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What is Hand Rejuvenation?

As modern life progressed, it began to appear and become more effective in the hands. Someone who always keeps their hands behind or in their pockets, or someone who uses their hands boldly and even in narrative? Now is the time to understand the importance of hands. Of course, the attractiveness and maintenance of a space that is not only visually appealing but also practical is very important. Our hands are an important organ that shows our age just like our face. As time passes, the skin becomes thinner, subcutaneous tissue and fats disappear, and the spots become permanent. Our wrinkles are exacerbated by the cold and drying effect of winter. When all these situations are in question, let’s look for an answer to the question what is hand rejuvenation. All individuals with old hands can benefit from hand rejuvenation cosmetic operations.

Changes that occur in the hands as we age include:

  • Loss of subcutaneous fat tissue causes the skin on the back of the hand to become abundant and wrinkled, and vessels and bones become visible.
  • Thinning and fraying of the skin: The skin dries, wrinkles and thins and tears easily, like parchment paper.
  • Brown, red spots, commonly known as age spots, appear on the back of the hand. These are caused by UV damage and some have the potential to develop into skin cancer.

What Can Be Done to Rejuvenate Hands?

Hand rejuvenation processes are divided into three categories: renewing the lost fat tissue under the skin, improving skin quality and eliminating imperfections. For Non-surgical hand rejuvenation applications, the following can be counted;

Filling applications: Less difficult filling applications can be preferred instead of fat injection. Hyaluronic acid treatments are done in-office and last more than a year.

Skin Moisturizing Procedures: Pure hyaluronic acid injections are used to moisturize and thicken the skin that thins and dries over time. Repeating these treatments four times a year at two-week intervals is vital to keeping the hands youthful.

PRP applications: In this application, approximately growth factors are taken from the patient’s blood, purified and injected under the skin. This mechanism ensures the regeneration of tissues. PRP treatments can be done alone or in combination with hyaluronic acid applications.

Laser applications: Q-switched laser applications give good results on hand spots.

Chemical peeling Remove blemishes and fine wrinkles by peeling the back of the hand with peeling.

Is There Any Pain After Hand Rejuvenation?

Edema on the hands occurs within the first three days following these treatments. This may cause mild drowsiness. If it is performed in skin regeneration instead of cell grafting, crusting occurs on the back of the hand for the first 5-7 days and new skin takes its place. It is normal to have pain in the days following this treatment, but pain relievers are usually sufficient. There are no major problems with hand rejuvenation techniques that give incredible results with proper use. Hand rejuvenation techniques give permanent results. However, we suggest to our patients that a second session of tissue grafting on the back of the hand may be beneficial depending on the degree of deformity and advancing age.

What are the Hand Rejuvenation Methods?

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are an indispensable attribute for both men and women. Hand rejuvenation methods can benefit both men and women. It is possible to say that it has gained popularity among men. However, since hands are also the symbol of femininity and femininity, we can say that hand aesthetics has become an important symbol of attractiveness among women. That’s why, as women, we never want our hands to age. Until recently, hand rejuvenation in the cosmetic industry, including plastic surgery, was a pipe dream. Fortunately, with the advancement of medical aesthetic technology and cosmetic products, it is no longer difficult to combat the signs of aging and rejuvenate the hands.

Hand Aesthetics : All procedures aimed at renewing the hands and giving them a more attractive appearance with medical aesthetic applications within the framework of hand aesthetics can be counted.

Hand aesthetics includes not only older women and men who want hand rejuvenation, but also people of all ages who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their hands for whatever reason. Apart from surgical operation, medical aesthetic applications and what can be done within the scope of hand aesthetics can be summarized as follows:

  • We can repair lost tissue using treatments that fill the hands with hyaluronic acid.
  • With skin rejuvenation procedures, we can remove wrinkles and revitalize hands.
  • Spot treatments can quickly heal age spots on hands.

Hand Wrinkle Treatment : Especially in women, the upper parts of the hands have a relatively thin skin. As a result, fine wrinkles form on the hands at a young age. Wrinkles increase in depth rapidly when combined with tissue loss caused by aging. Wrinkles on the hands usually begin to bother the person in this late period. At this stage, the most effective hand rejuvenation treatments come into play; Satin stretching and mesotherapy applications and hand rejuvenation program are the most effective applications. Exilis Elite Satin Lift is a skin rejuvenation technique that effectively treats wrinkles. In hand rejuvenation, our clinic prefers to make a personalized combination with Satin Stretching and mesotherapy applications. It is preferred to use mesotherapy products such as Moisture Vaccine, H100, Salmon DNA together with Exilis Elite Satin Stretching to help the collagen synthesis formed under the skin while removing wrinkles and to help the tissues gain volume.

Stain Treatment on Hands : Laser skin resurfacing devices are most commonly used to remove age spots on the hands. Q-Switch and IPL Laser are two extremely effective lasers for removing blemishes on the hand. Also, effective treatments such as Salmon DNA Vaccine can help on skin imperfections. It is possible to say that vaccines are effective in the early stages of the treatment of hand spots.

Hand Rejuvenation with Filler: The most commonly applied treatment to eliminate the signs of age caused by tissue loss in the hands is the hyaluronic acid hand rejuvenation filler. Its strong moisture retention feature helps us to achieve volume under the skin. Hands look fuller and younger. The appearance of wrinkles on the hands is reduced. Combining Hyaluronic Acid Filling with powerful vitamins and antioxidants can increase the effectiveness of the hand area. Hand rejuvenation with mesotherapy can be customized to meet the demands of the skin.

Laser Hand Rejuvenation: It is the general name of Q-Switch laser application for laser hand rejuvenation, spot treatment and removal of small wrinkles, and it is primarily aimed at removing age spots on the hands. Laser systems are useful for spot treatments, but because hand rejuvenation involves more than a simple spot treatment, they are typically used in conjunction with injectable applications. Q-Switch laser treatment for age spots allows us to achieve the desired result in four sessions. There is no discomfort as numbing ointment is applied to the hands before the application. After the stained tissue has crusted over, the most sensitive part of the laser hand rejuvenation treatment is to protect the new tissue from the sun. As a result, it would be advantageous to choose autumn and winter seasons for spot treatment on hands.

How Are Hand Rejuvenation Prices?

Hand aesthetics prices vary according to the application to be made, the content of the protocol and the number of sessions. It is difficult to determine a clear price, since there is a wide range of procedures that can be applied in hand rejuvenation. The hand rejuvenation price can be determined according to the needs of your hand and the type of operation to be applied. You can come to our health center and get free consultation from our aesthetic doctors in order to get a clear price by getting expert opinion.

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