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What is Inner Vaginal Lip Aesthetics (Labiaplasty)?

Ensuring genital health for women is a very important factor for general health. Because the unhealthy conditions here can cause many problems for women. In addition to health, having the desired lines of the vulva region in terms of external appearance, that is, aesthetics, is an element that eliminates self-confidence problems that may occur in women. Especially when wearing tights, swimsuits or bikinis, the lack of this area in the desired way can disturb many women. Women who suffer from these ailments ask the question “What is inner vaginal lip aesthetics?“.

In our article, we will explain the causes of the problems seen in the inner lips, the ways to get rid of these problems and the treatment process. Thus, you will have clearer information about these aesthetic operations and make it easier for you to make a decision. First of all, it is useful to specify what these processes are. Lips in the genital area of ​​women exist in two types. The outer lips, one of which covers the vagina, enclosing the clitoris and the inner lips. Another is the lips inside the outer lips. Inner lip aesthetics, called Labiaplasty in medical language, is a procedure applied to correct the deformities of the inner lips.

Why Inner Lip Prolapse Occurs?

Over time, sagging can be observed not only in the area we mentioned but also in other areas of the body. But the sagging in the area we are talking about is one of the things that needs to be removed. These drooping should be corrected by experts in order not to adversely affect sexual life and to protect the uterus. There are multiple reasons for sagging lips, which have an important function in the vulva and remain inside. These:

  • genetic factors,
  • environmental factors,
  • The effect of aging,
  • quick weight loss,
  • don’t give birth…

A normal vulvar appearance is defined by experts as: A smooth appearance of the outer labia, which includes the labia minora and other vulvar components, when the legs are closed. If the inner lips are larger than normal and drooping, this appearance cannot be achieved. This is a negative situation both in appearance and in terms of genital health.

What are the Harms of Inner Lip Sagging?

There are many damages caused by the inner lips that are larger and more drooping than they should be. These damages can strain the person both mentally and physically. What women are most curious about is “What is Labiaplasty?” After answering the question, it is necessary to talk about the damages that cause this process. So what are these damages?

  • preparing the ground for bacterial growth,
  • bad odor formation,
  • an aesthetically unpleasant sight,
  • difficulty while wearing clothes (stuck, pinched etc.),
  • not being able to move comfortably in activities
  • insecure behaviors in sexual life,
  • not getting enough pleasure during sexual intercourse.

These damages may differ from person to person. The main problem here is that the protection of genital health is endangered. Because the inner lips protruding out cannot fulfill their function. In fact, it is to protect the inner lips of the vagina and to keep this area moist. However, sagging, wrinkled or larger inner lips cannot perform these tasks.

How to Perform Inner Lip Aesthetics?

Above, we talked about sagging and size problems mostly seen in this region. On the contrary, a much smaller size than normal can be observed in the inner lips. In this case, it causes troublesome results, just like sagging and large inner lips. The main thing here is that the inner lips have a normal size and fulfill the necessary functions.

In the light of the information we have mentioned, we can say the following. Two methods are used in the operations performed for the inner lips. One of these methods is the reduction operations applied in these areas, while the other is the operation of enlarging the very small inner lips to their normal size. Surgery is performed to reduce the inner lips. During this procedure, incisions are made on the lips and excess tissues are removed. If necessary, tightening processes are applied in these areas. If the inner lips are too small than necessary, the filling method is applied. Fats taken from other areas of the person can be used for the fillings applied here (from the abdominal region).

The anesthesia method used in these aesthetics is local anesthesia. Because these operations, which are not very difficult, can be completed with a regional numbing. In addition, the operation time takes at most one hour. It is worth mentioning at this point. In some procedures, the excess on the clitoris can also be removed. In such a case, the processing time can take up to an hour and a half.

After Vagina Inner Lip Aesthetics

The most emphasized part of the process is the post-process. Maybe the reason for this is the negative results that are thought to develop after the operations. However, operations for the inner lips are very easy and painless procedures. Contrary to popular belief, the aesthetic process takes a shorter time and the person recovers within days. After the surgery/aesthetic procedure, the patient is discharged on the same day. One day later, he can take a standing shower. After a few weeks of careful behavior, the patient returns to his normal life.

Now, let’s specify what needs to be done after the operation, item by item:

  • You should take a standing shower for the first ten days,
  • The treated area should be kept clean,
  • Sports and heavy lifting should be avoided for a few weeks (necessary to avoid stitches),
  • Sexual intercourse should be avoided for a month,
  • Post-toilet cleaning should be done from front to back,
  • Public toilets should be avoided in the first days,
  • You should stay away from areas such as saunas and baths until you recover,
  • The dressings, if any, should not be interrupted,
  • Taking medications such as painkillers and antibiotics recommended by the doctor should not be skipped.

If the above-mentioned points are followed, the patient will recover quickly without any problems. Of course, in addition to the ones we mentioned above, the doctor may also have other recommendations. Following and performing the doctor’s recommendations ensures that the process is passed in a healthy way.

Does Labiaplasty Affect Sexual Pleasure?

Many people have the wrong information that the procedures applied to the vulva can adversely affect sexual pleasure. However, the opposite is the case. Whether the procedure you want to apply is related to the outer lips or the recovery of the inner lips, it contributes to increasing sexual pleasure. So, what are the reasons for these processes to increase sexual pleasure? First of all, making this area look desired creates self-confidence during sexual intercourse. A more shaped and aesthetically pleasing vulva appearance makes the person feel good. In addition, the normal size of the inner lips makes it easier to reach sexual pleasure and shortens the time to reach pleasure. It should be clearly stated that those who have inner lip aesthetics state that they get more pleasure during sexual intercourse. The way to reach the most reliable information about an operation is the comments of those who have experienced this operation. Many women who have had this procedure are satisfied with the results.

Who Can Have This Transaction?

Every woman who complains about this area of ​​the lips inside the outer lips is suitable for aesthetic operations. A special point we would like to point out here is whether this procedure can be applied to those who have never had sexual intercourse before. There are also urban legends about this. These procedures do not cause any harm to the “hymen” area, also called the hymen. These lips, which are already outside the vagina, have nothing to do with the hymen region. Another point we should add is that there should not be any health problems that would hinder the process. Suitability for the operation is also determined by the analyzes and examinations performed before the operation.

Where is Inner Lip Aesthetics Performed?

The rule that applies to all aesthetic operations also applies to operations of the inner lips. It is important that the aesthetic procedures to be performed are carried out in a clinic equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, these procedures should be performed by specialist physicians. Our clinic Yoo Retouch also provides all the conditions for these aesthetics. If you are looking for a safe and comfortable clinic for your aesthetic operation, you can contact our clinic. Our specialist physicians will give you the right directions from the beginning to the end of your process. Our clinic, which is the right address to achieve the look you dream of, has state-of-the-art equipment, expert physician staff and experienced staff.

Inner Lip Aesthetics Price

It is very effective in prices in the process of deciding on aesthetic operations. But we have an advice for you. You should not apply to unreliable addresses just because they offer affordable price options. Of course, you want to benefit from price options that will not shake your budget too much, but you should still know that you should not set the first criterion as price for operations that affect health. If you are wondering about the inner lip aesthetics options and want to get information, you can call our clinic and be informed about the details. However, the most definite conclusion about the prices is determined after the doctor’s control. Because the operations applied for the inner lips are also implemented with different methods. The treatment method to be determined by your doctor and the characteristics of these methods are the determining factors in the prices.

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