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What is the Fue Technique in Hair Transplantation?

Over time, damaged hair begins to fall out. In addition to hereditary reasons, hair loss can also be caused by environmental variables such as stress, seasonal changes, hormone imbalances. It is also well known that increasing age has a significant effect on hair loss. Hair loss can cause loss of self-confidence, as well as psychological reflections such as the feeling of old age. Hair transplantation can be used to restore the lively and natural appearance of shed hair. After this hair transplant procedure, your hair is at least as rich and healthy as before the hair transplant procedure. Hair transplantation is carried out using various procedures. Among these treatments, fue hair transplantation gives the best results, although the surgery takes longer than others.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

What is Fue hair transplantation? When the question is asked, it will be useful to give information about the essence of the method. The Fue hair transplant procedure is a popular hair transplant treatment around the world. With this approach, no incision is made on the scalp and no skin piercing is made. Follicular Unit Extraction is abbreviated as Fue. This approach was first used with 1mm punches in Japan in 1988. In 2002, this approach was published in the medical literature.

In the FUE process, hair follicles are taken from the donor area one by one, separated from the epidermis and transferred to the target area. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted to the target area one by one in the same way. As a result of the placement of hair follicles, this process requires longer sessions than other treatments. Instead of staples, this approach is now performed with a micromotor. Hair transplantation with the Fue technique is a popular procedure. It is very important to understand how this strategy is used. Above all, the procedure should only be used by trained healthcare professionals. Otherwise, unattractive hair appearance may occur.

What Causes Hair Loss and Loss?

In the treatment of hair loss, first of all, the diagnosis must be correct. It is very important to understand the causes and types of hair loss. Dermatologist examination determines the causes of hair loss and plans the appropriate treatment. People who have lost their hair should avoid using hair care products that can damage their hair and scalp. It is very important to adopt a diet rich in protein. If the shedding is due to a vitamin deficiency, the vitamin needs to be replenished. First of all, in case of hair loss caused by thyroid or another condition, a technique should be followed to treat the condition. There are many treatment options to prevent hair loss. These; drug therapy, hair mesotherapy, prp hair treatment, hair transplantation.

Fue Hair Transplantation Consists of Which Techniques?

Fue hair transplantation method is divided into 3 main titles. These consist of the following titles;

  • Micro Fue Hair Transplant Method: It is a more advanced version of the manual FUE procedure. In micro hair transplantation technique, it is the process of removing hair follicles using equipment with tiny tips. This technology uses micromotors with extremely small tips. The bits are designed for drilling holes with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.9 mm. The micro-rings of the scalp are opened and the hair follicle and the textural components around the hair follicle are separated and removed.
  • Saffir Fue Hair Transplant Method: Saffir FUE is not a procedure like Micro FUE method. These are just variations of the FUE procedure. The main difference between Saffir FUE and other FUE is that the tips are made of Sapphire rather than metal. It opens small chambers in the scalp and is good for lower crusting rates. It also helps speed up the healing phases. Sapphire-tipped micro needles are far superior to traditional needle structures.
  • Soft Fue Hair Transplant Method: FUE is not a sub-method of hair transplantation; rather, it is a sub-innovation of the FUE technique. Soft fue shows that the hair transplantation process is supported by sedation-focused drugs that calm the patient but do not affect his consciousness. To summarize, you will not lose consciousness with this treatment, but you will be able to have a hair transplant without any discomfort. Sedatives are not designed to prohibit behaviors such as going to the toilet or talking.

In Which Situations Should Fue Hair Transplantation Method Be Preferred?

Fue hair transplantation has gained popularity recently as it offers several advances and conveniences over previous procedures. Unlike previous approaches, it is preferred because no incision is made on the head of the person, and it allows the person who has the treatment to heal faster. As a result, stitches are not used in the transplanted area and there is no suture scar problem. The Fue hair transplant technique is recommended because of the shorter recovery time and faster natural appearance. In addition to these reasons, where to plant fue hair transplantation is an important issue that needs to be emphasized. The application has a critical importance in the percentage of clinical success. Considering this situation, clinic selection should be made accordingly. Yoo Retouch is one of the clinics that will meet all your expectations and get successful results in hair transplantation. In addition to these, fue hair transplantation is effective for the following reasons;

  • Ease of Operation : Since the hair follicles are taken from the area one by one and placed on the person to be transplanted, there is no significant bleeding or scarring in the rooted area. As a result, the Fue technique is highly recommended.
  • Easy Application : Fue Hair transplantation is preferred by those who want to prevent discomfort and perform faster hair transplantation, since the treatment is performed under local anesthesia and the full hair transplantation process is completed in six to seven hours.</li >
  • Effective in All Conditions : Due to the Fue technique, it is preferred by people who do not have enough donors in the area where hair follicles will be taken, because hair follicles can be taken from the beard and chest area and applied to the area to be treated, if any.
  • Achieving a Natural Look : People who want to get better results can choose the Fue hair transplant approach, which includes more frequent hair transplantation and regional transplantation.
  • Persistence Rate : Those who are concerned about hair loss after hair transplantation should know that since the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from non-shedding areas such as the ear and neck, hair does not shed in the transplanted area after the procedure.

How is Fue Hair Transplantation Performed?

One of the most preferred hair transplantation methods is the fue technique. The question of How is Fue hair transplantation done can be answered in detail as follows; Before FUE hair transplantation, the hair of the person in the donor area from which the hair will be taken is shortened to 1 mm in length. After the hair shortening process, the donor area epilation process is started. Before starting the procedure, the area to be transplanted and the donor area where the hair will be taken are anesthetized with local anesthetic. This approach does not require general anesthesia. Also, any surgical approach is beyond the scope of the methodology.

The donor area is usually defined as the area on the nape behind both ears. Apart from hair transplantation, all other transplantation procedures such as mustache or beard transplantation should be reported to a professional health doctor. Because there is a limited amount of hair follicles and tissue components (grafts) in the donor location. After the local anesthetic is applied, the micro motor tip is moved towards the exit direction of the hair root, separating the hair root from the skin. After taking as many grafts as necessary, hair is transplanted to the appropriate place using the same procedure.

How Long Does Fue Hair Transplantation Take?

The length of Fue hair transplantation depends on the size of the intended area. The volume of hair follicle and hair tissue required for the transplanted area is critical for the duration of the procedure. If 4000-4500 hair follicles and hair tissue called graft need to be taken during hair transplantation, the procedure may take 6-7 hours. Depending on the amount of graft, the hair transplant operation may take up to 9 hours. During the procedure, short breaks can be given depending on the status of the session. It may take 2-4 hours to get a graft with the FUE procedure. After the graft removal process, there is some respite. The most important factors affecting the duration of the process are:

  • Size of the hair planting area,
  • The amount of graft to be taken is the size of the region,
  • Health practitioner applying the experience of the procedure,
  • Health practitioner applying the preferred number of sessions and session length of the procedure,
  • It is effective that it has a structure that can affect the process of the scalp.

Which Steps Should Be Considered Before Fue Hair Transplantation?

Before Fue hair transplantation, the individual needs to consider many factors. Considering these factors, the hair transplantation process will be completed smoothly and effectively. First of all, the hair in the donor area should be shortened to 1 mm. After this shortening process, hair transplantation will be performed. Apart from that, consider:

  • Hair should be clean and oil-free before the procedure,
  • The absence of chemicals such as gel and foam in the hair,
  • Avoiding alcohol as much as possible in the weeks before the procedure
  • If possible, reduce or quit smoking one week before the event.
  • Avoid cardiac activity that wears out the body one week before the procedure, not to be overtired
  • Eating plenty of breakfast on the morning of the surgery, eating light meals at lunch and being completely full during the procedure
  • If possible, dress comfortably on the trading day.

What are the procedures to be considered after Fue Hair Transplantation?

After Fue hair transplantation, some changes occur in the transplanted hair. The most striking of these changes is the rapid loss of the transplanted hair. Although the loss of newly transplanted hair is scary, the shed hair will come back quickly and permanently. After the procedure, the patient is sent home to recover. The person is asked not to drive or use such vehicles for 6-10 hours after the operation. After hair transplantation, the treated area should not be touched by hand and should not come into contact with water. It is very important to keep the head straight so that the edema heals quickly. Doctor-prescribed drugs and creams should be used.

Washing After Hair Transplant

When it’s time to wash your hair, be sure to use the shampoo recommended by your doctor. Special attention should be paid to the transplanted area for the first 15 days after Fue hair transplantation. The pillow used while sleeping is vital for the protection of both the transplanted areas and the donor areas. Hard pillows that can damage the hair root should not be used. The transplanted hair follicles should never be damaged. Sleeping in the supine position may be advantageous in terms of hair follicle protection. Heavy sports should be avoided if possible, head injuries should be avoided. Except for light hair cuts using scissors, haircuts that can be considered important should be avoided. Considering all these factors, hair transplant surgery will be performed effectively and without complications.

What are the reasons why you prefer the Fue Hair Transplant Technique?

Fue hair transplantation has many advantages. If we list the advantages of this strategy one by one;

  • Since no stitches or piercings are used during the procedure, there is no scar on the scalp.
  • While grafts can be collected from the nape area selected as the donor area for hair transplantation, if beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation is required, additional transplantation operations can be easily performed by taking hair follicles from the same area with this approach.
  • The recovery period after surgery is relatively fast and the level of pain is very low.
  • After the sixth month of the operation, the hair starts to look aesthetically beautiful. After 1 or 1.5 years, the hair regains a perfect natural appearance and a healthy structure. There is no health problem related to the procedure.

How Should Hair Care Be Taken After Fue Hair Transplantation?

The healing process is quick and easy, as it is a cut and suture-free procedure. In the first month following FUE hair transplantation, the transplanted hair begins to fall out. Although this shock shedding is frightening, it is natural and expected. Within a few months, the hair starts to grow back gradually. After about a year, the transplanted hair returns to its normal state. It is very important for patients to relax and eat healthy after hair transplantation. Although it is a painless and simple procedure, the hair transplant area should be followed for a while and no operation should be performed.

Is there any harm from Fue Hair Transplantation?

This process, which is the most modern in hair transplantation, is completely safe. For the Is Fue Hair Transplantation harmful question, this answer will be the most comforting one. The physician or specialist who will perform the procedure should be carefully selected. The experience and skill of the physician is critical to a safe and effective procedure. Hair is our most effective ornament, whether male or female. As a result, hair transplantation should be done carefully and sensitively. With the right hair transplant center, you can completely eliminate your baldness and hair loss problems.

Fue Hair Transplant Current Prices 2022

Fue hair transplant differs from previous hair transplant procedures. The size of the area to be planted and the techniques to be used are two of the most important factors in this inequality. Price differences are also caused by the condition of the hair follicles, which requires additional operations. These factors are the determining factors for the Fue hair transplant price information. Another important issue is the hair transplant clinic and the person performing the surgery. Transplantation operations, which are a medical procedure, should be performed by experts in a sterile environment. The results of hair transplantation performed by our hair transplantation specialists who have all kinds of competencies have a high success rate. It is vital that you understand your demands correctly and decide on the method to be used and the technical materials to be used.

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