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Adipose tissue can be used as soft tissue fillers. The person’s own fat tissues are used. Therefore, it is cheap and easily available, has no side effects or allergic effects. After these fat are processed, they can be used as filling material for the preferred area in our body.

For the purpose of filling the gaps in the face and body, for intensification (under the skin areas with radiotherapy), for the treatment of scars (atrophic scar filling), for better results in breast aesthetics (composite breast augmentation), for breast reconstruction (in breast reconstruction revision surgery). can be used. Since the given fats will continue to live in that alternative, a more permanent filling process is made. In addition, due to the cell content, the transferred cell causes an increase in skin quality / subcutaneous tissue thickness.


Detailed medical history, patient examination, information about the surgery, pre-procedure photography, and postoperative results are provided.


It can be performed under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia and/or sedation. In the first stage, the region where the adipose tissue will be obtained is determined. A half-centimeter incision is opened and the fat is aspirated with the help of cannulas, provided that it is not too pressurized. Then the fats are filtered. Those fat cells are prepared to make suitable for injection. It is then injected with small injectors or cannulas into the pre-operatively determined areas. The procedure time varies depending on the application area, but commonly takes about 30 minutes.


The person is discharged on the same day. The next day she/he can take a shower and bath.Patient can immediately return to daily activities and return to work after 2 days of rest. Heavy activities are allowed after 1 month. These times are valid only if the fat injection was made. If it is performed in conjunction with any surgery, the recovery and recovery times of the first surgery apply, fat injection does not require any additional recovery or recovery time.

The duration of the injected oils varies from person to person. Since this is a kind of graft procedure, some of the transferred cells continue to live in the transferred area. Thus, approximately 40-50% of it becomes permanent. With repeated injections, there may be no need for filling.

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