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What is Mommy Makeover?

“What is Mommy Makeover?” for mothers who observe lubrication and sagging in their bodies after pregnancy. We answer the question. This process creates very strong feelings for mothers who carry their babies for nine months in their womb. The mother wants to protect her baby from everything and want him to come to the world in good health. For this, he takes great care for nine months. A mother who holds her baby in her arms after giving birth is experiencing one of the most amazing feelings in the world. After the postpartum period is over, the mother wants to regain her old appearance. Because at the end of most pregnancies, lubrication and sagging occur in the bodies of mothers.

It is normal for mothers to gain weight during pregnancy and puerperium. Mothers who are already going through a difficult process can change their eating habits. This situation paves the way for rapid weight gain. This is where the Mommy Makeover surgery comes into play. Mothers who complain about their weight and sagging in the body resort to Mommy Makeover treatment to restore their bodies. Mommy Makeover is an aesthetic procedure that transforms mothers’ bodies into a tighter and fat-free shape and includes several operations at once. Mommy Makeover, which includes breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck and vagina aesthetics, brings mothers to their pre-pregnancy appearance.

Why is Motherhood Aesthetics Performed?

Most women develop abdominal fat during pregnancy. After birth, sagging occurs in the lubricated area. In addition, the same situation is experienced in the arms, legs, waist and hips. The most striking change that occurs in the mother during breastfeeding is the sagging of the breasts. Another area where sagging is observed after pregnancy and childbirth is the vagina. The sum of all this leads over time to demoralization, sadness, and in some cases even depression in the mother.

The method that will enable mothers to regain their old body structure is motherhood aesthetics. The maternity aesthetic, which is realized with the help of expert hands, completely recovers the mother’s body. As a result, the mother will have her pre-pregnancy appearance, perhaps even better. Mothers who feel like they are reborn after motherhood aesthetics continue their lives from where they left off.

Where to Get Mommy Makeover Motherhood Aesthetics?

Choosing the place where the Momy Makeover process will be done is an extremely important issue. Because the procedures to be performed in almost all parts of the body should be completed by a specialist team. Yoo Retouch is a very decent clinic where you can safely have Mommy Makeover aesthetics. Yoo Retouch will help you regain your old look with its expert physician staff and clinic equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. At Yoo Retouch, the process works as follows: If you state that you have decided to enter the motherhood aesthetics process, our consultants will give you information about the pre-, process and post-operation. In this way, you will be aware of the whole process. In the next step, you will come together with your doctor. Your doctor shares in-depth information about the operation to be performed. Your operation is performed with state-of-the-art instruments and then your treatment process is observed.

Questions About Motherhood Aesthetics Mommy Makeover

Among the questions that mothers who want to perform the Mommy Makeover process are who have had maternity aesthetics and those who have completed the process is what they experience. Thanks to the procedure, mothers who regained their former appearance share their satisfaction in many ways. Mothers who both return to their old appearance and experience psychological relief are enjoying their new lives. After the operation, which can be started in the days after the baby stops drinking milk, the mothers return to their daily lives within days.

How is the Recovery Process After Mommy Makeover?

Among those who are curious about After motherhood aesthetic is how the healing process progresses. After the successful Mommy Makeover operation, there are many steps to be followed in the recovery process. After the operation is completed, the healing process is observed by the doctor and the point that should not be skipped in this process is the use of corsets. The use of a corset is very effective in the success of the procedure. It is also necessary not to lift heavy weights for the first ten days. It takes two or three months to understand the results of the surgery and to see the change. Swelling or edema may be observed in the areas where the operation is performed until full recovery is achieved. These are perfectly normal results. After the procedure is completed, the specialist doctor will be informed of what to do and what to pay attention to. A special diet to be applied during the healing process is also effective in acquiring the new appearance of the body. Following these will speed up the healing process. When full recovery is achieved, the person regains his new body.

Things to Consider

There are many issues to be considered during and after the Mommy Makeover operation. These aspects are indispensable for the success of the process. First of all, let’s focus on the pre-operation. It is essential to quit smoking three weeks before the procedure. Knowing the body well and being sure of the complaints are also effective in the success of the surgery. The patient should inform the specialist exactly what he or she wants. The healthy communication established between the doctor and the patient will ensure that the process yields positive results.

The most important of the rules specified for the realization of aesthetics is that the baby stops drinking milk from the mother’s breast. This is indispensable for operations to be performed on the breast. People who want to have the procedure should get information about the surgery from experts. Relevant information can be obtained from the support line of Yoo Retouch. All kinds of information about how the process will work, motherhood aesthetics and its benefits are given by experienced consultants of Yoo Retouch.

What Should Be Done Before Mommy Makeover Surgery?

There are things to be done before as well as after the operation. As mentioned above, tobacco and tobacco products should be avoided at least three weeks beforehand. As the operation approaches, attention should be paid to nutrition and everything that will harm health should be avoided. Blood tests should be completed and information should be obtained about whether there is anything that may hinder the process. Another issue that should not be overlooked is that the person has to make a decision about whether to become a mother once again. If the pregnancy process is entered once again after the recovery period of the operation, the procedure will be wasted. And repeating the Mommy Makeover operation is not recommended.

Mommy Makeover Motherhood Aesthetics Prices

The issue of Mommy Makeover surgery price for mothers is also effective in the decision-making process for the operation. The regions where the transaction will be made and the areas covered by these regions are an effective factor in determining the prices. It is not easy to talk about an exact price for this. But the package prices that Yoo Retouch creates for its patients relieve the budget in many respects. Many needs are met at the same time with packages including airport welcome, food and beverage, accommodation, hospital care and language support for those coming from out of town or abroad. In this way, the patient does not have to deal with many procedures.

If you are planning to have maternity aesthetics, but you cannot reach a definite decision, you can consult our clinic. Getting detailed information about the operation can help you decide. You can be sure that you will get through the process in a healthy and comfortable way with our expert physician staff and experienced team. If you want to return to your pre-pregnancy look or have a new body, you can take a step for Mommy Makeover operation. It is possible to achieve results with motherhood aesthetics in any part of your body where you are complaining about lubrication and sagging.

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