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One of the most important contributions to facial beauty is undoubtedly the lips. Since lips with beautiful curves provide a more feminine appearance, it has come to a very important point in facial aesthetics in recent years. Lip Rejuvenation Lips with slightly protruding and curved lips also significantly increase one’s self-confidence. The fold of the upper lip is called the eros bow. And the aesthetic appearance of this publication has been the subject of the work of many aesthetic scientists. It has a great place in the formation of beauty when it comes to its thinness, thickness, width, position on the face line.

What is lip rejuvenation? As we age, lip color changes with aging, genetics and other effective conditions. Elongation and sagging may occur. The folds may lose their effectiveness and reach a flatter appearance. In such cases, lip rejuvenation operations can be performed and the lips can be made attractive and beautiful again. For this, a number of surgical procedures are performed. Lip rejuvenation procedures consist of the following options;

  • Using filler
  • Lip Suspension
  • Aesthetic procedures with intraoral incisions
  • Aesthetic procedures performed with incisions made from the outside of the lip

Aesthetics with Lip Fillers

Lip rejuvenation aesthetic is a popular aesthetic type preferred by every woman in recent years. It is divided into 2 main headings as foreign tissue materials and filling procedures with the patient’s own tissues.

The filling procedures performed with the patient’s own tissues consist of the following headings;

  • Dermis Strips: It is the operation of removing the strips called dermis located just under the skin layer in different parts of the body and placing them on the lip. It ensures the formation of lip folds, their increase, and a more attractive appearance. When the post-operative swelling goes down, you will have a much more natural look.
  • Fat Tissues: It is the process of injecting the fat tissues together with the fat cells into the lip with the help of a fine needle in a concentrated manner. The fact that no incision is needed is one of the biggest reasons for preference. For long-term use, the process should be repeated 2 to 3 times at 3-month intervals.
  • Tissue Cocktail: It is the injection process of the dermis and membranes that are removed from the lip area under the skin with the help of tissue needles. It gives more results than the procedure with dermis strips.

Foreign Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is the most popular foreign substance because it has few side effects, is FDA-approved, and does not change the appearance of the skin. It has an average effect of three and six months. Collagen is not recommended as it can trigger allergic reactions and is a substance that the body may reject. Although silicone thickens the lips, it is used less frequently as it can penetrate the tissue and cause subcutaneous tissue deterioration.

Incisions Made Inside the Lip

Incisions are made in the inner part of the lip to separate the mucosa from the lip cover and the inner length of the lip is shortened. In this application, where the lip is inverted, the muscles are also intervened for the purpose of collecting and the thickness is increased. This method also helps to reduce wide lips. It is one of the preferred methods as it does not leave any traces.

Extra-Lip Interventions

An incision is made on the side of the lip to reveal the red area of ​​the lip. The lip contour is injected. Interventions under the lip oil called Eros oil can be used to create a more curved lip. Although scarring in the incision areas is very rare, the patient should be informed. These scars can be covered using cosmetics. It can be used successfully, especially in cases where the lip and nose distance is long, to determine the lip form more easily, to narrow the lip by interfering with the muscles, to shorten the lip by hanging the lip from the inside to the base of the nose.

Correcting Lip Wrinkles

Lip wrinkles, which are formed as a result of the melting of the tissues under the lip skin, may deepen into the grooves with traumas caused by repetitive mimic movements. Excellent results can be obtained by replacing the melted tissues and applying laser peeling to the surface.

Lip Coloring

Lip coloring is a permanent make-up application that uses special permanent make-up paint to make pale and lifeless lips look lively and well-groomed. Lip painting process gives the lips a natural volume and color, giving the person a fuller, lively and youthful appearance. Lip painting, which is a permanent make-up application that allows the person to choose their own color and technique, has become one of the most popular permanent make-up treatments, as it has become more and more popular among celebrities in recent years. Isn’t it every woman’s dream to have full and absolutely natural lips?

How To Do Lip Coloring?

Lip coloring is a technique of applying permanent make-up to the lips. Before the treatment, the permanent make-up specialist determines the natural lip color of the person. The person who will have the procedure and the specialist decide on the preferred color and choose from a variety of rich organic permanent make-up dyes. If you want to preserve your natural lip color, you should tell this to your permanent makeup specialist. With your approval, your specialist will select the appropriate permanent makeup paint color. For a permanent make-up, your specialist will match your lipstick with the closest tones and give you the option to choose. Lip tinting will replace lipstick and give you a natural look at any time of the day and avoid over-emphasized lips. Special permanent makeup needles are used for lip coloring process, as well as special permanent makeup needles are used for other permanent makeup applications after color selection. Color pigments are placed 0.3-0.5 millimeters below the skin with permanent makeup needles according to the structure and contour of your lips and the procedure is performed.

Lip Coloring Price

Permanent lip coloring process has a permanence of up to 4 years. Processing time varies between 1 and 1.5 hours. You can easily complete the procedure where you sleep without feeling any pain. It has 2 different methods. While the color you want is made in the lip contour process, the natural color of your lip is colored in the lip coloring process. For lip color price, you can get detailed information by coming to the health and beauty center or by contacting the contact numbers.

Things to Consider After Lip Coloring

If you have had a lip coloring procedure, you need to pay attention to some things after lip coloring. First of all, your lips should not come into contact with water for 1-2 days. You should not neglect this. You should avoid hot or bitter food for a while. You may need to stay away from hot and cold drinks. You should apply special lip moisturizers for several weeks. Preventing and moisturizing both swelling and redness will make this process more comfortable. Hand contact should be avoided. You should use your medicine, which should be taken before lip coloring, on a regular basis after the guidance of your specialist.

Lip Coloring Healing Process

It takes about five to ten days for lip tinting to heal. Apply cold packs wrapped in clean paper towels to reduce swelling and pain within 24 hours of your lip tattoo. The healing process will be easier to manage if you keep the area clean and apply a healing ointment as needed. Use unscented cleaning cloths or water to clean your tattoo, then apply a balm as needed. Take a break from exercise and avoid anything that could irritate or infect your lips while they heal. Avoid sweating, swimming, kissing, and applying cosmetics to the area until the area has fully healed.

To Whom Lip Coloring is Applied

Permanent lip makeup can be used to cover the scars on your lips. Permanent lip make-up is a very saving procedure for people with asymmetrical deformities on their lips. Those with thin lips can thicken their lips. Those who are tired of wearing lipstick every day or those who do not like to wear lipstick can have it done. You can use permanent make-up to give your lips a more lively and natural look.

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