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Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift

Wrinkles on the forehead, especially observed in middle-aged and older women and men, make the person look older than they are. In addition, the lines, wrinkles and sagging seen in this area also affect the gaze. The person may have a more stern appearance than he is. Here, forehead lift and eyebrow lift aesthetic operations are applied to eliminate all these.

The deformations seen in the forehead area are mostly in the form of horizontal lines. The part related to the eyebrows is the presence of one or more vertical lines between the two eyebrows. Since the aesthetics applied in these areas will change the appearance, the person will have a softer facial structure. The hard and tired expression before the operation disappears. Facial beauty is also achieved in this way.

What is Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

The combination of the stretching process for the forehead and the lifting for the eyebrows ensures success in facial beauty. Sure, eyebrow and forehead area

The fact that it is a whole makes it necessary to carry out these processes together. The forehead stretching and eyebrow lift surgery are performed under general or local anesthesia and

takes approximately two hours. In this method, the back of the forehead line is taken as the center and the forehead area is intervened with incisions made from these points.

At this point, it is worth mentioning how the eyebrow lifting process is done. This process is performed with the help of threads, which are preferred due to its serrated structure and passed through the eyebrow with special needles. Thanks to the rope, the fallen eyebrows are lifted up and the process reaches the end.

Is Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift Surgery Risky?

Those who are not satisfied with the appearance of the eyebrow and forehead area and those who want to go for aesthetic surgery wonder whether these procedures are risky. Both the Eyebrow lift procedures and the stretching procedures applied in the forehead area are both very smooth operations. In fact, the recovery period of these procedures, which are considered to be the easiest among aesthetic procedures, is also short. It should be noted here that the aesthetic operations to be performed should be carried out by specialist physicians. Otherwise, even the simplest operation can lead to troublesome results.

Who Can Have Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

Anyone who wants to have their eyebrows lifted and who wants to have a forehead lift is suitable for these procedures. But with the criterion of meeting certain conditions… As with all aesthetic operations, it is necessary to be over the age of eighteen for these operations. Because the facial structure of people who have not reached this age has not yet fully settled. For this reason, experts do not perform aesthetic operations on people under the age of eighteen. Another condition that must be met for these procedures to be applicable is that the person’s health condition does not constitute an obstacle to the operation. If the person is not suitable for anesthesia or uses blood thinners and antibiotics, he is not suitable for aesthetic operations. In order to carry out the procedure, the person should either stop antibiotics and drugs or wait for these drugs to finish.

Where Is Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift Surgery Performed?

Regardless of the aesthetic operation you will have, you should have your procedures done in a specialist clinic. Because aesthetic operations are required to be performed with extreme precision.

are transactions. For this, the selection of a clinic that has the latest technology surgical instruments and serves by the expert physician staff is very effective in the success of your procedure.

Yoo Retouch is a health center where you can achieve all the aesthetics you dream of with its well-equipped clinic and expert physician staff. Getting information about aesthetic operations and dreaming

You can contact our clinic for the first step you will take to achieve the look you want. You can get information about forehead lift and eyebrow lift price and processes. Our consultants will give you detailed information about the process.

Forehead Lift/Eyebrow Lift Techniques

There are multiple methods used to stretch the forehead area and raise the eyebrows. At the beginning of these is the surgical method, which is a classical technique. There are non-surgical methods used to perform these aesthetic operations. It is counted among the methods such as eyebrow lifting with thread, eyebrow lifting with botox, eyebrow lifting with radiofrequency method, eyebrow lifting with filling method.

The recovery period of the aesthetic methods applied to beautify the forehead and eyebrow area is also among the curious ones. The first step after the operation is to remove the sutures and this action is applied within ten days following the procedure. Conditions encountered after surgery or other procedures include swelling and bruising in the area. These results appear at the end of almost every aesthetic procedure. Swelling and bruises lighten and disappear within days. Another common situation after the operation is the feeling of pain in the area. These pains, which do not prevent the person from living, can be relieved with painkillers recommended by the doctor. The patient can return to his social life within two weeks after the operation.

Can it be performed together with other aesthetic operations?

All areas on the face have an effect on providing facial beauty. There are many aesthetic operations that remove wrinkles, sagging and lubrication on the face, especially with the effect of aging. And when these operations are implemented by expert hands, they give much better results. Operations for eyebrows and forehead are among these operations. Those who want to see the change they dream of on their face want to combine their eyebrow and forehead operations with other procedures. When this is the case, they wonder whether these processes can be applied simultaneously. These procedures can be performed with procedures such as eyelid aesthetics and facelift, if the patient is also suitable for the procedures.

Forehead Lift Surgery (Aesthetics) Prices

Prices are also very effective in deciding on the aesthetic operations to be performed in order to achieve the dreamed appearance. Brow lift and forehead lift price options are determined according to the method of the operation. If you want to have these aesthetic operations and have an idea about the prices, you can get information from our hotline.

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