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Facial oil injection; It is a procedure that is performed by using the fat tissue obtained from its own body as a filling material after special processes in order to make the face look younger, natural, tightened and aesthetic. In order for this application to be reliable in terms of health, it must be performed by an aesthetic surgeon under clinical conditions.

What is Facial Fat Injection?

In the face area; Over time, an undesirable appearance may occur due to reasons such as advanced age, unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleep, weight changes, childbirth, and dehydration of the skin by not taking care to drink enough water.

When we look at What is oil injection to the face; These are procedures for many purposes such as skin recovery, tightening, elimination of wrinkles and fine lines, shaping the sunken parts and making them more aesthetic. The process of the operation is planned and applied by the plastic surgeon after the examination, completely individually.

How to Apply Fat Injection to the Face?

First of all, the fat tissue from the individual’s own body must be taken and the useful part must be separated from the unused part by centrifugation in the laboratory environment. After this separation, some substances can be added in order to prevent the fat from being completely melted by the body.

Liposuction technique is used for fat removal. If the individual has a body part with a regional lubrication problem, regional thinning can be achieved at the same time by performing a procedure here. If there is not enough fat in the body of the individual, 20-30 cc of fat is taken from the butt area, enough for the face.

After the filling material is obtained, the required amount of oil filling is injected under the skin to eliminate the problems in the face area. There are no incisions and scars in the face area as there is only needle entry and no incisions during the injection. However, if the procedure is to undergo a planned operation with the application of liposuction for regional thinning, there will be several 0.5 cm incisions in the liposuction area.

The whole process takes about 40 – 45 minutes if there is an operation on all parts of the face. However, if regional thinning is also planned, it may take 1-2 hours. Local anesthesia is preferred for small-scale operation to be performed only in the face area. However, sedation or general anesthesia technique will be applied in an operation planned with liposuction.

Preparation Process Before Facial Fat Injection

It is important that the face area of ​​the individual is clean and dry during the preparation process before facial oil injection. In addition, while coming to the application session, any natural or synthetic cosmetic product, medicine, etc. nothing should be driven. Make-up should not be applied.

Things to Consider After Fat Injection to the Face

There are some points to be considered after facial fat injection and these factors are important for the healing process to be fast and risk factors to be minimized.

First of all, after the operation is completed, a cold compress can be applied to reduce possible swelling. For this, procedures such as applying cold gel every 15 minutes or cooling the area without pressing with an ice pack can be preferred.

In the first days, complaints such as swelling, redness, bruises and pain are normal and there is no need to worry about these symptoms. However, these are expected to be in small quantities. If you think it is very serious and you are worried, consult your doctor.

Swelling and other symptoms begin to disappear on their own within a few days.

In the first days, a mini bandage can be applied to the area. Bandages can be removed after a few hours or the next day.

The face can be washed 1 day after the application. After 5-6 days, it can be helped to recover the tissues by lightly massaging the area. Your doctor will inform you about when these processes will begin.

Antibiotic use and pain relief treatment may be appropriate in the first days to minimize the risk of infection. If you want to change your painkiller, you should remember that you must consult your doctor.

In this process, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water will contribute to faster recovery of tissues.

In the first days, you should rest and avoid activities that will tire you out too much.

The face may be sensitive in the first days after the operation. Therefore, you should eliminate the possibility of exposure to sunlight.

Sauna, Turkish bath, bath with hot water can cause bleeding and infection in the face area in the first days.

You should not smoke for the first 24 hours after the procedure and stay away from alcohol for the first 7-10 days.

Is Face Oil Injection Risky?

Facial oil injection Making is a safe and low-risk procedure when performed by a plastic surgeon under sterile conditions. Since the general health status of the person will be examined, these risk factors are further reduced. Not only in the first session, but also in the repeat sessions, a small amount of darkening can be seen in the skin color.

For What Purpose Is Fat Injection Performed?

Fat injection to the face area is applied to eliminate the signs of aging and to provide a significant rejuvenation on the skin.

  • Strengthening cheekbones
  • Eliminate or reduce all wrinkles, from dense wrinkles around the eyes and lips to lines on the forehead
  • To give lips a fuller and voluminous appearance
  • Showing the tip of the nose slightly raised
  • Tightening the skin
  • Facial oil injection is applied for purposes such as regenerating the skin.

In addition, allergic reactions to filling materials can be seen very rarely; Since the filler obtained from the individual’s own body is used in the fat transfer technique, there is no allergic reaction.

Is Oil Injection Permanent?

Permanence of fat injection varies according to the age of the individual and the way he maintains his current weight. As long as the person does not gain weight in young individuals, it is a permanent procedure for many years. However, it is a procedure that may need to be repeated at older ages and there is no harm in doing it again.

Apart from this, the amount of filler injected into the individual will decrease within a few months as the adipose tissue is absorbed by the body. The remaining filling material is permanent for life. If the person feels that he needs a little more filling, the procedure can be repeated after 6 months.

Is There Any Traces Left in Fat Injection to the Face?

There is no scarring in the fat injection to the face where no surgical incision is applied to the individual. Only needles are inserted at several different points during the procedure. Under normal conditions, the needle holes will be closed quickly by the body, and these holes will heal quickly and there will be no scars.

Where to Get Fat Injection for the Face?

The Facial oil injection technique is organized by the Yoo Retouch clinic in the city of Istanbul. All aesthetic procedures organized by the clinic are carried out in the country’s best quality, fully equipped and Class A hospitals, such as Acıbadem. Plastic surgeons who take part in the operations are among the most successful and famous surgeons in the country.

Face Oil Injection Price

More than one factor has an effect on Facial oil injection price. Some of these factors are; interpreter support, transfer service by VIP vehicle, hotel operations, food and beverage, flight ticket transactions, hospital care costs, physician examination fee, medications.

You can get free consultancy service to get personal information about all the calculations made and to learn the answers to your questions directly from the clinic. For this, you need to reach the clinic via the contact information on the website of the clinic.

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