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Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty)

It is an aesthetic operation applied to eliminate the problem of individuals who do not like the shape and position of their ears and who have the problem that is generally referred to as ‘pronounced ear’ among the people. The reason why it is mostly applied is that the individual is exposed to mockery that lowers his self-confidence in society.

In order to prevent the individual from experiencing such problems and to prevent his mentality from being affected by adverse conditions, physicians recommend that the procedure be performed at a young age. Parents can help their children in this regard. There is no inconvenience in terms of performing the operation in pre-school ages.

What is Ear Aesthetics (Otoplasty)?

What is ear aesthetics; It is the general name of aesthetic operations applied for purposes such as repairing deformities by using small incisions in the cartilage tissue of the individual’s ear, bringing the ear to the proper position and eliminating the prominent ear problem.

The procedure is generally performed with local anesthesia under operating room conditions. However, general anesthesia is preferred for the psychological state of younger patients and for the purposes of keeping them in a stable position.

How Is Ear Aesthetics Performed?

First, if the individual is an adult, local anesthesia is applied and a few minutes are waited for adequate numbness. If the individual is at a young age or if another aesthetic operation is to be performed with the ear, the general anesthesia procedure will be applied.

An incision of 1 cm is made from one area so that it is not visible from the back of the ear. The ear is positioned slightly backwards. Shape deformities on the cartilage tissue are rearranged. The incision section is sutured again and the process is terminated.

The process usually takes about 45 – 60 minutes. Individuals who receive local anesthesia are discharged when they feel ready and can return to their normal lives immediately. If general anesthesia is applied, a different process can be followed.

How to Perform Ear Scoop Surgery with Thread?

In adults, an operation can be performed with a special medical thread in order to correct the prominent ear problem recently. No incisions are made during this procedure.

The ear of the individual is repositioned with a medical thread using a needle. For this, the ear is stretched with a rope and the appropriate angle is given and the rope is fixed.

The process generally takes 15 minutes. The individual can observe the condition of the angle taken by the ear during the procedure. Since there is no incision, the healing process is much more comfortable.

Preparation Process Before Ear Aesthetics

Before ear surgery, if local anesthesia is to be applied, the individual’s stomach should be treated with a full stomach. 12-hour fasting is recommended for individuals who will receive general anesthesia.

Before the application, the individual must have stopped smoking at least 24 hours before. Likewise, alcohol consumption should be stopped at least 7-10 days before. Otherwise, the risk of developing some complications during and after the procedure will increase.

If there is a chronic disease or regular drug use, this should be reported to the surgeon. In addition, frequent use of a pain reliever with blood thinning properties, etc. If so, the doctor should be informed.

What Should Be Considered After Ear Aesthetics?

It may be recommended that individuals use bandages for a few weeks after ear aesthetics. Regular use of the bandage is important as it helps the tissues to recover more easily.

In the first days, there may be redness, edema, bruising and swelling in the procedure area. These symptoms are expected to go away on their own within a few days. If it is disturbing, the physician should be informed without delay.

Individuals should rest in the first days after the procedure, not lift heavy loads and avoid any action that requires effort. Otherwise, recovery may be delayed.

Similarly, there may be a complaint of pain in the first days. Painkillers can be used at regular intervals in the dose specified by the doctor. The important point here is the derivative of the pain reliever. You should not use a pain reliever other than your doctor’s recommendation. The active or auxiliary substances contained in some drugs may cause some complications. If you want to use a different drug, you should consult your doctor.

Who Should Have Ear Aesthetics?

Ear aesthetics can be performed for a more aesthetic appearance in individuals with congenital or later-developing shape problems.

The individual’s physician will evaluate whether the person’s health status is suitable for the operation with some examinations.

When Should Children Have Prominent Ear Surgery?

pronounced ear surgery is suitable for all age groups. However, in order to prevent problems that may be experienced in the society, this operation can be applied in pre-school ages when the individual is 5 years old. There is no age limit.

Does the prominent ear heal by itself?

The pronounced ear aesthetic problem can only be corrected with a treatment arranged by a physician in the neonatal period. In this process, headbands specially produced for this problem are used. However, not every individual may respond to this treatment. If the appropriate period has passed, the bone structures of the individual have now completed their development and there is no option other than surgery.

Is Ear Aesthetic Surgery Risky?

Ear aesthetic surgery carries as many risks as any operation. Operations performed by an experienced plastic surgeon are very reliable. Physicians evaluate the possible risks and control the necessary examinations before the operation in order to minimize them.

Where is Ear Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

Ear aesthetic surgery (otoplasty) is performed by aesthetic surgeons working in the Yoo Retouch clinic in Istanbul.

Ear Aesthetics Price

Ear aesthetics price, or in other words otoplasty prices, varies according to the severity of the problem experienced by the person and how the procedure will be performed. For example, the type of anesthesia preferred for the procedure will affect the price. For this reason, individuals can use the contact information on the clinic’s website to get information about their special pronounced ear surgery price and other situations they are curious about. In the meantime, the consultancy service received is provided free of charge.

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