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What is Fat Injection (Lippofilling)?

Fat injection is the process of transferring fat from any part of the body with special methods to another part of the body through special cannulas. Since this method is made with fats taken from the body’s own tissue, no allergic reaction does not create. We can explain the question of what is fat injection as follows; It is called the injection of fat to the targeted areas of the face and body by injection method to provide fullness to those areas. It is a common procedure to add fullness to the sunken areas on the cheeks, forehead, lips, cheek-lip line, chin, buttocks and legs.

Where to Get Oil for Fat Injection?

Fats taken for this treatment are usually taken from the abdomen by means of a special liposuction injector. Fat is also frequently taken from the waist and hips. Fats taken from the arms and legs of people with liposuction injection and even the fat taken from the under-eye bags of people with eyelid aesthetics can also be used in the fat injection process.

How is Fat Injection Performed?

Fat injection is performed using many techniques and tools. In this application, fats are generally taken with special liposuction injectors. It is then transferred to another injector and injected into the targeted parts of the body. In both processes, there is no need to make cuts and stitches. This operation is usually performed with local anesthesia. Although there are cases where it is performed with general anesthesia, local anesthesia is mostly used in this procedure. Fat injection can also be used while performing a face lift. In this application, the cheeks are filled with fat injection. Fats taken from various regions such as hips and hips are injected into the determined area after passing through some special processes such as centrifugation. Since no incision is made during these procedures, there is no scar.

How Long Does Fat Injection Take?

In this treatment, the more the fat cells transferred to the targeted area adhere, the more permanent the fat injection will be. Thanks to some devices developed recently, it is ensured that the oils obtained are transferred to the determined area by preventing contact with air. In this way, since tissue loss is less experienced, the permanence time of the oils is also prolonged.

When Are Fat Injection Effects Seen?

The effects of fat injection are different according to the regions where the transferred fat cells are taken. The effect of the oils transferred with this application varies from person to person. Permanence also varies according to the region where the oils are applied. Post-injection persistence is higher in less immobile areas such as cheeks. In more active areas such as the leg area, this rate is lower. After the operation, how long the injected fat remains in the body becomes clear after about 6 months. In some cases, a second or third injection can be applied.

Is Fat Injection Permanent?

Fat injection process is a more effective and permanent method compared to the procedures performed with filling materials containing hyaluronic acid. So, is the fat injection permanent? The permanence of this method differs depending on the viability of the obtained fat cells, the surgical devices used in the procedure, the method of taking and giving the fat, and the transfer of the fats as a result of various procedures. In the area where the fat is injected, the fat can maintain its permanence at an average of 40% and after 6 months. In some cases, oil injection can be repeated several times. The chance of success is higher in this procedure performed on inactive areas. For example, while the fat injection applied to the cheeks is more permanent, the success of the operation applied to the moving parts such as the legs is less.

In Which Areas Is Fat Injection Performed?

Facial area: The most common area of fat injection is the face. This process can be applied to some parts of the face such as cheeks, lips and mimic lines, as well as to the whole face. With this treatment method, a more lively and healthy appearance is aimed by filling the deformed places on the face, pits, deep lines and wrinkles that make the person look tired. This method is also used to plump up areas such as deep wrinkles, thinned lips, cheekbones, or to enlarge the lower jaw a little to provide a proportional appearance.

Breast: Another area where fat injection is made the most. This procedure can be applied to people who have small breasts or who have various deformations such as collapse and sagging in their breasts, or who have an asymmetrical breast.

Hip: This method is preferred in women who do not have depressions or side folds on their hips. In addition, women with small hips who are not satisfied with their hips also demand this treatment. With this process, the waist appears thinner. This image, called the hourglass, is an image that many women want.

Legs: This method is mostly used by women who are uncomfortable with their crooked or crooked legs. With this process, some flattening is achieved in the legs by injecting fat into the empty parts.

Buttock: It is especially applied to those who want to protrude backwards or to have a butt shape, also called Brazilian butt.

Hands: It is one of the areas where signs of aging are seen. Wrinkles due to aging or deformations due to various reasons can be seen on the hands. Fat injection treatment on the upper part of the hand (back) will close the wrinkles in this area.

In Which Areas of the Face Is Fat Injection Made?

This operation is performed on the face as well as on some local areas. This treatment, which is performed on the entire face, is usually applied to people who gain and lose weight at a young age or people with premature aging.

If we specify the areas applied to the face;

  • Cheek area
  • Chin part
  • The so-called temporal region (temporal region)
  • Forehead area
  • Mimic lines on the forehead
  • Medium and deep mimic lines formed between the eyebrows
  • Upper lip
  • Lower lip
  • The line from the nose to the mouth (Nasolabial region)
  • Under eye area
  • It can also be applied to these areas to provide vaginal tightening, tightening or genital aesthetics.

How is Fat Injection Applied to the Face?

  • This application is mostly performed with local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is applied as filling is applied to certain areas such as lips, nose or nasolabial lines.
  • General anesthesia can be used depending on the patient’s condition in the procedures performed on the entire face.
  • In the treatment of fat injection, fat cells are usually taken from the abdomen or areas such as waist or hips. Wearing a corset to the area where the fat is taken for 2-4 weeks is useful for shaping the area.
  • Many devices are used when removing fat cells. The most important of these devices is that by spraying the substance that provides local anesthesia to the area where the fat will be taken, the fat cells are separated from the connective tissue atraumatically and this process is facilitated. It is also effective in getting a more effective result. These oils, taken by injection, are drawn atraumatically with the help of a device that uses less effort and are prepared without contact with air. In this way, the injection of fat cells, which form in a thinner consistency, can also be applied better.
  • It takes only 45 minutes when applied to the entire face. When applied to a single area, it takes about 30 minutes. This treatment does not require hospitalization. After the procedure, when the fat injection is applied to the entire face or a large area, the face is fixed with a small bandage. This bandage only stays for a week. It is removed after a week.

When the procedure is done, it will be useful to apply ice for a week, especially for the first 3 days. In addition, it is recommended to stay away from work that raises blood pressure, and to use painkillers and antibiotics regularly.

What are the Advantages of Fat Injection?

One ingredient that is abundant in many people is fat. Therefore, it is easily obtained when needed. It is found in the butt part even in thin people. Therefore, it is a material that is easy to reach. Since it is taken from the person’s own body, it does not have any side effects. In areas where fat is injected, at least 30 percent of the fat remains. This process can be done repeatedly. This process is more

permanent when applied a certain number of times. Fat injection treatment is a more natural and effective method than synthetic fillings.

How is Fat Injection Price Determined?

First of all, fat injection prices are determined according to many factors. This procedure varies according to the size of the area to be performed, the condition of the patient, and the rate of damage. In addition, the preparation and addition of stem cells in the fat injection process or the injection of stem cells also affect the prices. You can visit yooretouch.com to get information about this treatment and many other health and aesthetic issues, or you can contact us on our Whatsapp line to talk to our doctors who are the best in their field with their expert staff, or you can easily reach us from our social media accounts.

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