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Dermapen spot treatment is a long-term solution for those who are bothered by skin spots. First, let’s start with the answer to the what is a dermapen question. Dermapen, also known as microneedling, is a cosmetic technique that stimulates collagen formation to treat skin problems. There are too many needles at the end of the technical equipment we use throughout the application. With these millimeter needles, we make holes that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. The purpose of such a technique is to stimulate the skin tissues and enable the skin to renew itself.

The skin senses the injury and initiates the repair process. The desire of every woman is to have smooth, healthy skin. A healthy skin looks bright and vibrant as it constantly renews itself. As a result, we perform dermapen treatment, which is one of the skin care procedures that individuals may need, with the instruction of our specialist physicians in our clinic.

How is Dermapen Spot Treatment Done?

It was decided to perform the Dermapen procedure. So how to make a dermapen? Before starting the treatment, we apply anesthetic cream to the faces of our patients. Since we use an anesthetic cream, patients do not feel discomfort during the operations. The needles at the tip of the delivery device are 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters long. Due to this feature of the needles, we can drill 400 500 holes in a small space. With the help of the channels created by this powerful process, we trigger the regeneration feature of the skin. During the application, we use tiny needles to open thousands of channels on the skin. With the opening of these channels, the skin sees this process as a wound and as the blood circulation increases, the regeneration process of the skin is also stimulated. As a result, dermapen spot treatment helps to reduce skin damage.

How is Dermapen Spot Treatment Applied?

Before starting the Dermapen treatment, we use special cleaners to clean the make-up residues and dirt on the skin. Following this, a permanent solution is obtained from the spot treatment by applying hyaluronic acid and mesotherapy solutions to the area to be treated. With the Dermapen device, we open micro channels on the skin, we revitalize and renew the skin with the help of the opened channels. The application is a process that gives results over time, not instantly. This strategy is used in sessions. If the sessions are done regularly and the patients pay attention to this issue, it is possible to have a young and healthy skin. Dermapen spot treatment is a very reliable solution that can be applied to people of all ages and all seasons.

Who Is Dermapen Spot Treatment Suitable For?

Dermapen devices, which are among the latest technical products designed for skin care, have a structure that stimulates skin regeneration. These equipments, which are used in modern and high quality clinics, give a successful stain treatment result. This procedure should be appropriate for skin health concerns. As a result, dermapen treatment cannot be used in patients with skin diseases or chronic conditions. Dermapen treatment is a very useful technique for the skin. It can be applied to any skin type under the supervision of a doctor. This application is used to treat blemishes, enlarged pores, wrinkles, acne and scars, scalp hair loss, skin stretch marks and scars. People with such skin conditions can come to our clinic and receive the dermapen spot treatment developed in this area.

Are those who have had Dermapen Spot Treatment Satisfied?

Spot treatment, a newly developed procedure, provides effective and long-lasting benefits. Many people who have had spot treatment express their satisfaction with the procedure and do not hesitate to discuss the changes in their skin in this direction. In addition, those who are curious about spot therapy can get information from people who have this application and satisfy their interest in this subject. You can take advantage of these wonderful benefits by choosing our Yoo Retouch clinic for information.

Is Dermapen Good For Stains?

People are bothered by the presence of skin blemishes. Many people prefer to use treatments created to correct skin imperfections in this approach. Spot treatment, which is one of the newest and most advanced technologies, provides long-term benefits in the removal of skin spots. The most important factor to be considered in this approach will be the selection of an experienced and skilled dermapen treatment center. Those who have Dermapen achieve their goals as long as they take the right decision. Since Dermapen spot treatment is done in sessions, it will not be realistic to expect a quick recovery in the skin. Because gradual progress will reveal a noticeable difference after the last session. As a result of the channels opened with micro needles, the skin begins to breathe and starts the rejuvenation process.

After each session, the spots will gradually disappear. The number of sessions varies according to the skin spots of the people. While one session is sufficient for minor skin imperfections, up to ten sessions may be needed for severe skin imperfections.

Where are the regions where Dermapen Application is made?

  • Acne scars on the face,
  • Hand ,
  • Face ,
  • Hair ,
  • Neck,
  • Fractures in the legs or abdomen,

The treatment is applied to various parts of the body. The application has been used for many years. There is no serious danger or negative effect after Dermapen. After the treatment, redness, burning and stinging sensation may occur on the skin. This is very normal and will pass quickly. Pain and discomfort are reduced throughout the treatment by using anesthetic creams. The application is completed in 12 weeks. The application, which is completed twice a month on average, may require more sessions depending on the situation, or it can be completed in four sessions.

The effect of Dermapen with micro needling is seen after 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the condition of the person and the reaction of the skin. We usually prescribe Dermapen for minor conditions and to rejuvenate the skin. If the skin condition is severe or acne scars are light, we recommend using treatments such as Scarlet S gold needle, which are more effective than dermapen.

What are the areas where Dermapen Application is used?

The application is an excellent skin rejuvenation remedy. Dermapen is used in the following areas;

  • Reduces fine wrinkles,
  • Tightens pores,
  • Reduces acne scars,
  • Treats stretch marks,
  • Prevents hair loss.

After the treatment, the skin becomes pink, there is a burning sensation and there is minimal bleeding. It is vital to protect yourself from the sun after applying the product. For two days, strenuous exercise is not allowed, and hot showers, saunas, Turkish baths and solariums are prohibited. After 6 weeks, the effect of the application becomes evident. However, the results vary according to the person’s discomfort and the reaction of the skin.

What is the Effect of Dermapen Application?

Skin recovery should not be expected immediately after Dermapen spot treatment. There is a gradual improvement, not a momentary change. This procedure is similar to the fact that wounds heal in a few days, but it takes weeks to completely close. Although the healing process of the skin starts immediately, it takes a few days for it to become visible from the outside. If you have decided to use dermapen to treat your spots, you should continue the treatments for the period recommended by your doctor.

If your skin imperfections are minor, one session may be all you need. In cases such as acne spots or large pores, the sessions will be longer. It is a technique that can be repeated up to ten times. The number of sessions and the intervals between them will be determined according to the skin condition of the patient. In general, there is a break of 1 to 4 weeks between two sessions. Total dermapen treatment is completed in one year. Patients will see significant effects 6 weeks after treatment is completed. According to some claims, the earliest date when the effect of dermapen becomes evident is 6 weeks after the operation.

Skin regeneration will take three months. The most confusing question for Dermapen spot treatment patients is whether the treatment has permanent effects and What does Dermapen do. If the patient attends all sessions and successfully completes the therapy, the result is permanent. However, if the treatment is not completed, the desired result cannot be achieved. Dermapen application is one of the safest applications developed over the years. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 can participate. Although the majority of patients are women, there is no risk in having it done by a man. It is a safe procedure that can be applied to all skin types.

How Long Does the Recovery Process Take After Dermapen?

Dermapen treatment is a treatment that uses micro-needling from the upper surface of the skin to stimulate deep skin regeneration. In another sense, it is a skin rejuvenation process. It is one of the most suitable treatment methods for sunspots. It contains tiny titanium needles that look like a pen and are customized to the individual. These needles make small, undetectable holes in the skin. In these needle devices, the needle depth can be changed for skin concerns. With the sensitive damage caused by this needling process, a warning is transmitted to the brain and the connecting parts in the brain become active. Acne-prone skin can benefit from Dermapen treatment. Also suitable for open pore skin. People with skin defects can also apply. Fine wrinkles, scars and stitches are also treated and positive results can be obtained. In order to achieve these beneficial results, at least three and at most seven sessions can be used to achieve the most effective result, depending on the condition of the skin. You can take a break of 10 days between sessions. This treatment can also be used on the hair, hands and neck. It is also believed to be painless and long lasting. As a result, it is a procedure preferred by patients.

At the end of the treatment, redness may occur on the skin. The color of these rashes fades over time. As a result of the regeneration effect on the skin, peeling occurs, but returns to normal within a week. Exposure to the sun for a while should be avoided as the skin becomes sensitive. Excessive sweating and exposure to hot water should be avoided. Avoid tanning, epilation, waxing and make-up products that some people use during the summer. Again, gym facilities such as sauna and hammam, which may have similar effects, should be avoided.

The restructuring process begins immediately throughout the implementation process. The healing process is fast. With the effect of stimulated areas, skin renewal of individuals is becoming more evident day by day. As always, more attention should be paid to hygiene. If complications occur during the recovery period following the treatment, the person should consult their doctor immediately. The end of the healing process is determined by our doctors who perform the application.

How Long Was Dermapen Spot Treatment in 2022?

Dermapen therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years. As the practice became more widespread, both men and women began to ask about dermapen prices. The cost of this treatment varies according to clinical conditions and the needs of the desired doctor. In addition, the price of stain treatment applications varies according to the depth, size and number of sessions of the stain. Each clinic sets its own price. In addition, the rates are revised annually and passed on to customers. For complete and reliable information, you can call our clinic and get an offer from us in this direction. Please contact us for more information on Dermapen spot treatment 2022 pricing.

Dermapen spot treatment prices; It cannot be labeled as a commercial product or service because it is classified as a medical use. For example, prices are not published on websites as doctors and clinics are subject to certain regulations. The fact that the pricing cannot be given in the form of a list is related to the fact that the prices of all applications are variable depending on the change of conditions depending on the inspection. As a result, announcements such as “discount dermapen treatment” or “campaign dermapen treatment” are not allowed. Instead, you can choose Yoo Retouch clinic and our doctors who will give you a treatment procedure with comprehensive and reliable information.

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