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What is Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)?

Aesthetic operations applied to the eyelids, called blepharoplasty in the medical literature, are among the most performed aesthetic procedures in recent years. Due to the structure of the eyelids, the skin may sag due to aging or there may be lubrication in this area. Many people start to complain about this situation over time. Because when we look in the mirror, one of the first organs that catches our eyes is our eyes. One of the questions asked by those who suffer from bags and sagging in their eyes is “What is eyelid aesthetics?” comes the question. In this article, we will talk about both the rejuvenation operations applied on the eyelids and the stages of these operations.

There are many causes of deformations in the eyelids. These can be listed as genetic predisposition, exposure to traumas, aging. The procedures performed in this area make the eye area look tighter and more pleasant. Although the main cause of deformations is known as aging, these problems are also observed in very young people. As such, the person looks older than he is and cannot find the desired effect in his gaze. For this, many people turn to eyelid beautification operations over time. In fact, in recent years, we see that world-famous young stars have these procedures implemented. We also witness that young people mostly suffer from sagging or excessive lubrication in their upper eyelids. In order to correct this situation and help the eye perform its function, aesthetic operations are performed with the help of technology.

Who Should Have Eyelid Aesthetics?

Aesthetic operations that eliminate the negative changes that occur around the eyes can also be applied to the lower eyelid and upper eyelid. Again, you and your doctor make the decision here. If there is a visible sagging or bag appearance on both the upper and lower eyelids, the procedure can be applied to both eyelids. At this point, there is a question that needs to be answered, which is to whom eyelid aesthetics can be applied. The first condition for the operation to be applicable is compliance with the surgical intervention. In addition, this procedure can be applied to anyone, male or female, who has realistic expectations. But operations are mostly in demand by people over middle age. Here, the sagging, wrinkles and lubrication observed on the skin due to aging are shown as the causes.

If the appearance of your eyelids bothers you and creates self-confidence in social life and you have realistic reasons, you can go for plastic surgery on your eyelids. After the operation, you can achieve a tighter and more beautiful-looking eye area. By the way, it is necessary to mention the functions of the eyelids. Because over time, sagging, wrinkles and lubrication around the eyes can also prevent the eye from performing its function. The functions of the eyelids are as follows:

  • make the tears disperse,
  • protection of the eye from foreign and harmful objects,
  • blocking excess light from the eyes…

As you can see, there are vital situations that the eyelids undertake for our eyes. Congenital or occurring deformations in these regions may prevent one of the benefits listed above.

Things to Consider Before Eyelid Aesthetics Operation

As before every health-related operation, there are some points to be considered before the operations to be applied on the eyelid. First of all, blood thinners should be stopped two weeks before the operation. Antibiotics, if used, should be discontinued two weeks in advance or the procedure should be applied two weeks after antibiotics are finished. At this point, your doctor will give you the most accurate directive. If used again, quitting tobacco and tobacco products will positively affect the healing process.

Before the operation, the specialist who will perform the procedure may ask you for blood analysis and some tests. In this way, it is understood whether you have an obstacle to the operation. After this point, your doctor will examine your eye area and determine the type of operation. Before the procedure, the method of the operation will be shaped by drawing and measuring on your eye. These drawings and measurements determine from which point your doctor will intervene on your eyelid. After all these stages, the aesthetic operation begins. Before the procedure, your doctor also determines which anesthesia method should be used. These procedures are mostly performed under local anesthesia. However, considering the conditions, general anesthesia method can also be used.

How is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

Considering the drawings and measurements made before the operation, the eyelids are entered through small incisions. If the area to be treated is the lower eyelid, the procedure is performed under the eyelashes. The bagging, lubrication or sagging in this area is corrected. Even if the upper eyelid is to be treated, the eyelid skin is lifted and the deformations in this area are removed and the area is tightened.

In addition to the surgical procedures performed on the eyelid, laser eyelid aesthetic can also be applied. In the procedures to be performed with the laser, the area to be treated is cleaned first and then creams that numb the area are used. After the numbness is achieved, the dose is determined according to the state of the deformation in the region and a laser shot is made. Eyelid operations with laser are extremely simple and take a short time.

After Eyelid Aesthetics

The healing process of eyelid beautification operations applied by those who are not satisfied with the appearance of their eyelids is also curious. These operations show improvement within a month. In other words, at the end of a month, the traces of the surgery completely disappear and the person regains his new appearance. However, swelling, redness or bruising may be observed in the area for the first three days after the aesthetic operation. This is quite natural. These complaints are also eliminated within a week. If the surgical method was used in the aesthetic operation and stitches were used, the stitches are also removed one week later. In general, the person returns to his daily life within two or three days after the operation.

Where is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

Throughout our article, we tried to explain the question of how to make eyelid aesthetic and the processes before and after it. Under this title, we will try to explain the most important criterion regarding the operation. And that is where the eyelid aesthetics will be done. The rule that applies to all aesthetic operations also applies to eyelids. Such operations are operations that affect human health and should be performed in the right place. Yoo Retouch, where you can perform your aesthetic procedures, is also the right address to beautify your eyelid. Our clinic, which provides all the conditions for you with its expert doctor staff and experienced employees, is equipped with the latest technology tools. If you are complaining about deformations on your eyelids, you can contact our clinic and get detailed information about the process.

Is there any trace after the operation?

There is an answer that is valid for general aesthetic operations. If your procedure is carried out by experts, the probability of scarring is very low. Especially after eyelid aesthetics, there is no possibility of scarring. But the point you need to pay attention to here is to pay attention to what to do during the healing process. If you follow your doctor’s recommendations and act accordingly, you will not observe scar formation after the operation. In addition, it should be noted that there is no possibility of scarring in eyelid operations performed with laser.

At What Age Is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

The first rule for aesthetic procedures applied to the eyelid is to be over the age of eighteen. However, healthy justifications for the operation should be presented. These operations are mostly requested by those over the middle age. Because sagging, wrinkles and bags on the eyelids are mostly seen in those over middle age. However, it is applied to anyone over the age of eighteen who is dissatisfied with the appearance of their eyelids for other reasons besides aging.

How Are Eyelid Aesthetics Prices?

One of the most curious about the aesthetic operations performed to beautify the eyelids is the prices. As for all other aesthetic operations, it is not possible to talk about a clear price for the operations to be applied on the eyelids. Doctor control is a must to determine the prices. In this way, the doctor decides in which areas the procedure will be applied, and the duration of the procedure, the areas where the procedure is applied are important criteria in determining the prices. If you want to get price information about eyelid procedures, you can contact our clinic.

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