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What is Femirenew (Genital Aesthetics)?

The area called the genital area in women is a concept that includes both the female reproductive organ and the outside of the genital organ. And it is extremely important that this area is clean and aesthetically pleasing. This is necessary both for women’s health and for the healthy progress of sexual life. However, especially with the effect of aging, the female genital area changes. In addition to the effect of aging, there are other reasons for the changes observed in the bikini area. These can be stated as genetic structure, the effect of sun rays, the use of synthetic underwear, and skin structure. Femirenew operations are also aesthetic procedures performed for this region. Sometimes darkening can also be observed in the area called the bikini area. For this, the most frequently performed procedure in the name of genital aesthetics is the color lightening operation. As such, the most frequently asked question about aesthetic procedures applied in this area is “What is vagina whitening?” is the question.

How to Whiten the Genital Area Vagina?

First of all, it should be noted that the region called the Vagina among the people is actually the Vulva. Many people confuse the terms Vagina and Vulva. In our article, when we talk about the Femirenew Vagina whitening method, we are actually talking about the procedures performed on the Vulva. Since this region is commonly called the vagina among the people, we have to use this term when giving information about the procedures in our article.

Many women complain of darkening or discoloration in the bikini area. So, how are the whitening procedures performed in this area? As in every aesthetic procedure, different methods are used in these procedures. These:

  • laser method,
  • Mesotherapy method,
  • Microdermabrasion method,
  • Genital PRP method,
  • natural methods.

Among the above-mentioned methods, the most preferred laser is. The reasons for this are both quicker results and a more permanent effect than others. Each of the methods is known for its different features. After the application of these methods, the bikini area becomes lighter than it is.

Is Vagina Whitening Process Harmful?

Many people abstain from aesthetic procedures for the bikini area. This is mostly because of the fear felt. It is thought as if the procedures to be performed in this area will harm the female reproductive organ. But the reality is exactly the opposite. Genital area whitening procedures performed in expert hands are extremely safe. Since these processes are superficial, they do not contain any features that will harm the ovaries, uterus or other areas of the female reproductive organ. The point that should not be forgotten here is that aesthetic procedures should be performed by a specialist physician. However, a healthy procedure is applied and successful results are obtained. Bikini area whitening procedures performed in our clinic Yoo Retouch achieve successful results. The reason for this is the expertise and experience of the physicians working in our clinic.

Is There Any Darkening After Vagina Whitening?

The skin is a structure that constantly renews itself. For this, darkening can be observed again in some cases after the aesthetic procedure. It is actually in the hands of the person that the darkening does not occur again. What can be said at this point is that patients should strictly comply with the points that should be paid attention to after the operation. Staying away from the factors that cause darkening in the skin color helps to get rid of the darkening symptoms in this area. These can be listed as taking good care of the skin, choosing cotton underwear, and avoiding the use of chemical cosmetic products. If you follow your doctor’s instructions after the procedure, you will not face the darkening in this bikini area again. In this way, “Is vaginal whitening permanent?” You will observe and experience the answer to the question.

Laser Vagina Whitening

We mentioned that the most preferred method of lightening the bikini area is laser vagina whitening. We will talk about the method under this title, with the thought that it will be useful for those who want to explain how this process is performed. The laser method helps to renew the tissue in the vulva area. For this, it is used in rejuvenation processes in the bikini area. As we know, there is a layer on the surface of the skin called the epidermis. Laser operations allow this area to be peeled off. As a result, a layer of pink skin, which is popularly called new skin, appears under the peeling area. In this way, the skin is renewed and whitened. Laser beams directly target the darkened skin cells and renew these cells. This process takes a very short time. With the completion of the laser shots, the process is completed. This corresponds to a period of twenty-five minutes. This method is a painless and painless procedure.

How to Perform Laser Genital Area Procedure?

The bleaching processes performed on the vulva can also be applied for the breech area upon request. Before the operation, anesthetic creams are applied to the area where the whitening process will be performed. In this way, the area becomes numb and pain is not felt during the procedure. Afterwards, the area is intervened with laser beams. The procedure is applied with the preferred non-surgical vagina whitening laser type. The process is completed with laser shots applied on dark areas. After the laser treatment, darkening can be seen in the area for a short time. This is quite normal. After darkening, peeling appears in the area and the result is obtained.

Does Vaginal Whitening Affect Sexual Life?

Whitening procedures in the bikini area do not have a feature that will negatively affect sexual life. On the contrary, there is a positive effect. After this procedure, the person becomes more confident in himself. In this way, his communication with his partner becomes stronger. This opens the door to a healthy sexual life. In addition, as a result of lightening the vulva, a much more aesthetic appearance is achieved in sea clothes such as bikinis or swimsuits. In all respects, it has become better in terms of aesthetics.

Things to Consider After Vagina Whitening

It will be more useful to specify what to pay attention to after the procedure in items to ensure retention. It is especially important one week after the operation. Here’s what to do:

  • Using the creams recommended by the doctor,
  • Application of these creams at the right rate and at intervals,
  • avoiding water contact for two days after the procedure,
  • Proper care of the vulva,
  • Keeping the area clean.

Compliance with all these items will be effective in the healthy completion of the healing process. In addition, it will safely ensure that the color of the region is opened.

How is Femirenew Vagina Whitening Process?

Before the procedure, the area you want to whiten is checked by your doctor during the meeting with your doctor. After the target area is determined, the appropriate method for the operation is determined. By making use of the opportunities provided by laser technology, the whitening process is started in the darkened area. Of course, before that, the degree of darkening is determined and the degree of laser shots is adjusted accordingly. The process is completed in a maximum of twenty-five minutes. Afterwards, if there is a cream that your doctor deems appropriate, it is applied to the area. The best part of the procedure is that you can return to your normal life within the same day. At the end of one month following the procedure, the color change in the area is observed. One session will be enough for laser. You do not need a second or third session for this.

Vagina Whitening Prices

As with other aesthetic operations, you can get the most accurate information about vagina whitening price by contacting our clinic. Which methods will be applied for the transaction and in what area the transaction will be carried out are the factors that determine the fees. You can have an idea about the fees by specifying the transaction you want to make, and you can have information about the packages offered to you.

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