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What is Laser Liposuction?

Before giving detailed information about Laser Liposuction, “What is Laser Liposuction?” must answer the question. Laser Liposuction is basically an aesthetic method applied to destroy the fat that is formed and accumulated in the body. Sagging may also occur as a result of lubrication and lubrication in certain parts of the body due to rapid weight gain and loss, post-pregnancy weight gain or genetic reasons. The resulting lubrication and sagging both cause health problems and create mental disorders in the person over time. These disturbances cause self-confidence problems. At this point, the method that helps us to eliminate the loss of self-confidence is Laser Liposuction.

The main thing in Laser Liposuction is to melt the fats with the possibilities of laser technology and to perform skin stretching. Thanks to this method, it is possible to get rid of the sagging skin structure. This operation, which is the way to achieve a tighter and tighter skin structure, is a safe method preferred in aesthetics in recent years.

How Is Laser Liposuction Done, Who Is It Applied?

First of all, it should be noted that plastic surgeons can perform Laser Liposuction. Because performing an operation on the skin requires a great deal of attention and experience. General anesthesia or local anesthesia can be applied to apply the Laser Liposuction method. If the procedure will be performed in more than one region, general anesthesia is applied, if the procedure will be performed in a single region, local anesthesia is applied. The duration of the local liposuction operation may vary according to the size of the area. In the laser liposuction method, heat is given to the body through very small incisions. Two types of wavelengths are used in the process. One of the wavelengths is responsible for the melting of fats and the other for the recovery of collagen fibers in the skin. Melted fats are removed from the body with the help of cannulas.

Among the questions asked by those who want to have Laser Liposuction, there is also the question of Who is Laser Liposuction applied to. Among the people to whom this method can be applied, those who have regional lubrication problems, those who observe conditions such as lubrication and sagging in their body after pregnancy, men who have lubrication problems in the breast area, and those who can not get rid of the lubrication problem by trying all means.

The Differences Between Laser Liposuction and Classical Liposuction

Basically, both laser liposuction and classical liposuction are the methods of removing fat from the body. However, in the Laser Liposuction method, the fats are melted with the help of heat and are removed from the body as a result. The main issue that separates the laser liposuction method from the classical one is that this method gathers collagen fibers and tightens the skin. Thanks to the Laser Liposuction method, sagging problems are not encountered. Another feature that distinguishes the two methods from each other is the help of much thinner cannulas in Laser Liposuction. This is a condition that prevents the formation of scars on the skin. In other words, to summarize, Laser Liposuction makes it possible to perform almost two procedures at the same time. One of them is the removal of fat from the body and the second is to prevent sagging that may occur on the skin.

Who Can Be Applied to Laser Liposuction?

For the application of the Laser Liposuction technique, it is important that the person’s body fits. For this reason, this method is recommended for those over the age of eighteen. Laser Liposuction can be applied to anyone who complains about their fat and wants to shape their body into a tighter shape. Of course, after the doctor’s control, it should be applied on those who do not have any obstacle to have the procedure done. Some special cases also prevent the application of the Laser Liposuction method. Those with systemic disease, pregnant women and nursing mothers are not suitable candidates for Laser Liposuction.

As with all other surgical interventions, the patient must undergo a doctor’s examination before Laser Liposuction. Is the person suitable for the operation or not? The decision of this should be made by the doctor and Laser Liposuction treatment should be applied after approval. In this way, efficiency can be obtained from the applied process and the process can be successful.

In Which Areas Can Laser Liposuction Be Applied?

The Laser Liposuction operation, which stands out as one of the cutting-edge techniques among the fat removal methods, can be easily applied to every part of the body. It can be performed safely in the neck, arms, legs, abdomen, hips, hips, waist and even in the jowl area. Laser Liposuction, which is a sensitive and effective method that cares about the skin structure, ensures both getting rid of fat in every part of the body and tightening these areas. The patient informs the doctor about the area where he/she complains about lubrication. The doctor determines the boundaries of the region on which he will work. During an operation, if desired, a single area can be performed, or more than one body area can be treated.

Before Laser Liposuction

For those who decide to have Laser Liposuction, there are things to be done before the operation. As in all operations, a correct communication with the doctor should be established before this procedure. The patient should clearly indicate to his doctor the areas of his body that he is not satisfied with due to the lubrication. The doctor should learn what to do before and after the operation. The communication between the doctor and the patient who will perform the operation seriously affects the operation. The person who wants to have the procedure should inform his doctor about his family’s health history and should also indicate the drugs he used and the previous operations. All kinds of drugs that dilute blood should be discontinued fifteen days before the operation. Blood tests, assays for anesthesia compliance should be performed.

How to Apply Liposuction?

The first step in liposuction is the application of anesthesia. Considering what the patient wants, the type of anesthesia to be given is determined according to the area or areas to be worked on. After the applied anesthesia, small incisions are made in the area where the fat will be removed. With the help of these incisions, the fat is broken down. Afterwards, the fats are vacuumed with cannulas and removed from the body. The incisions can be sutured or left open. After the completed operation, the use of a corset is also recommended to the patient.

How do Liposuction Processes Proceed?

Liposuction processes actually start with the complaint of fat in certain parts of the patient’s body. The first step is taken when the specialist and the patient who will apply the liposuction treatment come together. Before the liposuction treatment, it is decided whether the patient is suitable for the method. Then, the steps are started to perform the operation. After blood tests and anesthesia compatibility tests, what to do during the operation is decided. The duration of the operation varies according to the size of the region or regions where the fat will be removed. After the operation is completed, the doctor recommends the use of a corset to the patient who is treated. The use of corsets is extremely important to keep the body tight. The patient is fed a special diet for a while after the operation. At the end of a period of one month, the patient can observe the changes in his body. After the operation process and the post-operative treatment process are completed, the patient can safely return to his previous life.

Laser Liposuction Prices

Those who decide to perform the operation are also curious about the Laser Liposuction price issue. Transaction prices vary according to the region and regions where the oils will be taken. It is not possible to give clear information about prices. Yoo Retouch also creates package price options for those who want to have Laser Liposuction. Transportation, accommodation, food and beverage language support, hospital care, airport pick-up and other options can be added to these packages according to the patient’s request. Thanks to the packages created, many issues are brought together in a single pot and the patient can only focus on the operation without drowning in the details.

You can contact us on our support line to get detailed information about By operation and prices. Our consultants will give you detailed information on the subject and will guide you in managing your operation process from start to finish. Thanks to our experienced team, expert doctor staff and Laser Liposuction packages for you, your operation process will be completed with comfort from start to finish.

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