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Gynecomastia; It is the name given to the female type breast enlargement problem seen in men. Factors such as drugs that an individual should use, problems in hormone balance, dietary habits and lifestyle, and obesity can cause this problem in men. The problem of the person can be treated with techniques such as gynecomastia surgery and liposuction.

The main reason for the formation of mammary glands in men and breast tissue similar to those in women is the disrupted testosterone and estrogen balance. Some estrogen and some testosterone are released in the body in all male and female adult individuals. What determines the main sex factors is related to which one is secreted more. Hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, which are called sex hormones, reveal the sex-related changes that occur in the body during adolescence.

Excess estrogen in men can lead to the development of breast tissue. Therefore, for the permanence of the treatment, the underlying cause of the deterioration of this balance should be investigated and this factor should be eliminated.

What is Gynecomastia?

When we look at What is gynecomastia, we can explain it as the development of the chest area in men, which is seen in 4 different stages, similar to women. Different stages determine the severity of the problem and determine the treatment methods accordingly.

1. Stage

At this stage, the individual only has some fat tissue around the nipple. Thanks to the changes in the exercise and diet, the individual can eliminate and prevent this problem at the initial stage.

2. Stage

At this stage, the fat tissue in the individual is a little more and the area is a little larger. It may require some long-term patience to eliminate it with sports and diet. At this stage, liposuction technique can be recommended as a quick solution to the individual’s problem.

3. Stage

The chest area of ​​the individual is convex and the mammary glands are developed. A structure close to the breast type of women is observed. An individual with a problem of this severity can no longer benefit from liposuction, diet or sports. Only with the removal of a little more adipose tissue can shrinkage occur. Breast tissues must be surgically removed. Apart from this, these tissues cannot be removed from the body.

4. Stage

The chest area of ​​the individual is both convex and the skin is sagging and loose. At this stage, in addition to surgical removal of the excess tissue in the chest area, the excess skin should be cut and sutured again. Otherwise, the sagging problem may continue to increase with age.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Causes of gynecomastia is a condition that can develop due to many different factors. In addition, sudden hormonal fluctuations in the bodies of men during puberty and newborn periods can cause temporary gynecomastia. These conditions are temporary and disappear spontaneously when the body’s hormone balance returns to normal.

However, in adult male individuals, some of the reasons we mentioned do not include treatment or sports, change in eating habits, etc. Some of the reasons for the gynecomastia problem that require gynecomastia can be listed as follows;

  • Smoking and alcohol use
  • Obesity
  • Steroid-containing drugs or supplements used during the training process
  • Regional fat accumulation in the chest area with weight gain
  • Genetic factors
  • Excessive consumption of certain foods that increase the release of estrogen, also called phytoestrogen
  • Carbohydrate-rich diet
  • Some drugs or disorders disrupt the hormone balance in the body

How Do I Know If I Have Gynecomastia?

By self-examination in front of the mirror, individuals can understand whether they have gynecomastia problems. For this, it should be checked whether there is fat tissue and hardness around the nipple by collecting the area around the breast with the palm of the hand. If you have noticed a hard tissue, you should immediately consult a specialist. Although rare, you may need to be screened for breast cancer.

You can also look at yourself from the side and see if the chest area is protruding outward. In advanced problems, the chest area is already protruding and has a structure very similar to the female breast. When the clothes are worn, the chest area becomes prominent outward.

If you think that you cannot realize whether you have a gynecomastia problem on your own, consult a plastic surgeon.

Gynecomastia Surgery Techniques

  • Liposuction technique
  • Removal of breast tissue and liposuction
  • Liposuction, removal of breast tissue and breast reduction operation

What is False Gynecomastia?

False gynecomastia is the name given to the condition of individuals who have not yet formed breast tissue, who do not have problems with hormone balance, and who only have regional lubrication problems. In this case, there is no need for any operation; However, if the individual wishes, he or she can eliminate the fat problem in the area with liposuction.

Preparation Process Before Gynecomastia Surgery

During the preparation process before gynecomastia surgery, the situations that require the individual’s attention are reported to the cat by the plastic surgeon.

  • No food should be consumed 12 hours before the surgery.
  • You should not smoke in the first 24 hours before the operation.
  • Alcohol consumption should be completely stopped 7-10 days before.
  • It is important to sleep at least 8 hours before general anesthesia.
  • If there is a drug used, it may need to be left in the appropriate dose until the operation. In this regard, it is very important that you cooperate with your doctor and plastic surgeon following your medication 1-2 weeks before the operation.

Healing Process After Gynecomastia Surgery

During the recovery period after the gynecomastia operation, there are some points that the individual should pay attention to in order to help the recovery and to eliminate the risk of developing any complications.

In this process, the individual should not do sports for a few months, do not lift heavy loads and should not try to pick up an object from a high place. It is recommended to avoid any activity that may involve straining the area.

In the first days, the body should be allowed to recover by resting. In addition, to aid recovery, balanced meals should be consumed and plenty of water should be drunk.

If you are using a drug, it may be necessary to return to drug treatment with appropriate doses at the appropriate time by asking both your plastic surgeon and your doctor following the drug.

Alcohol should be avoided in the first weeks. Smoking should not be smoked for the first 24 hours and smoking should be restricted as much as possible during the recovery period.

Pain problem in the first days after surgery is a normal situation. For this, your doctor will prescribe you painkillers. However, if you are going to take any other pain reliever or other medication other than this drug, you should not use it without asking your doctor. Otherwise, undesirable complications may develop due to side effects.

In the post-operative period, symptoms such as bruising, redness, swelling and edema can be seen in the chest and surrounding tissues. These conditions are considered normal and will resolve spontaneously without the need for any intervention. However, if you think you are experiencing these symptoms very severely, you should inform your doctor immediately.

It is recommended to use a medical corset for the first 3-4 weeks. The corset will help shape the tissues by keeping them close to each other, and help the muscle and skin to adhere to each other faster.

Where is Gynecomastia Surgery Performed?

Gynecomastia surgery is organized by the Yoo Retouch clinic in the city of Istanbul. Many elements such as the operation process, accommodation, flight procedures, and welcome at the airport are ready for you.

Operations such as surgery and post-operative follow-up are carried out in Turkey’s most famous and fully equipped hospitals, such as Class A Acıbadem, with which the clinic has contracted. Aesthetic surgery physicians are selected among the most experienced and successful physicians of the country serving in such hospitals.

How Much Is the Price of Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia price information varies from person to person as it is a process that is specially planned for him. Calculation; Many elements such as accommodation, eating and drinking, meeting with a VIP vehicle at the airport, interpreter support, hospital care and surgery fees, medical corsets, and medications are included.

You can always use your free consultation right to learn the price information created specifically for you. On the website of the clinic, all contact information to reach the consultants is available.

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