Mesotherapy Operations

What is mesotherapy and how is it applied?

Mesotherapy; It is a method where homeopathic agents, pharmaceutical agents, vitamins, plant extracts are applied under the skin and under the skin by microinjection method. Mesotherapy is applied according to the purpose and the person. It is an effective method used in hair loss treatments, skin scar revisions, regional hydration, cellulite treatment, and skin rejuvenation.

In facial mesotherapy in skin rejuvenation, giving it directly to the skin with tiny needles, stimulating the skin increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The reasons for using mesotherapy in the skin area; It is one of the methods used in sagging and loss of elasticity, dull skin that has lost its brightness, reducing tired appearance and old age appearance, removing skin damage caused by sun rays, taking precautions against skin damages before summer, spot lightening, spot removal, acne spots, wounds and burn scars. Initially, it can be repeated at intervals of 1 to 4 weeks and then 3 to 6 months. Results usually begin to show itself after 2 sessions. Skin renewal effect continues after the treatment. Facial mesotherapy has no significant side effects. After the procedure, there may be slight bruises that can be covered with make-up. Infection and allergy may be seen. It is inconvenient for pregnant women, breastfeeding people, active infections on the skin, and patients who have allergies for the mesotherapy solutions.

Mesotherapy method is one of the effective methods in hair loss. It is one of the hair treatment procedures applied to create denser hair, to prevent shedding, to make thin hair into thicker strands. Hair loss may be caused by excessive shedding caused by metabolic reasons after pregnancy, stress-related effects or seasonal problems. Hair mesotherapy can be applied to people for these reasons. After hair mesotherapy, the hair will have a more vibrant and healthier appearance. Hair mesotherapy is evaluated according to the need, sessions can be done in the range of 4 to 10 sessions and 7-10 days. These processes may change accordingly.

In cellulite treatments, mesotherapy is performed in 4-10 sessions. Significantly effective results are obtained in the appearance of bumps on the skin. Much better and more beautiful results can be achieved if it is done with diet.

Mesotherapy is also applied to regional fat deposits such as abdomen, belly, arms, and it can be shown as an alternative to liposuction.

Mesotherapy procedures are applied under clinical conditions and by our specialist doctors.