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What is Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen Skin Care)?

Oxygen therapy, which has been preferred by Hollywood stars for a brighter and more vibrant facial appearance in recent years, can be directly called skin care treatment. We wonder how the bright and beautiful-faced people we see in movies and TV series look so flawless. To satisfy this curiosity, “What is OxyGeneo?” It will be helpful to answer the question. This skin care procedure, which is preferred by skin care experts because it is both a very practical method and a method that gives healthy results, gives both men and women a more vibrant looking skin.

This skin care therapy is carried out in kits and with the help of serums and gels that meet the needs of the skin. Although this process is based on a device application, gels and serums that revitalize the skin are indispensable elements. This therapy, which is a four-stage and very practical application, provides many benefits to the skin with serums and gels, each of which serves a different purpose.

OxyGeneo – What is the GeneO+ Treatment?

We mentioned above that oxygen skin care therapy consists of four stages. The OxyGeneo – GeneO+ application meets one of these four stages. Radiofrequency stage, which is the second stage of skin care, is enough to express this term. At this stage, the determined points of the skin are heated. Thanks to this heating, the skin is stimulated and blood circulation accelerates. This stage mostly functions in eliminating wrinkles or lines that appear with the effect of aging. How does GeneO+, which represents Radiofrequency applied on the skin, work? To know this, it will be sufficient to specify what Radiofrequency means. Radiofrequency is different from applications such as Laser. This method completely uses radio waves. Radio waves allow us to radiate heat over the skin. And this process has no harm to the skin.

How is OxyGeneo Applied?

This application consists of four stages. Each stage serves a different purpose for the skin. It is a medical care method due to the devices and materials used. The first of the skin care stages is oxygen application, the second stage is the Radiofrequency application stage, the third stage is the ultrasound stage, and finally the fourth stage is the massage stage. These four stages are applied in the hands of an expert with the right movements at the right rate and the result is obtained. Getting to know each of these stages and “How to apply OxyGeneo?” Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the stages to answer the question.

Stage 1: At this stage, the oxygen gel is determined and applied to the skin. The applied oxygen is fed to the designated areas with the help of the machine’s head. It is applied to create a peeling effect on the basis of this step, which purifies the skin from dirt and dust.

Stage 2: The technology assisted here is Radiofrequency technology. The skin is heated with the help of Radio Frequencies, which do not harm the skin and stimulate the skin. In this way, the cells under the skin are activated.

Stage 3: The desired action at this stage is to ensure that the product applied at the beginning of the process penetrates under the skin with the help of sound waves. With the help of sound waves, the product is pushed towards the lower layer of the skin.

Stage 4: This stage can be called the purification stage. After all the procedures, it meets the massage process applied to rest the skin. The applied massage accelerates blood circulation and gives the skin a more lively appearance.

Who Is OxyGeneo Suitable For?

One of the most curious about aesthetic or skin care procedures is who these procedures are suitable for. Oxygeneo prodecures, which renews the skin and gives shine, is a procedure that can be applied to people of almost all ages, men and women. There are many skin problems that this application treats. Let’s list them:

  • lines caused by aging,
  • acne treatment,
  • acne spots,
  • sunspots,
  • tired look on the face.

Thanks to this skin care treatment, anyone who has acne or acne scars, who cannot get rid of acne scars, who wants to have Anti Aging treatment, can achieve a brighter and more vibrant skin. With this application, which is a very practical and comfortable procedure, you can observe the revival and change in your face even when you leave the first session. OxyGeneo is one of the most effective methods for firmer skin and a brighter face. The number of sessions foreseen for this application is stated as six. If your skin needs more, the number of sessions can be increased with the recommendation of your doctor.

What are the Benefits of OxyGeneo Therapy?

This procedure is effective in eliminating many skin problems at the same time. The benefits of this procedure, which allows us to get rid of blackheads, sunspots, tonal differences observed in the skin and many other skin problems close to the surface, include:

  • a more vibrant skin appearance,
  • a skin structure that looks rejuvenated,
  • a skin free from dirt and dust,
  • a face free of lines,
  • a skin that is free from tiredness and pale appearance,
  • more restful facial expression.

In addition to the benefits it provides on the skin, this application also opens the door to many benefits in one’s life. First of all, the person goes through a comfortable procedure and does not distract himself from his normal life. After the procedure, she is more confident with a younger and more vibrant looking skin. When he looks in the mirror, instead of a dirty and pale appearance, he encounters a more lively, healthier and dynamic face. This situation affects the behavior of the person in his social life in a good way.

Where is OxyGeneo Application Made?

Each process you want to apply for your skin is of great importance. Because it is of vital importance that your skin is healthy and that it gives beneficial results with the right procedures. A wrong action can put you on an irreversible path. For this, you should determine the most accurate address for skin care applications and get a quality service. Our clinic, Yoo Retouch, is a clinic where you can safely have your skin care done with its technical equipment and state-of-the-art technological tools. In our clinic, which offers you all the comfort from the beginning to the end of your process, you can have a safe operation with our expert physician staff and other health personnel. You can contact us to get service from our clinic, where hygienic and all facilities are provided, and you can get detailed information about the process from our consultants.

OxyGeneo Prices?

If you are complaining about acne, blemishes and lines and want to get information about Oxygeneo skin care prices, you can call our clinic and take the first step for your procedure by taking advantage of the opportunities offered to you. Our clinic is the right address for a comfortable skin care and a lively, energetic facial appearance. Take the first step now and start your process with the guidance of our consultants. After a few sessions, get rid of dead skin and have a glowing skin.

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