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What is Facial Aesthetics?

One of the most popular aesthetic initiatives in recent years has been facial aesthetics. Let’s take a look at what is facial aesthetics and what it consists of. The face is the part of the body that attracts attention and provides communication. As a result, keeping the face looking aesthetically pleasing, youthful, healthy and beautiful is critical for everyone. Both men and women desire facial aesthetics. In order to meet this demand and make the face look more beautiful, we perform facial aesthetics inspired by the most advanced technologies. It is very important for facial aesthetics to look both natural and flawless. The first priority of patients in recent years has been natural facial aesthetics. You can consult our specialist physicians for natural and unobtrusive facial aesthetics.

Facial aesthetics is the general name of cosmetic procedures performed on the face, neck and décolleté. Face lift, neck lift, face lift, rhinoplasty, lip aesthetics, ear aesthetics, eye contour aesthetics, eyebrow lift, chin aesthetics are examples of facial aesthetic applications.

Facial aesthetics aims to make the face look younger, healthier, more dynamic and more beautiful. In order to achieve this appearance, wrinkles are removed with facial aesthetics, sagging is repaired and the face is pulled upwards to make the face look younger. Considering that the first signs of aging appear on the face, it is easy to understand why facial aesthetics is so important.

What are the effects of Facial Aesthetics?

When the skin begins to age, it sends its first signals. There are some procedures for facial rejuvenation operations. Wrinkles around the eyes, the use of facial expressions and the thinness of the skin around the eyes are one of the first signs of aging. Wrinkles and sagging on the eyelid are removed by eyelid lifting surgery. To look more dynamic and youthful, a flabby piece of skin is cut and the eyelid is sewn back. Another popular plastic surgery in facial aesthetics is forehead lift aesthetics. In forehead lift aesthetics, the visibility of the horizontal lines in the middle of the forehead and the vertical lines between the two eyebrows is reduced. Forehead lift aesthetics does not affect the facial expressions of the person and a very small, inconspicuous scar remains after the surgery. The scar from the forehead lift surgery is not visible when viewed from the opposite side, as it is hidden in the hair follicles. Aesthetic surgeries such as face lift and fat injection are performed in the mid-face area. Its purpose is to make the middle face appear fuller and wrinkle-free. Because the collagen tissue in the skin decreases as we age. As the amount of fat under the skin decreases, wrinkles and later sagging appear on the skin. When the face loses its fullness, the skin will naturally appear paler and older. The adipose tissue produced under the skin restores the fullness of the person’s face and ensures that the face is recovered upwards.

How is Facial Aesthetics Performed?

When it comes to facial aesthetics, your needs should be determined first. The facial rejuvenation methods suitable for the person’s facial line are determined, and the patient and the doctor decide jointly for aesthetic surgeries. Minimal and effective steps are required for facial aesthetics to look natural. After the patient’s needs are determined, facial aesthetics is performed. Facial aesthetics is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Since the face is a whole, it is critical that the procedures used in facial aesthetics are compatible with each other. In addition to face lift surgery, neck lift and eyelid lift procedures should be performed as needed. Because a young face and a drooping jowl do not go together. Facial aesthetics can be combined with various surgeries. Combined surgeries will be more cost-effective and result in more effective changes in a single session.

What Should Be Considered Before Facial Aesthetics

Non-surgical rejuvenation, which is one of the applications used to remove disinformation on the skin over time, can eliminate the signs of aging for up to ten years. People who plan to use this application must inform their doctors about the drugs they use before applying. In particular, blood thinners should be discontinued 15 days before administration. Taking precautions against possible bleeding means avoiding foods that prevent blood clotting before administration. Taking a break from alcohol consumption for 4 days before the application reduces the risks that may occur during the application.

How is the Recovery Process After Facial Aesthetics?

You will need to stay in the hospital for one day after facial aesthetics. As after every surgery, edema and swelling on your face are normal after facial aesthetics. You may feel pain for the first four days after facial aesthetics, but you can manage this with painkillers. Bruises and edema on your face begin to decrease after the first week. The effects of the surgery can be seen as early as the tenth day. After the first week, the stitches are removed gradually. We recommend our patients to return to work after the second week. Facial numbness may occur after facial aesthetics, this is a temporary situation. You should move slowly and carefully while applying make-up and cream to your face.

What are Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation?

After examining our specialists, non-surgical facial rejuvenation is decided according to the result. Our skin, which is the largest organ in the human body, loses its firmness and smoothness over time. We successfully perform non-surgical facial rejuvenation applications, which are often preferred by people who want to avoid surgical interventions while gaining an aesthetic appearance. This last application is made for our patients who do not want surgical intervention.

Collagen production, which gives vitality and smoothness to our skin, decreases as a result of gravity, adverse weather conditions, diseases and aging. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, causing wrinkles. The tissues under the skin are visualized with special devices, the connective tissues under the skin are subjected to heat treatment without damaging the skin, making the skin more taut.

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures consist of:

  • Facelift using a lock strap
  • Focus Ultrasound for Face Lift
  • Thermage gold needle application liquid face lift
  • Endopeel thread face lift
  • Spider web
  • Facial mesotherapy
  • Filling injection.

What are the Risks of Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation?

Since non-surgical stretching applications are not performed together with any surgical procedure, complications do not occur. After completing the procedure, people can continue their normal lives. We perform the application without risk. As a result, when you do the necessary research about the center and the doctor you will apply for, you will see that we have well-equipped physicians in the field of medical aesthetics.

Who is not recommended for facial rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation procedures are not recommended for people with very thin skin and a lot of adipose tissue under the skin, and people with severe skin sagging in the chin and jowl area. We do not recommend facelift procedures for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with blood clotting disorders, or men and women with very thick skin. Apart from this, we successfully perform non-surgical stretching applications for all our patients who are deemed suitable as a result of the examinations of our expert dermatologists.

What are the Prices of Facial Rejuvenation?

Non-surgical rejuvenation prices vary according to your needs and in direct proportion to the content of the application to your skin. The price is directly affected by the number of sessions and the size of the area to be applied. You can get detailed price information for the application you want by contacting us. Focusing on customer satisfaction, we determine our service policy with reasonable price options. You can contact us for more information about non-surgical facial rejuvenation prices.

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