treatment for certain areas as the spots appear in many parts of the body and may cause discomfort. Dermamelan treatment areas;

  • Abdominal area, neck and décolleté area
  • Treatment covers legs, arms and hands.
  • Dermamelan treatment is also useful in removing the spots especially in the postpartum abdomen.

What are the Benefits of Dermamelan Treatment?

The benefits of Dermamelan for people who have the application can be noticed in various ways. The advantages of Dermamelan treatment are:

  • After the application, there is no wound on the skin, so there is no discomfort or a situation that will interfere with normal life.
  • It is also suitable for skin with extremely sensitive skin and is easy to use.
  • Within a month after the application, the skin softens and the spots begin to fall off.
  • No negative side effects.
  • Does not contain chemicals harmful to the skin.
  • Provides skin tone equality.
  • Very good at removing tough stains.
  • Works to produce firm, healthy, glowing skin.
  • It supports the regeneration of the skin and therefore the elimination of dead skin.
  • As it can be done in all seasons, you can have it done whenever you want.
  • TCA and other peeling acids are not used in the process.

In addition to these advantages, our Yoo Retouch clinic offers Dermamelan treatment to its patients in a healthy, simple and practical way.

How is Dermamelan Treatment Performed?

Dermamelan mask is done in one session. There is an opportunity to save time in this regard. After the skin analysis to be carried out under the supervision of our doctors and specialists, it is decided which kit is suitable or not. Each kit will be applied and used specifically for a single person. The application phase of the Dermamelan method consists of two parts. In the first stage, Dermamelan mask is applied, and in the second stage, follow-up cream can be used. A specialist is required to apply the mask. Experts use all applications created in our center. The mask is usually worn between 8 and 12 hours depending on the skin structure. The length of the mask is determined by skin type and spot density; This period will be recommended to you by our experts according to your skin structure.

After the time is up, the skin should be cleaned with warm water. After washing off the Dermamelan mask, the second stage is a kind of care stage. In this case, the user should apply the tracking cream to the area where it is frequently applied. In order for the spot treatment to work, the cream must be used regularly.

When Does Dermamelan Show Its Effect?

The result of Dermamelan treatment may vary from person to person, depending on the skin structure. In general, the effect of Dermamelan will be seen within 1 week. Skin will appear significantly brighter and more vibrant in 2 to 3 weeks. During these periods, the skin tone is darkened and all skin blemishes are removed. However, your skin will be healthy and spotless in a reasonable amount of time.

Does Dermamelan Harm the Skin?

Dermamelan treatment is non-toxic and has no health risks. However, depending on the method, slight redness may develop on the skin after the application. People with sensitive skin may experience short-term irritation. In addition to itching, burning may occur in rare cases. However, these effects are mild and 72 hours after the treatment, all symptoms resolve spontaneously without any intervention and the skin returns to its normal and healthy structure.

What Should Be Considered in Dermamelan Treatment?

It is important to pay close attention to the application of Dermamelan. All stages of the treatment given by our clinic are carried out meticulously. However, the person receiving therapy also needs to pay attention to certain details. It is critical to pay attention to these areas before and after the application, to prevent negative situations and to make the application healthy.

Male patients should not shave at least two days before the application. After cleaning the mask, it is necessary to pay close attention to the advice of experts. Since such symptoms are expected to pass, you should not worry about the redness that may occur after the application. If technologies such as laser should be used following the application, these applications should be stopped and waited. Especially in extremely hot seasons, it should be protected from the burning rays of the sun, and sunscreen lotions should be applied if going out.

Who Is Not Suitable For Dermamelan Treatment?

Some people are not candidates for Dermamelan treatment for medical reasons. These individuals;

  • Those with open wounds in the area to be treated
  • Chronic skin disease,
  • Pregnant, nursing mothers,
  • Those who are allergic to the substance in the mixture and those who will have an active skin reaction at the application site should avoid it. You should suspend your treatment until the above-mentioned conditions are resolved.

What are the Side Effects of Dermamelan Procedure?

There are no adverse effects associated with Dermamelan treatment. In this respect, it is extremely simple to apply for patients who meet the basic parameters. However, people with diseases such as allergies should still pass the relevant tests before applying. Despite the fact that the operation does not have a negative effect, this problem can only be properly resolved by our specialists. By choosing our clinic in this regard, you will not experience side effects under any circumstances and you will be able to have your treatment in a healthy way. You can get help from our experienced team during the procedure, which will be decided according to your skin structure and spots, and you can safely achieve a flawless skin appearance with Dermamelan treatment.

What Should Be Considered Before and After Dermamelan Application?

In order for the Dermamelan mask to be successful, various aspects must be considered both before and after the Dermamelan treatment. The use of irritants should be stopped one week before the application. Male patients should shave at least two days before the application. After removing the mask, the skin should be soothed with emollients and sunscreens, and the doctor’s instructions should be followed meticulously. Redness, mild edema and burning sensation are common in the first 5 days after Dermamelan treatment. These issues are usually resolved within a week. It is important to avoid procedures such as solarium, other peeling treatments or lasers, epilation in the application area for one month following the application. The use of sunscreen lotions is very important in this application; These creams should be applied thickly and reapplied every 3 to 4 hours if going out in the sun.

What is the Current Price of Dermamelan Spot Treatment?

You can refer to Dermamelan price information when searching for the price of Dermamelan-Cosmelan spot remover mask set with the same treatment technique and product name. However, first of all, you can come to our Yoo Retouch clinic to get expert opinion for your skin spots and get answers to all your questions from medical aesthetic physicians. The number of sessions and the method of application that will be suitable for your skin are important factors in removing the stain. Since it is a doctor-supported application, you will be given special price information after the skin analysis.

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