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What is Implant Treatment?

Tooth roots that are replaced by missing teeth and placed in the jaw are called implant treatment. The implant acts as a real tooth and people can laugh and talk like their own teeth. You can have healthy teeth with the implant treatment we apply to people who have missing teeth or no teeth at all.

In the implant treatment method, missing teeth are completed or broken teeth are replaced. The biggest benefit of implants is to gain the person’s appearance, chewing function and smile features. It also helps in new teeth to be made. Considering the current situation of our patients and in line with their demands, we perform different implant applications. You can consult our Yoo Retouch center to reach a lot of information you desire.

Who Is Implant Treatment Suitable For?

Implant treatment applications are made for individuals over the age of 18 and people who have completed the jaw and face line. Before the treatment, you can come to our clinic and get information from our specialist doctor. We attach importance to the opinions and demands of our patients for such treatments. Before performing the treatment, we check whether your jaw structure is suitable for implant procedures and perform the necessary examinations.

In control applications, x-rays of your jaw structure are taken. If your jaw line is suitable for implant treatment, we start the procedures. However, there are some conditions that should be considered before each treatment. If you have some diseases before the operation takes place, they should be treated. In addition, blood thinners should not be taken before the treatment. After these preparations are fulfilled, the treatment process is started.

How Is Implant Treatment Performed?

Before the treatment, a detailed examination and x-ray are taken of our patient. The measurement of the teeth in the jaw bones is taken. There are several methods for placing implants. First, the implant is placed and a temporary cap is attached. In the second method, the implant is inserted and the implant is covered with the gum. In the sutured surgical method, the gingiva is cut with a scalpel and the implant is placed.

After the healing process after surgical procedures, the healing cap is attached to the implant. After the healing cap is attached, surgical intervention can be performed again. During implant placement, bone disorders are eliminated and bleeding is controlled. In sutured methods, the duration of suture removal is one week and our patient is expected to recover in the next period.

To Whom Implant Treatment Is Not Applied?

Due to the diseases in some people and the drugs they use, it is not appropriate to perform dental implants for these people. We can list these people as follows;

  • Those who have ailments in the head and neck region
  • People who have not completed their bone development
  • People who smoke
  • People with mouth sores cannot have implant treatment without having these wounds treated.
  • Diabetes patients and blood pressure patients
  • Those who have a disorder in the immune system

People with temporary illnesses, on the other hand, can come to our center and start the treatment processes after receiving the necessary treatments. Before the treatment, consultation with our specialist physicians can be made and implant treatment can be performed under appropriate conditions.

What is Titanium Implant Difference?

Titanium implant treatment methods are one of the most preferred dental implant materials. Titanium is a tooth-friendly material and has a low density. In addition, titanium is a fairly harmless substance and is more durable than other materials used in dental treatment. It is possible to use titanium implant methods performed with this substance for a long time without any problems.

Titanium material has easy shaping properties and helps dental implants to look more aesthetic. Titanium material can be coated with different components due to its structure and therefore it becomes possible to obtain an aesthetic and flawless appearance. Titanium differs from zirconium, another dental implant material, at many points. Due to these properties, titanium is one of the most frequently used materials.

What is done in the dental implant process?

For dental implant treatment, we first listen to the demands of our patients in our center and start the treatment by expressing their opinions on these demands. More than one of our specialist physicians are involved in dental implant methods. The following stages are carried out in the implant treatment processes;

  • First, a comprehensive dental examination is performed according to the procedures of our specialist physicians. In this examination, models are designed from your dental jaw.
  • Your medical history is reviewed before proceeding to other stages. If you have different diseases, you must complete the treatment before proceeding to the implant treatment.
  • The treatment method is specially planned for each patient.

We apply local anesthesia against pain situations that will be encountered during the treatment process. We inform our patients about what you should eat before the operation. The following procedures are performed during the placement of dental implants;

  • Damaged tooth is removed
  • Dental implant is placed
  • Bone is corrected
  • Bridge placement is done
  • As the last operation, the tooth is placed

Implant Treatment Prices

Many factors are taken into consideration when determining implant prices in our clinic. Implant prices are generally determined by Turkish Dentistry every year. Implant price ranges vary according to the applied methods and materials. Tooth deficiencies in the jawbone of our patients are reflected in the fees in different ways. There are different prices, especially between the price of a single tooth implant and the price of several missing teeth.

In addition to missing teeth, the materials used and the methods applied differ in dental clinics. If you want to learn detailed information about implant treatment, you can get support from our Yoo Retouch Clinic.

What Are the Types of Dental Implants?

There are many types of dental implant treatments. The most commonly used treatment method today is the screw implant. Dental implant types are determined according to the structure and tissue to be applied.

Subperiosteal Implant

While our specialist physicians are applying this method, they take measurements over your dental bone and these measurements are prepared and the procedure is applied. This material, which is produced from metal alloys, is not preferred very often today.

Endosseous Implant

This type of implant is made in cases where there are many missing teeth. This implant is one of the methods applied by placing it inside the bones.

Transosseous Implant

In these implant treatment procedures, the entire bone is applied. Since it is a difficult type of implant, it is not preferred much.

Intramucosal Implant

All of this dental implant type consists of titanium material. It is one of the implants used to increase the retention in prostheses.

Endodontic Implant

In these implant types, the weak teeth are fixed. This method can be used to ensure that the teeth are on a solid foundation.

Are There Any Side Effects of the Dental Implant?

Dental implant treatment methods consist of many sessions and there may be some negativities in the applications. These negative effects are generally side effects and pass after a certain period of time. We can list these side effects as follows;

  • Swelling of the gums or facial contours
  • Pain felt in the implanted area
  • Minor bleeding
  • Bruising on the gums

If swelling and similar conditions continue after implant treatment, you can see a doctor. In addition, you should consume light foods for the first few days in order to prevent damage to the treated area. Thanks to the meticulousness and attention of our specialist physicians, you can get through this process lightly.

Where Is Implant Treatment Performed?

Implant treatment can generally be done in public hospitals, private hospitals and private dental clinics. Many people who want to benefit from this service can have treatments covered by their insurance. Particularly in public hospitals, a certain part of the implant fees are covered by the insurance.

If you want to get implant treatment in private state hospitals or dental clinics, you may need to get information about price situations in advance. Practices in private hospitals and clinics differ from each other. Therefore, research should be done about the fees before the treatment. If you want to benefit from the implant treatment services we provide with our specialist doctors, you can consult our center.

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