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Ear reduction surgery is a procedure applied to individuals who do not like their earlobe for any reason, and can be applied together with procedures such as prominent ear surgery (otoplasty).

It is a procedure that is generally performed under local anesthesia in a short time. This application can be performed on all earlobe types that have grown in length, have excess skin, appear genetically very large, or have taken an undesirable shape due to age.

What is Ear Lobule Reduction Operation?

What is ear lobule reduction? It is an aesthetic operation applied to reduce the size of the individual’s earlobe in order to make it more aesthetic, if it does not meet the beauty standards in terms of width and height.

Sometimes it is seen that the earlobe is wider or longer than it should be in individuals. In this case, the individual may not be able to use earrings comfortably and may feel uncomfortable when he looks at himself in the mirror. Individuals can have aesthetic procedures to get rid of this situation.

How Is Ear Lobule Reduction Surgery Performed?

For ear lobule reduction operation, first of all, it is determined what kind of problem the earlobe has and which procedure will achieve the desired appearance. For this, calculations are made by considering the proportions such as head and neck.

In addition, before the procedure, issues such as whether there are any health barriers to the operation of the individual are also investigated. In this way, possible risks are minimized.

During the operation, the procedure is started by first applying local anesthesia to the individual. A short period of time is expected for sufficient agreement. Then, a small incision is made in the earlobe and the adipose tissue is taken out. The excess skin is stretched and cut, and the incision is sutured using self-dissolving sutures. Meanwhile, surgeons use thin and aesthetic suture technique.

Since the local anesthesia procedure is applied, the individual can immediately return to his normal life and be discharged immediately. Hospitalization is not required after the procedure.

The process generally takes around 15-20 minutes.

Preparation Process Before Ear Lobule Reduction Operation

Individuals should completely stop smoking at least 24 hours before undergoing earlobe surgery. At least 7 – 10 days before the alcohol intake should be terminated in the same way. Otherwise, the risk of developing complications during or after the procedure may increase.

In order to increase the effectiveness of local anesthesia, it is recommended to come to the procedure on a full stomach.

If the individual is using any medication, if he has a chronic illness, he should definitely notify his doctor. Similarly, if there are medications used for occasional pain, their names, frequency of use, and the last time they were used should be reported. In order to reduce the risks of complication factors, it is very important to convey this information to the physician.

After Ear Lobule Reduction Operation

After ear lobule reduction individuals should not smoke for at least 24 hours; Alcohol should also be avoided until the healing process is complete. Otherwise, the healing process may be delayed and some problems such as bleeding, excessive edema and infection may occur.

The treatment area should not be exposed to hot water and steam in the first days. For this, you should consult your doctor for how long you should not take a shower.

If the surgery was performed in the summer, direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided in the first days.

It is recommended that the individual stay away from physical activities that require effort, not lift heavy loads, and get plenty of rest in order to make the healing process more comfortable and reduce the risk of complications.

In order to support the healing of the operation incision, care should be taken to eat healthy and consume plenty of water.

Since self-dissolving stitches are used during the surgery, there is no need to go to the hospital to have stitches removed.

Who is Applied to Ear Lobule Reduction Surgery?

Ear reduction operation; It can be applied to all individuals who are disturbed by the shape and width of the earlobe for any reason. Beforehand, the physician evaluates whether the health status of the individual is in suitable conditions for the procedure with some examinations.

Is There Any Traces After Ear Lobule Reduction Operation?

During the ear lobule aesthetic procedure, a very small incision is made and this incision is adjusted by the physician so that it is not visible from the back of the ear. The resulting scar will gradually heal up to 12 months and become indistinct.

Is Ear Lobule Reduction Operation Permanent?

This application is permanent for life under normal conditions. However, with weight change and advancing age, the individual may need to undergo the operation again.

Ear lobule Reduction Surgery Price

Before the operation, individuals should get free consultancy by using the contact information on the website of the Yoo Retouch clinic to get help with ear lobule reduction prices. The reason for this is that the process applied to each individual is planned specifically for him and the process is not a standard procedure. The clinic is located in the province of Istanbul and operations are also performed here.

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