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How Does Mole Removal?

Moles, which have a particularly bad aesthetic appearance, cause a feeling of discomfort in many people. Moles that can be seen on the face, arm, leg, in short, all over the body should be removed by a specialist physician. Well, mole removal how is it done? For many people, the removal of moles that cause both health and cosmetic problems is a short procedure. There are many methods of this process. The method to be preferred is determined by the expert. Of course, at this point, what the patient wants is also important.

There is a very wrong judgment that is not lost on many people. This judgment is that the removal of moles will adversely affect human health. But the opposite is the case. The advice of skin specialists and plastic surgeons about moles is to remove the risky mole. In addition, a mole that has no function in the body and completely distorts the image can also be removed.

As we mentioned earlier, the methods of mole removal are very diverse. After the method that is suitable for the person is determined, the procedure can be performed in a very short time using local anesthesia. The methods of these procedures include surgery, cryotherapy, radio frequency, plasma, laser, electrocautery. However, surgery and laser-assisted operations are the most common.

What is mole

With its Greek name “nevus” in Turkish, it is the name given to the tissues in the form of flesh or spots on the skin. They are harmless structures observed in brown and red colors, formed by the combination of pigments that give color to the skin. However, it should be noted that some moles may pose a risk to the owner. Moles that can be considered risky are generally unsymmetrical. If a change in the color and shape of the mole is observed, it is essential to consult a specialist. It is useful to consult a specialist for moles with light red, black and very dark colors. It may be recommended to remove these moles that may cause skin health problems.

Moles can occur from birth as well as in later ages. If mole formation is observed in later ages, it is not wise to panic immediately. Because there can be many reasons for moles that appear at later ages. Processes such as pregnancy, hormonal changes, puberty can trigger the formation of moles. In addition, experts describe the emergence of mole formation until middle age as a perfectly normal situation. Moles that appear after middle age can be considered risky if an abnormality is observed in color and shape.

For those with moles on their body, this can sometimes be unbearable. Moles can be caught while wearing clothes or performing any action. This can have painful consequences for the owner. Sometimes, there are situations such as bleeding and irritation in moles that are attached to anything. This can create fear in the person. In addition, non-meat moles also cause an ugly appearance in terms of cosmetics. Moles that occur especially on the visible parts of the body, namely the face, arm and leg, become embarrassing for the person. This is a situation that undermines self-confidence.

Mole Removal Operation

With the advancement of technology, the mole removal operation is also carried out by various methods. We mentioned that moles are seen in two ways. The operation method to remove the moles that appear as moles and moles is determined by the specialist. In the past, the method used to perform this procedure was naturally the surgical method. However, in recent years, moles can be easily removed with techniques such as laser and vaporization. It should also be noted here that the person who will perform the operation must be an expert in the field. Moles taken by novice hands create problems in terms of both aesthetic appearance and health.

Those who complain about their moles and those who want to have these moles removed should know that the operation takes a very short time. Processing times, which vary between five and ten minutes, may still vary depending on the size and type of mole. So, what is the most common procedure recommended by doctors in recent years? Laser technology, which is one of the most used technologies in the field of health, is a method that comes to the rescue here as well. The specialist recommends the laser method for those who want to have their moles removed.

How to Mole Removal with Laser?

Getting rid of moles with the help of laser technology is also a method recommended by experts. The most important features of this method are that they are painless and safe. It takes about five minutes for each mole to be taken. This shows that it is a method that does not steal one’s time. Local anesthesia can be applied before the application. In the removal of moles determined to be non-malignant, the reason why mole removal with laser method is preferred is that it reaches places that are very difficult to reach. Of course, these areas are areas above the skin. As we all know, cutting is not applied in laser processes. In this way, recovery is observed in a much shorter time in the area where the mole was removed. After the procedure is over, the part where the mole is taken is covered with a bandage and the area is checked a few days after the procedure. It should also be noted that the laser method is mostly recommended for moles that appear as spots.

How to Mole Remove Surgically?

One of the common methods used to remove moles on the body is surgery. This process is also completed in a very short time. Before the procedure, the area where the mole will be removed is anesthetized with the used needles, that is, local anesthesia is applied. Afterwards, the mole and the adipose tissue under the mole are removed. The wound is closed by suturing the area where the mole was removed. After the stitches disappear, the treatment process is completed. The point to be considered here is not to be exposed to sunlight during the healing process. The operation performed using the surgical method does not interrupt the daily life of the person. After the operation, the person returns to his normal life on the same day.

Is There Any Scar After Mole Removal Surgery?

One of the questions in the minds of those who decide to have me removed is whether there are any scars after these procedures. That’s why many people wonder what the mole removal without a trace method is. Regardless of the procedure to be performed, if it is performed by a specialist physician, the probability of scarring is very low. After the procedures performed in the Yoo Retouch clinic, there is no possibility of scarring in the area where the mole was taken. However, it is still important to take good care of the treated area. The person should follow the advice given by our experts after the procedure. In this way, while a rapid recovery is observed in the area where the mole was taken, no scars are seen in the later process.

What’s the Mole Removal Price?

Before you apply to our clinic to have a mole removed, you should know that the prices may vary according to the operations. The important thing here is how many moles the person will have and how big the moles are. After all this is taken into account, a clear price can be given. If you are also complaining about your moles and you want to have your moles removed, you can call our hotline and get information about mole removal price and procedures.

Flesh Mole Removal

We mentioned that moles appear in two ways. Either way, flesh mole. This type of moles can create much more disturbing problems than moles, perhaps. Flesh moles, especially in the face area, are moles that spoil the appearance. On the nose, under the eyes… Wherever moles appear on the face, they will spoil the whole aesthetically. Many people who have acne scars on the face or any other part of their body wonder how remove flesh mole is done. When removing moles, local anesthesia is applied to the area where the mole will be removed. With the determined method, mole is easily removed from the area. The method in which the mole will be taken is preferred among cryotherapy, surgery and electrosurgery methods. After the procedure, the person returns to his normal life on the same day.

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