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When looking at What is a facelift or what kind of a procedure is a face lift operation with its medical counterpart, this process; It is an aesthetic surgery operation that eliminates the signs of aging and sagging problems in the face area and allows individuals to reach younger, dynamic and attractive facial features.

What is Face Lift?

As individuals get older in life, there is a decrease in the structures that provide the elasticity of the skin. Due to this decrease, the skin begins to sag and appear wrinkled. Similarly, individuals who have been treated for obesity and have lost a lot of weight may have excess skin on the face. This may occur as a result of the skin stretching and growing as it fills with adipose tissue, and the removal of the underlying adipose tissue after weight loss, leaving excess skin behind. In this type of problem, face lift operation can be recommended to the individual.

Individuals are the most; He experiences advanced age-related problems in the face area such as lines on the lips, lines around the eyes (crow’s feet lines), sagging in the chin, collapsed cheeks and chin, lines formed when smiling, wrinkles on the forehead. During the face lift operation, all these problems can be solved at the same time with methods such as filler additions, fat transfer, and rope suspension technique. Even the neck and jowl region can be intervened.

How to Perform a Face Lift, What are the Stages?

One of the points that should be known before the question of How to do a facelift is that the individual does not have to undergo surgery to lift the face. This can be done with different techniques. However, if the physician deems it necessary, if the individual will be operated with additional procedures, then the operation may be preferred. For this, general anesthesia is usually applied to the individual. The duration of the operation varies between 3 hours and 7 hours depending on the number of operations to be performed.

During application, not only the skin; muscle tissues are also stretched. An inconspicuous area is detected through the scalp and a 1 cm incision is made. From here, the loosened muscle tissues are attached to each other by entering with endoscopy. The excess skin is stretched and cut, and the operation is terminated by suturing the incision area.

Today, it is not preferred much by individuals who want to have a facelift procedure alone.

Non-Surgical Face Lift (French Suspension Technique)

The French Suspension Technique, which has been developed in recent years for full face lift, is a non-surgical facelift method developed in France. The application takes 45-60 minutes under local anesthesia.

First, the youth visuals of the individual are examined and it is determined what changes he has gone through. Without incision, using medical threads, the facial area is stretched upwards from different points at an appropriate angle. Since the operation is performed on the scalp above the ear, any scars and incision areas, etc. there is none.

When the procedure is terminated, the individual can immediately return to his normal life. There is no need for hospitalization.

There is no change in mimics. A natural appearance is obtained. The healing process is usually completed in up to 2 weeks. The result is usually permanent for up to 5 years and can be done again when the effects diminish.

Things to Consider During the Preparation Process for Face Lift Surgery

If general anesthesia is to be performed, the individual should not consume food and drink for 12 hours. In procedures performed with local anesthesia, it is recommended that the individual come on a full stomach.

Before the application, if there is any chronic disease or the use of drugs, regular vitamins or food supplements, the doctor should be informed.

You should not smoke at least 24 hours before the procedure. The individual must not have consumed alcohol at least 7-10 days before. These factors may increase the risk of developing complications during and after the procedure.

What Should Be Considered After Face Lift Surgery?

If facelift surgery is performed with general anesthesia, the individual should be followed up in the hospital on the first day after the procedure. Individuals who receive local anesthesia can return to their normal lives immediately.

Bruising, edema, swelling and redness in and around the procedure area are normal symptoms in individuals on the first day. There is no need to worry when faced with such situations. These symptoms resolve spontaneously within an average of 10 days. If they are very serious, they should be reported to the doctor without delay.

After the facelift operation, pain may be seen in the operation area. Pain that will pass after a while is controlled with painkillers prescribed by the doctor. During this time, one of the common mistakes is to use a pain reliever other than the doctor’s prescription. Some painkillers are not recommended as they may cause serious problems such as bleeding, infection and increased amount of edema during the healing process. For this reason, you should not act on medication without consulting your doctor.

In the first days, if the doctor deems it necessary, antibiotic treatment may be given. Antibiotics should be taken in the appropriate dose and number of days, hourly.

In order to increase the healing rate of the tissues and help their recovery, it is necessary to drink plenty of water, to eat balanced and healthy meals, to have plenty of rest, to avoid lifting heavy loads and physical activities.

In the recovery process, individuals should be informed about when they can take a shower for the first time, make-up application or skin care products, etc. They should consult their physicians when they can return to use. In addition, hot places such as baths, saunas and being in direct contact with sunlight should be avoided during this process, as this may cause complications.

Face Lift Surgery Price

Facelift is not a standard procedure as it is planned and applied in a unique way for each individual. For this reason, facelift pricesare different for each individual.

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