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Lip lift is an aesthetic operation that is also known as lip lift among the people. The part between the upper lip and the tip of the nose is called the philtrum in medical language. The focus of the surgeon during the procedure is to shorten this section and bring the lip upwards to the tip of the nose.

In this way, the appearance of pink tissue on the upper lip increases. Lips look more voluminous and fuller. It is an application preferred by individuals who do not want to have fillers and want their lips to look fuller permanently. However, for the first application, it is recommended that the individual has at least one temporary filling application in order to have experience about the subject, to check whether he likes it or not, or to decide more easily the amount of fullness he wants.

What is Lip Lift?

All organs on the face have certain proportions to make them look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Apart from these ratios, individuals with lip, nose and eye shapes may feel insecure. In addition, some negative experiences such as being mocked in the society and being frequently exposed to jokes can be experienced.

Such situations are also encountered in individuals with thin lips. For this reason, it is possible to make the lip area of ​​the individual look more voluminous, larger and fuller by determining standard ratios (Da Vinci Ratios), thanks to the lip lift operation.

How to Lip Lift?

When looking at What is lip lift, it is possible to briefly state that it is a process that helps both to provide volume and to increase the thickness of the upper lip. So, how to do lip lift?

Local anesthesia is applied to the individual for this application. A portion of the tissue is removed to shorten the philtrum section between the nose and lip. Then, the upper part of the lip is sutured to this point by the muscle and skin tissues, and the gap is closed. In order for the lip to hold tighter, many sutures are made under the skin.

In this way, there is no suture appearance on the skin. The operation incision is sutured with a thin and aesthetic suture so that it appears as hidden as possible.

In addition, the inward collapsed part of the lip, called the Cupid’s bow, may need reshaping.

The ideal dimensions are to set the distance between the lip and the nose as 12 – 15 mm. These calculations are made according to the face and body measurements of the individual.

The operation generally takes 1 – 1.5 hours.

Lip Lift Preoperative Preparation Process

There are some points to be considered in the preparation process of the lip lift operation performed with local anesthesia. It is recommended that the individual arrive on a full stomach on the day of the transaction. In this way, the effectiveness of local anesthesia will increase.

Smoking must be stopped at least 24 hours before the procedure. It is recommended to stop alcohol consumption at least 7-10 days beforehand. Otherwise, some problems may occur during and after the operation.

While coming to the application session, no make-up or other products should be used on the face area. Otherwise, infection may develop with the entry of these substances into the body.

If there is any medicine, food supplement, any food that is consumed regularly, the doctor should be informed about them. Some foods, vitamins, and medications can thin the blood, causing serious problems such as bleeding and difficulty stopping the bleeding.

What Should Be Considered After Lip Lift Surgery?

The recovery process can be made more comfortable and faster by paying enough attention to what needs to be considered for the lip lift recovery process.

When the operation is completed, bands can be used around the lip of the individual. It may be recommended to continue use for a few days. These bands are useful in terms of more comfortable fusion of tissues and faster recovery.

Healthy and balanced foods should be consumed, and drinking plenty of water should help the body’s healing process. In addition, taking into account the possibility of damaging the seams, one should rest, heavy loads should not be lifted and any physical activity that may force the body should not be performed.

In the post-lip lift period, symptoms such as swelling, redness, bruising and edema in the area and surrounding tissues are considered normal. You should not be worried about such symptoms, they will heal on their own without the need for any intervention. However, if you find these to be more than they should be, you should consult your doctor immediately.

It is normal to have pain complaints in the first days after the operation. For this, pain relief medication is recommended to the individual by the plastic surgeon. Apart from this, no other drugs should be used. If necessary, a different drug should not be taken without consulting a doctor. Otherwise, a complication may develop due to the active ingredients of the drug.

In the healing process, facial cream, cosmetic products, medicine, etc. nothing should be driven. You can consult your doctor to find out how long it takes to perform such applications.

In this process, when you can take a bath for the first time; You should consult your doctor how much time should pass for activities such as Turkish bath, sauna and swimming. Otherwise, hot water or hot steam may cause problems such as bleeding, edema and infection in the operation area.

Who Can Have Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip lift operation is an operation that can be applied to every male and female adult individual who wants their lips to look fuller and voluminous and to adjust the lip and nose ratios on their face better. Procedures such as fillers are temporary to make the lips look fuller. For more permanent solutions, techniques such as lip lift and implant placement are selected in accordance with the demands of the person and planned by the plastic surgeon.

Apart from this, blood tests and radiological controls applied to the individual and whether the health status is suitable for the operation are investigated by the doctor before the procedure.

Is Lip Lift Surgery Permanent?

Lip lift operation is a permanent procedure. Since the position of the lip is changed surgically, there is no such thing as returning to its original state over time.

Is Lip Lift Surgery Risky?

The answers to some questions such as Lip lift is harmful or is it risky may be wondering. The procedure has no harm to the body or health. Apart from this, there are some risk factors in all surgical operations.

However, these are extremely rare cases. These conditions are explained to the individual by the surgeon before the procedure. Operations performed by an experienced plastic surgeon are reliable. In order to evaluate the risks before the operation, the necessary examinations are made to the individual, and the possibility of these factors to occur is minimized.

Lip Lift Price

Lip lift prices vary according to many factors such as the problem experienced by the individual, the demand, and the additional procedures requested during the operation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to talk about a clear number here, since there is no standard procedure.

However, in order to obtain personal information about the lip lift price performed at the Yoo Retouch clinic in Istanbul, you can get free information by informing your requests and the procedures you want to have done. For this, it will be sufficient to make use of the information in the Communication category on the website of the clinic. In the meantime, you can also send your questions about other issues you are wondering about the operation.

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