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What is Laminated Dental Veneer?

Laminated dental veneers are processes that are specially prepared for breakage and wear in the teeth and adhered to the front surfaces of the teeth. With these methods performed in our Yoo Retouch clinic center, aesthetic smile is obtained with porcelain veneer without losing tooth tissue. Dental veneers are very similar to real teeth and are resistant to stains.

Laminated tooth veneer methods are applications that increase people’s self-confidence and interaction with people. Porcelain laminates are thin but very durable and do not break easily. Laminated dental veneers are semi-permeable because they are made of porcelain. It is placed on the tooth in harmony and when the process is finished, this material is expected to fuse. It is quite possible to have an impressive smile thanks to laminated dental veneers.

Who Can Have Laminated Teeth Veneers?

“What is a laminated tooth?” Another question that is wondered after the answer to the question is who can have laminated tooth coating. Laminated dental veneers, also known as porcelain veneers, give teeth an aesthetic appearance. It is an ideal treatment method for anyone who wants to gain this look. In general, these methods can be applied to many people who have completed their jaw development.

The general discomforts seen in people who want to have laminate dental treatment are as follows;

  • When there are discolorations that cannot be removed even if bleaching methods are applied.
  • To close tooth gaps
  • Hereditary disorders of teeth
  • Broken or worn tooth disorders
  • Having crooked and crooked teeth
  • In deconstructed tooth images
  • Disturbances in the enamel layer

Laminated tooth veneer treatment is a method that can be applied to anyone who suffers from these problems. If you want to have Laminated tooth veneer method, you can get the necessary information from our Yoo Retouch center or you can benefit from our service.

Is Laminate Tooth Veneer Permanent?

Porcelain laminate dental treatments are one of the safe methods that increase the strength of the teeth. Laminated dental veneers are usually placed on the visible surfaces of the teeth. However, not everyone may be suitable for laminate dental veneers. You can have the necessary examinations at our center to understand whether you are suitable for laminate dental veneers.

There is no need for a special application after having laminated tooth treatment. What you need to do is to take care of your teeth. It is sufficient to do dental care every day and to treat the gums when necessary. After these conditions are met, laminate dental veneers can be used for 15 years. However, oral and dental care is very important. In addition, it is one of the factors that increase the permanence of the laminate tooth veneer when you meet with your dentist regularly. It is one of the treatment methods that can be done again when the effect starts to decrease.

Laminated Tooth Coating Prices

Laminated tooth prices are priced differently in public hospitals, private hospitals and private dental center clinics. In public hospitals, there may be reductions in remuneration depending on the insurance. However, the prices of laminated teeth to be applied in private hospitals may vary compared to public hospitals. In private dental center clinics, treatment methods equipped with special equipment are performed under appropriate conditions. The most important price factor that stands out at these stages is the materials used. The prices of acrylic laminated teeth and porcelain laminated teeth differ greatly from each other.

In addition to the materials used in our treatment methods, the number of teeth is also reflected in the prices. Especially the high number of missing teeth prolongs the treatment and may increase the prices. In addition, laminated dental veneers are methods applied to anterior teeth in general. The price ranges determined for anterior teeth are more affordable than other teeth.

The condition of the patient to be treated with laminate tooth veneer may also change the price ranges. In some patients, the preparation period for treatment is quite short, but in some patients, the teeth may be in a very bad condition. If there is an increase in the session hours, this may make changes in the prices of the laminate teeth.

How Long Does Laminate Tooth Treatment Take?

We meet with our patients at our Yoo Retouch clinic center and start treatment through our specialist doctors. If there is an aesthetic intervention on your gums or if there is a condition that needs to be treated, we perform these procedures in advance. It may take some time to resolve the problems in your gums. Therefore, the duration of laminate dental treatment methods is extended by several months.

If there is no discomfort in your gums, laminate tooth veneer methods are finished in 3 or 4 sessions. You can achieve a natural tooth appearance in approximately one or a few months. Due to the needs that may occur during the treatment process, this process may be prolonged. Porcelain veneers will not fall off again, thanks to the dental treatment methods performed in proper ways by our specialist physicians. As long as you pay attention to your oral health, you can use your laminated tooth veneers for a long time.

To Whom Laminated Tooth Veneer Is Not Applied?

In people with certain diseases, negative results may occur when laminated tooth veneers are treated. These ailments are:

  • People who experience clenching while sleeping at night
  • People with jaw disorders
  • In individuals with pen biting and nail biting disorders
  • In individuals who have difficulties in oral hygiene
  • People who do not have healthy enamel tissue
  • In people with high number of cavities in their teeth
  • Laminate tooth veneer methods are not applied to people who experience gingival recession.

If people living with these conditions apply dental veneers before treatment, the veneers may be damaged and they may face serious health problems.

How Long Do Laminate Teeth Last?

Laminated dental treatments are generally applied to anterior teeth. For this reason, you need to leave your habits with the front teeth. We can count these habits as follows;

  • teeth grinding
  • Pen biting
  • biting objects

Porcelain dental veneers are very durable because they are made of durable material. Laminated tooth veneer does not break or fall off due to any problems after treatment. However, some methods to be performed after dental treatment extend the life of the teeth up to 15-20 years. When you apply the normal care routine to your teeth, the durability of your teeth is extended. When you pay attention to the necessary hygiene and steps, the life of your tooth is generally around 15 years.

If you do not take the necessary care of your teeth and mouth, you may experience gingival recession and inflammation. As a result of this, you may lose your laminated tooth capturing. You may also have to go through the treatment process again. You can get information about oral and dental health from our Yoo Retouch Clinic.

How is the Treatment Process?

Before starting the laminate tooth veneer treatment, you should have a preliminary interview with our specialist doctors in our clinic. Our experts will inform you about what to do after this meeting. Therefore, there are some steps that must be performed before dental treatment. These;

  • Our patients should first choose an aesthetic dental appearance that may suit them.
  • A treatment plan should be made by considering the patient’s tooth structure, shape and many similar structures.

Laminated tooth veneer treatment stages are as follows;

  • Our dentists first take the intraoral measurements of our patients and the treatment process is started in this way.
  • The extracted model is put into test application in the laboratory. Our doctors and patients decide on the model and preparations are made for dental veneer.
  • Processing time may differ depending on the number of teeth in laminated teeth treatment.
  • Temporary dental veneers are prepared and their compatibility with the patient’s teeth is observed.
  • If there are no problems with compatibility issues, corrections are made and real porcelain teeth are prepared.
  • Porcelain dental veneers are adhered with a special technique. Our patients can start using their new teeth on the same day.

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