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What is an Ear Lobule Tear?

In some individuals, as a result of heavy earrings that are frequently used, the hole opened in the ear for the earring may creep down and in this case ear lobule tear may occur. In addition, the earlobe may expand further and extend downward in this case. Therefore, the individual may feel bad and have self-confidence problems. This problem can be eliminated only with ear lobule aesthetic.

How to Tear Ear Lobule?

Ear lobule tear mostly occurs due to reasons such as heavy earrings and trauma to the area. In addition, conditions such as enlargement and sagging of the earlobe, which are frequently encountered in individuals and which are usually applied in addition to the aesthetic procedure performed for the purpose of correcting the earlobe tear, may also develop.

Earring Hole Tears

Earring hole tears are a problem that can be seen as a result of long-term or frequent use of earrings, which are heavier than fake jewelry products such as gold and silver. This problem generally brings with it the problem of sagging of the earlobe.

How Does Ear Lobule Tear Happen?

Ear lobule tear can be fixed with a relatively simple procedure that takes an average of 1 hour under local anesthesia. The procedure should only be performed by a plastic surgeon in a clinical setting. Applications other than surgical procedures do not have a permanent effect. Since it is done with anesthesia, individuals do not feel pain or pain during the procedure.

During the procedure, the surgeon calculates the size of the tear in the earlobe. Then the bottom part is sewn and the hole is closed.

The problem will be fixed permanently. However, if the individual continues to use heavy earrings in his life, sagging may occur again and the procedure may need to be done again.

Price of Ear lobule Tear Operation

Individuals who want to get price information about the ear lobule tear operation can get free information by calling the Yoo Retouch clinic in Istanbul, where the procedure is performed. The contact information of the clinic can be found in the Contact category on their website.

Since the procedure is not a standard procedure and is generally applied with different earlobe problems during the operation, it shows a structure that varies from person to person. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to talk about a clear price information here.

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