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What is Hyaluronic Acid?

There are numerous benefits of using hyaluronic acid, which is not uncommon for those who take care of their skin and regularly use skin care products. But let’s get into the details to find out what is hyaluronic acid and why it is so important for the skin. Known as a source of moisture, this acid provides dry skin with the moisture it needs. Hyaluronic acid has numerous known benefits for various parts of the body. It is known to help with skin abrasions, moisture loss, reflux, joint ailments and chronic fatigue. It also plays an important role in the joints. It is the most active and best known in skin care.

This acid is normally found in the skin, connective tissue and joints of our body and can be produced on its own. However, this output may decrease over time. As a result of this decrease, there is a loss of moisture and flexibility, and the body requires more hyaluronic acid than before. This acid, which can hold a thousand times its own weight in water molecules, also has the feature of accelerating cell production. As a result, the skin remains both supple and moist. Since this acid cannot be produced in sufficient quantities after a certain age, it must be supplemented externally. Only in this way can the skin look more lively, healthy and plump.

So how can hyaluronic acid be supplemented externally? Of course, this acid is supplemented with hyaluronic facial fillers. When these acid-containing products and facial fillers are used regularly, the skin is provided with the best moisture. If the necessary moisture is provided, it is possible to prevent the formation of pearl lines on the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Filler

hyaluronic facial filler is used to remove settled skin wrinkles, give volume and reshape the face, enlarge the lips, shape the nose, raise scars and atrophic skin tissues. Permanence is affected by the amount of facial filler used and the density of the cruciate ligaments. The shelf life of hyaluronic acid fillers is 6 to 1.5 years. Hyaluronic acid is a necessary intermediate in the formation of collagen in dermal tissue. It has the ability to bind water up to 1000 times its volume.

Hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers do not displace or slip in the area where they are injected. They are often used to increase soft tissue volume, as they do not cause allergic reactions. Fillers can be easily injected into the skin using needles and cannulas under local anesthesia. Often inexpensive facial fillers that have not been extensively tested in the laboratory can cause an allergic reaction. These products also carry a high risk of infection. Consequently, low-cost facial fillers should be avoided.

Free hyaluronic acid found in facial fillers used to add volume to the face, while providing moisture to the skin, increases collagen at the same time. These facial fillers are easily injected under the skin and provide a natural appearance due to their fluidity. They have also been shown to be safe in tests. By using microcannulas, the patient can be applied without bruising and with minimal pain. They have a more natural appearance as they fit better on the face than thicker fillings. These substances are easily applied to areas such as the chin oval, cheek cavities, nasolabial sulci, hands that require volume, as well as the forehead and around the eyes where there are fine lines. As it is used regularly, the amount of substance used in face filling application will decrease in the following sessions.

Things to Know About Hyaluronic Acid Face Filling

If you have decided to come to our health center and get the opinion of our experts after observing your skin’s need for hyaluronic acid, you have taken the right step regarding the process. Those who have hyaluronic acid need to know some conditions before the application. These;

  • After the face filling application, facial edema may occur and may last for 2-7 days. This is due to the water-holding property of the fillers.
  • Be careful not to make too many facial expressions and not to use facial expressions on the day of the face filling application.
  • After the application of the face filling material, the application area should not be touched with water and make-up should not be applied for at least 4 hours.
  • It is possible to have bruises in the area where the face filler is applied. However, these bruises disappear within a week.
  • Saunas and baths should be avoided as the face filling is affected by heat.
  • Face filling procedures are not permanent. The permanence of the hyaluronic acid face filling process varies between 6 and 24 months, depending on the content of the substance used.

Is Hyaluronic Acid Face Filling Permanent?

There are some cases where the average duration of hyaluronic acid facial fillers varies. For the Hyaluronic acid face filling permanent question, these situations should be reviewed first. These situations are;

  • Your skin type,
  • The state of the wrinkle on your face,
  • Type of injection,
  • According to the amount of injected filler, the permanence time of the filler changes.

While the permanence period varies between 6 and 18 months in temporary fillings, there is a permanence of use between 2 and 5 years in semi-permanent fillings. Unlike other fillers, facial fillers also contain free hyaluronic acid. While it adds volume to the face, it also gives the skin the moisture it needs and increases the collagen, but its permanence is about 6 months.

Where is Hyaluronic Acid Filling Used?

Lips are one of the most suitable areas for hyaluronic acid filler on the face. This filler is usually used on the lips. It is also used to define the lip contour. It is used to reduce the appearance of forehead lines and gaps between deep eyebrows. Again, this filling is preferred to remove the folds formed on the rim. It is also used in the treatment of collapses between the chin and the upper lip.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Filling

Hyaluronic acid, which has a gel consistency, increases the water holding capacity and density of our skin. Hyaluronic acid has numerous benefits for the skin:

  • Makes the skin more elastic, wrinkle-free and smooth.
  • Reduces inflammation, irritation and the formation of acne scars.
  • Helps repair tissues, prevents skin aging.
  • It has moisturizing properties for the skin. Hyaluronic acid is used as an active ingredient in moisturizing creams.
  • Helps the formation of collagen, which gives elasticity to the skin.
  • Soothes skin inflammation and irritation
  • As we age, the rate of cell mitosis slows down, resulting in slower cell regeneration. Hyaluronic acid works in the opposite direction.

How is Hyaluronic Acid Face Filling Applied?

A holistic facial approach is important in hyaluronic acid facial filler injection applications applied to the face. If the factors causing the complaint are in another region, the treatment is started there. Filling only the complaint area with filling will ensure that the pit in that area does not disappear completely. The middle area of ​​the cheek is very important in applications. In addition to the loss of volume on the outer part of the cheek, the decrease in the prominence of the cheekbone on the outer part of the cheek can cause sagging in the lower face area and even more pronounced under-eye pit. In such cases, treatment is started from the middle cheek area.

In permanent fillings, only surgical intervention can be effective. As a result, it is best to avoid permanent fillings whenever possible. Considering this situation, hyaluronic acid injection to the face is one of the safest and most effective methods. There are many brands of hyaluronic acid injections to choose from. Each has unique characteristics that affect where on your face it is best injected, how deep it is injected into the skin, and how long it takes after the injection. Our experts will determine for you which hyaluronic acid injection brands are suitable for your application.

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Filler Side Effects

Injection of hyaluronic acid to the face takes at least 15 minutes and at most 30 minutes. Hyaluronic acid face filler has no effect on your daily life. You can continue your normal activities immediately after the application. Although there is no pain in the area where the hyaluronic acid injection is applied to the face, there may be slight redness or swelling. However, these will pass completely within a maximum of two days.

Hyaluronic acid injection side effects are extremely rare. Temporary bruising, redness, or edema may occur after the injection. The side effects of hyaluronic acid injections to the face disappear over time and do not have a long-term effect. If the person has an allergic reaction to the filler, medical treatment is applied according to the severity of the allergic reaction. If a violent reaction occurs, the used filler can be melted.

When the hyaluronic acid applied to the face is injected, discomfort may occur if the filler is applied too thickly. Those who have hyaluronic acid injection should seek the advice of our experts who are knowledgeable in their field.

  • Patients with active facial or oral herpes infections,
  • Those who have infection in the treatment area,
  • Patients whose diabetes cannot be controlled,
  • Patients with blood clotting problems,
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • Patients allergic to any component of injectable hyaluronic acid are not candidates for hyaluronic acid injection.

To avoid any adverse effects, our specialist will review your medical history and examine the condition to be treated. Treatment areas should be kept clean. If there is a skin infection, treatment should be delayed until recovery. Patients taking anticoagulants (such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and some herbal remedies) should discontinue them two weeks before the injection, with the approval of the prescribing physician. Such measures ensure the successful application of hyaluronic acid injections to the face.

Hyaluronic Acid Face Filling Prices

While one filling may be sufficient for a patient’s area to be treated, 2-3 fillings may not be sufficient for another patient. In this case, it has a direct effect on hyaluronic face filler prices. In order to determine the filling price to be applied to you, our specialist doctors should examine you. Prices may vary depending on the type of treatment applied and the condition of the patient. Consulting our specialist doctors in our health center or contacting by phone is the best way to get an accurate estimate.

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