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What is Ice Fue Hair Transplantation?

Ice Fue hair transplantation differs from other procedures because it does not require prior tissue removal. The following answer can be given to the question What is ice hair transplantation; it does not come into contact with the tissue and starts and finishes the hair transplantation process on the stem cell. It does not leave any incision or suture marks in the area to be treated. Scratches in the range of 05-07 mm will close and disappear in 2-3 days at most. The absence of scars after hair transplantation indicates that the patient will have natural hair.

About Ice Fue Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation can be done in various ways. Ice fue hair transplantation is one of these methods. In principle, this approach is similar to previous hair transplant treatments. However, this name was given because various applications were created during the process.

The main advantage of thin hair transplantation is the protection of hair follicles by keeping them in cold solution. Hair follicles stored in a specific solution become stronger and live longer. It is then transplanted into balding areas to prolong and prolong its life. There is no evidence of hair follicles in thin hair transplantation. The scars are so microscopic that they can only be noticed when the patient shaves their hair completely. Patients who have thin hair transplantation are generally advised to rest for a day. The transplanted hair is expected to sprout in the third month after the procedure and full results are seen between 9 and 12 months.

Who is suitable for Ice Fue Hair Transplantation?

Patients who have severe hair loss and require intensive hair transplantation can benefit from ice fue hair transplantation. Ice fue hair technique has the advantage of allowing more hair follicles to be transplanted in a single session. It is highly recommended for those who need 3,000 to 6,000 hair follicles. However, in other cases, the ice fue procedure is not a highly recommended practice. Different procedures are recommended for people who have less hair loss and only need hair transplantation between the hairs. The best thing to do in this scenario would be to come to our Yoo Retouch health center and follow the advice of our specialist doctor and act accordingly.

Ice Fue Hair Transplantation Method consists of which stages come together?

Ice fue hair transplantation method consists of different steps. These steps consist of;
  • Preparation Process for the Operation: The first stage is consultation and the drawing of the front line and the determination of the areas to be planted are done at this stage. A blood test is done and the hair is shaved to less than 1mm in length. It includes techniques such as the application of painless local anesthetic to numb the area where the hair follicles will be taken.
  • The Process of Removing Hair Roots: This stage requires the removal of hair follicles from the determined donor location. Using 0.7 or 0.8 mm punch tips and a micro motor, hair follicles are taken and the hair follicle removal process is completed. Only the necessary stem cells are removed without damaging the additional tissue. 1 hair follicle produces an average of 2.5 to 3 hair follicles. This method allows 55-60 (or more) hair transplants per square centimeter. Hair follicles are collected and preserved in a special solution.
  • Canal Opening Process: This stage, that is, the opening of channels, is the most important stage in hair transplantation. After the local anesthesia procedure, only the specialist doctor performs the channel opening process according to the thickness and depth of the hair follicles with a sharp thin point called Lateral Slit. If the opened channels are in suitable angles and directions, a natural appearance is created in hair transplantation. This naturalness cannot be done otherwise.
  • Hair Roots Transplantation Process: This procedure involves hair transplant doctors placing individual hair follicles in the channels opened by the specialist doctor. Patience is very important during this process. This phase typically takes 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on the amount of hair follicles. In order to ensure the comfort of the patient, the television or music is turned on in the operating room during this procedure. After the transplantation process, final tests are performed by the specialist doctor and the area where the hair follicles are taken is bandaged. This bandage is removed on the day of washing.

Does Ice Fue Hair Transplantation Cause Pain During Application?

With the use of painless local aid, the discomfort has been reduced and the hair transplant process has been made more comfortable. Under typical conditions, no discomfort is felt after the surgery. Painkillers are recommended if there is any discomfort.

What are the Reasons for Preferring Ice Fue Hair Transplant?

Thanks to technology, hair transplantation can now be done regularly. Regularly planting it also gives it a more natural look. Thanks to the application, it reduces the loss of hair follicles as the roots are ready in a short time during planting. Since it facilitates the opening and orientation of the hair, it can create the angles of the hair follicles to be transplanted much more easily. This process, which allows you to plant directly to the appropriate place without damaging the existing hair on your head, allows you to plant even if your hair is not completely gone. In general, the following can be said for the Ice fue hair transplant procedure;
  • Every hair type can benefit from the ice fue hair transplant method.
  • The ice fue procedure allows the removal and transplantation of a large number of hair follicles.
  • With the ice fue process, the structure of the hair follicles kept in a certain solution is strengthened and their lifespan is extended.
  • With the ice fue process, no stitches or scars are left and hair follicles taken from various parts of the body can be used for transplantation.

Is There a Difference Between Ice Hair Transplantation and Fue Hair Transplantation Technique?

This hair transplant technique is basically no different from the fue procedure. Ice hair transplantation, like all other techniques listed today, is an application variation within the fue procedure. The Fue procedure is used for hair transplantation. The ice technique differs from previous treatments in that the hair follicles are kept in a cold solution. It is a treatment performed after the removal of hair follicles to maintain its effectiveness during the grooving process. This unique process can be used not only in hair transplantation, but also in beard and eyebrow transplantation. Therefore, there are no documented adverse effects of the Ice fue procedure.

Who Should Prefer Ice Fue Hair Transplant?

Patients with severe hair loss may consider ice fue hair transplantation. The biggest benefit of Ice fue graft hair transplantation technique is that it allows more hair follicles to be transplanted in a single session. It is recommended for individuals who need 3000 – 6000 grafts. However, in some cases, the ice cell transplant procedure is not recommended. It is recommended for people who have minimal hair loss and want to have a hair transplant from their existing hair. In such cases, the best course of action would be to come to our health center and follow the process that our experts deem appropriate for you.

What are the Technical Features of Ice Fue Hair Transplantation?

Unlike previous procedures, Ice fue hair transplantation is performed without the use of tissue. Hair follicles are taken without contacting the scalp. In our health center, this hair transplant is performed with the assurance of its expert personnel. There are no incisions or stitches in the area to be treated. Hair follicles are destroyed by making 0.6 millimeter abrasions. These abrasions can heal in as little as three days. Since there is no evidence of hair transplantation, the patient can easily achieve a natural hair appearance. In ice fue hair transplantation, grafts are taken from the nape area between the two ears. There is usually little discomfort after graft removal. It is well known that patients recover quickly. In the Ice-FUE method, shock shedding can be experienced like other techniques. The patient should not worry about leakage. Because the shed hair will come out stronger and bushy than before.

What are the Disadvantages of Ice Fue Hair Transplant?

  • Before hair transplantation, the hair should be completely shaved.
  • With fine hair transplantation, up to 6000 hair follicles (grafts) can be taken and transplanted to the missing areas of the patient. This may result in a longer processing time than other procedures.
  • This approach involves taking grafts from a much larger area and planting hair in a much larger area. As a result, the amount of local anesthetic applied increases.

How Much Is Ice Fue Hair Transplantation?

Our healthcare facility ensures that the patient is informed in advance of realistic outcomes. Patients are not misled about the amount of grafts required or the expected outcome. Ice fue hair transplant price is determined according to these expectations and the patient’s condition. Before hair transplantation, hair transplantation planning is done by doctors. Although this is an aesthetic process and what you want is very important, it is useful to accept your doctor’s advice. One of the most important points in the planning phase is to plan the hair transplantation obtained by evaluating the nape, head, face and forehead area of ​​the patient and to examine the hair follicles and to explain all possible results to the patient clearly.It is very important that all team members involved in the hair transplant procedure have expertise, medical training and infrastructure, and are supervised by specialist doctors. Patients in our health center have confidence in these parameters that directly affect the outcome of the operation. To date, thousands of patients from many countries have been treated and positive results have been obtained.Ice Fue Hair Transplantation is performed in our clinic under hygienic conditions and under the supervision of experts who are experts in all stages of the process. In addition to the physical health of the patients, their psychological state and readiness for surgery are also taken into account. All equipment used in the surgery has been sterilized and all hygiene conditions have been considered to the finest detail.

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