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What is Jaw Aesthetics (Mentoplasty)?

A beautiful and attractive face is the dream of almost everyone, men and women. chin aesthetics comes to mind immediately. A facial structure with these adjectives should have proportional lines. A nose suitable for the face structure, lips suitable for it under the nose and of course a proportional chin structure. Some jaws cannot adapt to other organs in the face area due to their structure. Jaws that are far behind or in front of other organs cause troublesome results for the chin owner, both aesthetically and functionally. At this point, chin aesthetics procedures implemented for beautiful and shaped jaws eliminate all these problems.

The road map of chin operations is determined according to the facial features of the person. The chin, which has an aesthetically unsightly appearance when viewed from the profile, is pulled back in the future. If the chin tip is long, it is trimmed and shortened. The remaining chin is brought forward. The jaws, which are small compared to the face, are brought into the shape they should be with implants or fillings to be made. All of the aesthetic operations applied to the chin are performed in order to beautify the chin and to have a proportional facial structure. As you can see, there are procedures suitable for every jaw structure. In this way, there is a solution for everyone who is not satisfied with the appearance of their chin.

How is Jaw Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

For those who do not like the appearance of the chin structure, after answering the question what is jaw aesthetic, it is useful to explain how this surgery is done. Many people fear chin aesthetic surgery. This is because they believe that these processes are a difficult process. But the situation shows the opposite. Specialist physicians state that these procedures are extremely easy. These procedures, performed in the hands of a specialist physician, give very healthy and beautiful results.

The operations performed on the chin may vary according to the structure of the chin. If the jaw structure is small or behind compared to the facial structure, the new shape is given to the jaw with the implant method. Implants to be placed in the chin are inserted with the help of small incisions made from inside the mouth or under the chin. In addition, in some cases, if the conditions are suitable, the patient’s own cartilage or bones can be used for the procedure. If the chin is much larger and longer than the face, rasping is performed on the chin. The processing time of the operations to be performed on the chin is maximum two hours. Again, the type of anesthesia is determined according to the type of surgery and the patient’s request. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia can be preferred for operations to be performed on the chin.

Before Jaw Aesthetic

So, if you decide to recreate your chin and get rid of your old look, how will the pre-operative process work? In fact, the process before jaw operations is very important. In this process, are you a suitable candidate for jaw operations? For this, the suitability of your tooth structure is checked first. The main criterion here is that there is no negative situation in the contact of your lower and upper teeth. The generally determined and accepted angles are 90 degrees for the lower jaw and 110 degrees for the upper jaw. If you are not suitable for these angles, you should go through orthodontic treatment before jaw aesthetics. Orthodontic treatment is an ongoing process in the field of dentistry. After suitable conditions are provided, aesthetic operations are performed on the chin.

If the technical criteria of your suitability for the operation are met, you can take action. At this point, we would like to talk about the importance of knowing yourself first. In other words, what is bothering you in your jaw structure, what kind of look do you dream of. You should discuss this with your doctor by sharing all the details. Many people who are going to have an operation on their chin are wondering about the jaw aesthetics price conditions. It is not possible to give precise information about prices. You can get information about this subject only after contacting our clinic and after the procedures are determined. Because before the operation, the procedures to be applied on your jaw and the methods to be used are an important criterion in determining the prices.

Before the operation, the patient has some responsibilities himself. These responsibilities are to stop using blood thinners (with consultation with the doctor), smoking and alcohol use ten days before the operation.

What Should Be Done After Jaw Aesthetics?

After jaw operations, the treated area is usually closed with self-melting sutures. In this way, there is no process such as suture removal after the operation. The patient is fed only with liquid for the first two days. At the end of the two days, it is started to be fed with soft foods. A gradual transition to solid food is provided. The time for the patient to be discharged is determined according to the type of anesthesia method used during the operation. This period is within the same day as local anesthesia. If the chin operation is done through the mouth, the person can take a shower on the same day, if the operation was performed with the help of incisions, it is necessary to wait two days to take a shower.

As in every operation, swelling or bruising may be seen in the area for a temporary period of time in jaw operations. In this case, you should not panic. Because the bruises and swellings will disappear on their own within a week or two. If chin operations are performed inside the mouth, no scars are encountered in the area afterwards. After the incision procedures, very small, invisible scars may remain.

Jaw Tip Filing

If the chin is larger or ahead of the facial structure, jaw tip rasping is applied. The main thing in this process is the rasping of the jaw bones. The rasping process to be done at the chin tip takes a maximum of two hours, depending on the structure of the chin. The preferred type of anesthesia for the application of this procedure is general anesthesia. If the person rests and feels pain after the surgery, it is necessary to use the painkillers recommended by the doctor.

After the operation, the person can return to his normal life a week later. Again, only liquid foods should be consumed for the first two days. After two days, soft foods are started to be taken. These are important criteria for the success of the operation. Not getting hit to the area is also important for the success of the healing process. For this, the chin area should be protected as much as possible.

Who is Suitable for Jaw Aesthetics

After understanding what the aesthetics for the jaw are and how they are applied, the point to be considered is who these procedures are suitable for and for whom they are not. First of all, let’s specify the appropriate conditions for those who are not satisfied with the chin structure and want this area to be corrected.

Eligibility conditions:

  • those who do not have serious health problems that will prevent the aesthetic procedure,
  • those whose tooth structure is suitable for the procedure,
  • those whose jaw structure is not suitable for the face structure (small chin, chin retraction, chin size etc.),
  • Those who are over the age of eighteen.

In some cases, it is an obstacle to aesthetic operation on the chin. In such cases, it would be healthy not to attempt the operation until the appropriate conditions are met. Conditions that hinder the operation can be listed as follows.

Disqualification Conditions:

  • Those with orthodontic problems,
  • those whose health conditions do not allow,
  • not suitable for anesthesia,
  • Those under the age of eighteen (whose facial structure has not yet settled).

Jaw Aesthetics Prices?

One of the most frequently asked questions on this subject is the jaw aesthetic price question. When it comes to aesthetic operations, we also come across the price factor. Many people want to have an idea about the prices of these procedures before they have a procedure for a better face or body. In the face area, aesthetic operations are also decided for the chin, which occupies the most striking area at first glance. At this point, “How much is jaw aesthetics?” it becomes possible to encounter the question. First of all, it should be noted that one of the procedures that will completely change the appearance of your face is the chin operation. These operations should be performed in the healthiest way possible. For this, the issue you need to pay attention to before the prices is the place where you will have the operation and the doctors.

Yoo Retouch is the right address for you to get the chin of your dreams with its expert physician staff. In our clinic, where all the conditions for your operations are provided, your procedure is carried out with the healthiest methods. The process before and after the operation is followed by our team. You will have your new look with confidence. To find out the prices of the procedures you want to have on your chin, you can call our hotline and get information.

Can Jaw Aesthetics Be Applied With Other Procedures?

The face is a whole with everything. It is important that the lips, nose and cheekbones are proportional to each other in achieving a beautiful appearance. For this reason, those who want to change the jaw structure can request a change in their other parts. At this point, it is wondered whether these processes can be applied together. Jaw operations can be applied with other aesthetic procedures. These procedures are mostly neck and face lift procedures. Of course, here again, your doctor’s approval is a necessary element. If the analyzes and examinations made before the operation are compatible with the procedure, the operation can be performed for more than one change.

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