What is Intralipid Therapy?

A smooth and tight body that is free of excess fat is everyone’s dream. Who would want a fat-bound body that wobbled and bumpy every time it moves? Considering that the first impression about the person we face is formed in the first seconds, a fit body always brings advantages in our lives.

Of course, it is not easy to achieve this dream and to continue it after it has met. It is essential to pay attention to our lifestyle and diet, and to do sports. When we consider today’s conditions; we get home tired after a working day and sparing extra energy for exercise getting hard. At this point, medicine comes to our rescue again and offers us alternatives for regional thinning.

First of all, we need to decide whether we want to perform regional thinning with surgical or non-surgical methods. Although the word surgery causes irritation in patients in the first place; We must remember that we did not live in the Middle Ages, and that we should not hesitate to leave ourselves in the safe hands of medicine. It is possible to perform fat removal with surgical methods and to perform regional thinning by combining with stretching operations if needed.

While surgical methods can now be applied with extremely advanced techniques and in a very practical way; Non-surgical methods are also a remedy for patients who do not want to take risks or are afraid of surgery. These methods offer efficient results for those who do not want to undergo anesthesia, do not prefer hospitalization, and want to perform regional thinning without disturbing their daily routine.

When we examine non-surgical methods; We observe that 3 methods stand out and stand out from the others:




In this article, we will get to know the intralipotherapy method more closely and talk about its advantages and application area. Intralipotherapy is the method of thinning the fat tissue and removing it from the body by injecting a special substance into the area to be thinned. Injected active substance; It locks on the wall of the fat cells and releases the fatty acids stored in the cell. Later, the resulting cell debris is removed from the body by the liver. No side effects occur during this process.The method gives very effective results in the jowl, arms, belly and abdomen circumference, inner parts of the knee, hips, thighs, between the legs and breasts in men.The substance is directly injected into the subcutaneous adipose tissue with a flexible and special cannula. The effect of the drug lasts for about 3 weeks and sessions are therefore applied 4 times, every 2-3 weeks. In each session, the patient is recommended to have a daily massage for 2 weeks after the active substance is injected.Intralipotherapy has already taken its place among the methods to be trusted, as it has been proven in time that the patients who want to provide regional thinning with non-surgical methods and have suitable conditions for this method have achieved very good results with the intralipotherapy method and are also happy.