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Eyelashes are very important as they are in close contact with people’s eyes. If there is no or very little hair in the eyelash area, the person may feel cosmetically uncomfortable. An eye test should be done by the doctor before eyelash transplant. Since eyelash transplantation should be avoided in some cases such as eye strain, infection or sty, FUE transplantation is widely used in eyelash transplantation. Hair follicles are transplanted one by one from the donor area to the eyelash area. This procedure is an answer to the question What is eyelash transplantation.

How is Eyelash Transplantation Performed?

The first step in FUE eyelash transplantation is to determine the donor area where the hair follicles will be collected. Choosing the best donor location for eyelash transplantation is critical at this stage to obtain natural results from the treatment. While the preferred area and nape area are generally recommended as donor sites for permanent eyelash transplantation, the doctor may select other donor sites if necessary. Local anesthesia is used so that the patient does not feel pain during eyelash transplantation. After the anesthesia treatment, a space should be prepared for the placement of the grafts taken into the planting area. Although there are other strategies for this in eyelash transplantation, the two most important ones are grooving and the French needle technique. Although the grooving process is the most important step in all other planting methods, it is much more important in eyelash planting.

One of the points to be considered in the channel opening process is that the channels must be compatible with the hair follicles to be transplanted. In addition, the opening angle of the channels should not spoil the natural appearance of the eyelashes. When the canal is opened, the grafts are removed from the donor location. Hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area by using micro motors with very fine tips and high speed. Since the number of grafts to be transplanted is limited in eyelash transplantation, the procedure takes less time than other transplantation procedures. Hair follicles are carefully transplanted to the place where eyelashes will be planted and eyelash transplantation is performed.

To Whom Eyelash Transplantation Is Performed?

Eyelash transplantation is among the preferences of those who experience eyelash loss. The answer to the question Is eyelash transplantation permanent is undoubtedly yes. Because root is taken from your hair and transplanted to your eyelash cover. Eyelash transplantation can be performed on patients who have lost eyelashes, as well as on people whose eyelashes have been damaged due to trauma, burns or other events. In addition, all men and women who experience eyelash loss due to the use of artificial eyelashes, eyelash loss due to eyelash injury, eyelash reduction due to excessive use of cosmetics or who do not have congenital eyelashes can benefit from eyelash transplantation.

How is Eyelash Transplantation Treatment?

Men often experience hair loss. Eyelash loss is more common in women than men. Eyelash shedding is a process that causes irreversible damage. In addition, as a result of diseases, drugs used, wrong cosmetic products and traumas, eyelash loss, sparseness or irreversible eyelash loss may occur. In order to restore eyelash hair follicles to their former health, many alternative treatments are used to treat eyelash loss, sparseness or irreversible eyelash loss. However, it is not true to claim that the various treatments used produce the necessary effective results. For this purpose, the use of eyelash transplantation technique, which gives more successful results compared to others, thickens the eyelashes that look aesthetically beautiful and play an important role in eye health, and ensures patient satisfaction with long-term results.

What are the Considerations After Eyelash Transplantation?

Following the advice of Yoo Retouch doctors after eyelash transplantation is critical for the health of your healing process. Since the planted eyelashes cannot fully integrate with the skin in the first stage, they must be protected from external forces. In addition, you should avoid applying make-up to the transplanted area for the periods specified by your doctor and keep it away from foreign substances. Within three days after eyelash transplantation, you should not go out as much as possible, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid exposure to dust and water. If you must wear glasses, be careful and avoid contacting your lenses with your eyelashes. In addition, you should stay away from dangerous habits such as smoking and alcohol for the periods specified by your doctor.

Although it varies from person to person, shock shedding occurs between 30 and 60 days on average after eyelash transplantation. You do not need to worry as it is a completely natural process that occurs after the transplantation process. Lost hair is simply transplanted hair; roots stay under the skin and start to grow again next time. The healing process after eyelash transplantation may take some time. Depending on the level of care and attention provided, full recovery can take from 9 months to a year.

What are the Situations that Need Eyelash Transplantation?

Some of the reasons why eyelash transplantation is necessary are as follows:

  • People who naturally have thin or sparse eyelashes can have their eyelashes transplanted.
  • Eyelash transplantation is suitable for those with hereditary genetic disorders such as ectodermal dysplasia.
  • Alopecia may require eyelash transplantation.
  • Trichotillomania is treated with eyelash transplantation.
  • Lupus erythematosus requires eyelash transplantation.
  • Eyelash transplantation may be required in trauma and eyelid surgery.
  • If a person develops irreversible eyelash loss after radiation and chemotherapy, eyelash transplantation is necessary.

How Does the Eyelash Transplantation Process Proceed?

  • You meet an expert in eyelash transplantation and you trust, and you come to an agreement.
  • You are assigned a specific date for the transaction.
  • On the day of the surgery, you will go to the doctor’s clinic or transplant facility.
  • Your medical examinations are completed at this stage.
  • Patient consent form is signed by you.
  • Medical clothing is worn.
  • For eyelash transplantation, a small area is shaved around your neck to remove hair follicles.
  • You will be placed on the operating table.
  • You will calm down and a local anesthetic will be given.
  • The required number of hair follicles is taken from your neck.
  • There is a device under your eyelids to protect your eyes during the operation.
  • The roots taken are planted on the eyelids.
  • The process is complete and you are awakened.

What are the Advantages of the Patient after Eyelash Transplantation?

It allows the patient to return to his daily life effortlessly after the eyelash transplant procedure. Since the full effect of eyelash transplantation takes 4-12 months, some patients may need eyelash tightening as an extra operation. After eyelash transplantation, the patient can easily return to his home or workplace. He can continue his normal life from where he left off. When viewed from the outside, the edema occurring in the eyes after the eyelash transplant procedure is not very obvious. In addition, edema can be rapidly reduced with post-transplant cold therapy and this edema does not have a negative effect on the patient’s daily life. Because freshly planted roots adapt to their new places within a week after planting. Thanks to the blood vessels in the planted area, new eyelashes can be easily fed and kept alive. As a result, the patient gains a natural eyelash appearance that does not fall out and can be shaped as desired.

Is There a Disadvantage of Eyelash Transplantation?

Considering the disadvantages of eyelash transplantation, it is not a suitable treatment option for some people. Since eyelashes grow over time, shape and correction should be done every 1-2 months. For people who do not have enough time for eyelash care, eyelash transplantation is inconvenient as they need to take care and spare time.

Where should eyelash transplantation be done?

As a health center, we are extremely meticulous about your health. You are doing research to find the biggest hospital and the right doctor. You are doing research on Where to have eyelash transplantation. This is something we are all personally concerned about. Although eyelash transplantation may seem like a cosmetic treatment, if it is not done in reliable and qualified hands, it can cause both visual and health-threatening results. Everyone needs to be conscious and knowledgeable in order to make the best decision.

The Ministry of Health has enacted various laws on this subject and it has been determined in a legally binding manner that eyelash transplantation should be carried out by creating special conditions in places where these conditions exist. To express clearly and precisely, hair transplantation must be done in a hospital or medical center environment. It has different features, but we can describe it as sterile conditions in the planting environment, health checks of working employees and the availability of necessary and effective emergency response and treatment services in any emergency. You can find clinics in the market for permanent eyelash transplantation at a much more affordable price range. But don’t let this mislead you. If you want to leave happy with the procedure you have done, you can come to our clinic and get opinions from our experts.

Which Roots Are Used for Eyelash Transplantation?

The most suitable hair follicles are used for eyelash transplantation from the nape of the patient. Since the hair follicles on the neck are genetically programmed not to fall out, they are both thinner and closer to the eyelash hairs. Hair follicles used from the neck area are best for obtaining a more natural and attractive appearance. Eyelash transplantation is done in a similar way to hair transplantation. It is important to avoid contact with water, especially for the first 48 hours after eyelash transplantation. It is possible to lose eyelashes in the first 4-6 weeks after the operation. However, this is a temporary situation and subsequent eyelashes become permanent.

What to Know About Eyelash Transplantation?

Both the upper and lower eyelids have eyelashes. Eyelash transplantation can be performed on both upper and lower lashes, depending on the patient’s preference. Lower lash care is a little more difficult than upper lash care. This is because the lower lashes should be shorter than the long lashes. As a result, if you want to have a lower eyelash transplant, you need to be prepared for careful and frequent care after planting. Some patients refuse to have a lower eyelash transplant because the procedure is difficult and time consuming. The angle of the lower lashes is different from the angle of the upper lashes.

Eyelids are treated with eyelash transplantation. It is very important that the patient does not move the eyelids throughout the procedure. To prevent complications, the patient is sedated before the procedure. Sedation puts the patient to sleep temporarily. Therefore, it is forbidden for the patient to move the eyelids. This makes the surgery safer for the doctor and more comfortable for the patient. After eyelash transplantation, a slightly blackish or purplish line may develop on the patient’s eyelids, similar to rubbing. This event had little impact on the patient’s daily life. Small crusts may occur on the roots of the transplanted eyelashes 1 or 2 days after the procedure. These can only be seen if you look closely. As a result, there is no situation that will harm the patient. Shock shedding occurs in eyelashes as in hair transplantation. Shedding, which starts about one month after the eyelash transplant procedure, lasts for a maximum of three or four months. It takes 4 to 6 months for the planted lashes to hold on to the planted area and look like your natural lashes, although it varies from person to person.

What is the Current Eyelash Transplantation Price in 2022?

First of all, it is difficult to say anything definite about the eyelash transplant price. The reason for this is that the amount of graft to be transplanted varies from person to person. The donor site selection, the skill and experience of the doctor, and the quality of the transplant clinic are the main factors affecting the price. As a result, it will be healthier and more advantageous for you to research the facility and the doctor who will do the treatment, rather than just the price.

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