Facial Rejuvenation with Thermage Radio Waves

How to Perform Facial Rejuvenation with Thermage CPT?

Thermage or Thermal is the process of transferring the energy produced by radio frequency waves to the skin through electrodes that can be applied to the body. With the energy obtained from the radiofrequency waves, the lower skin is heated to prevent the skin from burning and irritating the upper skin and the collagen in the fixed position is activated. Collagen is a highly flexible fibrous protein that fills the spaces between tissue cells. Produced by special cells called fibroblasts, collagen begins to lose its flexibility with the advancement of age.

After getting a little under the skin, the area is heated until a temperature above 60 degrees is reached. The purpose here is to activate collagen. When the collagen is activated, they start repairing the skin as if there is an abrasion on the skin. The patient to whom Thermage treatment is applied may feel a little bit of heat and pain during the treatment. In order to prevent skin irritation, the upper part of the skin is cooled by giving cold gas. All these applications do not have any side effects. At the end of the two-hour treatment, a slight rash may occur on the skin treated. However, these rashes disappear in a very short time.

Thermage treatment can be applied to the face, neck, hands, arms. Although the frequency of application may vary according to age and skin structure, it is sufficient to do it once a year on average. In patients with advanced age, it can give positive results when applied twice a year. Thermal treatment cannot be applied to sagging skin that requires aesthetic intervention, generally under thirty and pregnant women. In addition, those who have implants in their teeth need to get approval from their dentist before. It is necessary to wait at least five months for the expected result from the thermal treatment. Since the recovery in the skin reaches its highest level after the sixth month and the sags start to pick up.